Plate Changes Check

A vehicle's number plate is more than just an identifier; it can be a window into its past. Our Plate Changes Check offers a deep dive into the history of any vehicle, revealing if and when the number plates have been changed.

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Plate Changes Check

Why is a Plate Change Check Important?

A plate change check is an essential feature in our vehicle history check. This check provides detailed information about any changes to a vehicle’s registration number throughout its history. Here’s what it typically involves:

Historical Record of Plate Changes

This feature tracks and lists all the previous registration numbers that have been assigned to the vehicle. It shows when each plate change occurred, providing a timeline of the vehicle’s registration history.

Revealing Hidden Histories

Plate changes can sometimes be a sign of a vehicle’s hidden past. For instance, they might be used to disguise the vehicle’s history, like concealing previous accidents or damages. A plate change check helps uncover such potential discrepancies.

Preventing Fraud

It’s crucial for detecting fraudulent activities, such as ‘cloning’. Cloning involves replacing the number plate of a stolen vehicle with that of a legitimate one to mask its true identity. A plate change check can alert potential buyers to such issues.

Enhancing Buyer Confidence

By providing a clear record of any number plate changes, this check offers peace of mind to buyers, assuring them of the vehicle’s authenticity and helping them make informed purchase decisions.

Frequently asked questions about Plate Changes Check

What is a Plate Change Check?

A Plate Change Check is a part of a vehicle history report that provides detailed information about any historical changes to a vehicle’s registration number. It includes a record of all the number plates that have been assigned to the vehicle, along with the dates of these changes.

Why is it important to check for plate changes on a vehicle?

Checking for plate changes is crucial because it can reveal potential red flags in a vehicle’s history. Frequent plate changes may indicate attempts to hide the vehicle’s past, such as previous accidents, ownership issues, or even more serious concerns like theft or cloning.

Can a Plate Change Check tell me why a plate was changed?

While the check primarily provides the dates and records of the plate changes, we can’t tell you why a plate was changed.

How can I perform a Plate Change Check on a vehicle?

You can perform a Plate Change Check by purchasing a premium check from Motorscan. Simply enter the vehicle’s registration number, and our vehicle check will provide you with a comprehensive report that includes the history of plate changes.

Does a Plate Change Check guarantee the vehicle's authenticity?

While a Plate Change Check is a vital tool in verifying a vehicle’s authenticity, it should be used in conjunction with other checks for a comprehensive understanding. It significantly reduces the risk of fraud but should be part of a broader vehicle assessment.

Published January 30, 2024 by Zoe Hicks | Last reviewed June 20, 2024 by Jonathan McDonald