How Motorcycle History Checks Help Bikers

December 21, 2023 by Zoe Hicks – 4 mins read

Finding your perfect ride in the thrilling world of motorcycle ownership is an exhilarating journey. Meticulous research and attention to detail are vital to making the right choice. So, with Motorscan’s comprehensive guide covering everything from understanding a motorcycle’s history to verifying ownership, mileage, and more, read on for the only roadmap you’ll ever need!

The world of motorcycle ownership can be exhilarating; embarking on the journey to find your perfect ride can be as thrilling as the open road. So, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-time enthusiast, it makes perfect sense to discover everything you need before finalising the deal on your next motorcycle. This process involves meticulous research, attention to detail, and a keen eye for the finer points, making Motorscan’s guide the perfect roadmap! From understanding a motorcycle’s history to verifying ownership and delving into mileage, we explore it all so you can make confident decisions to ensure your next motorcycle purchase is a thrilling experience and the best decision you’ve ever made!

Researching your Bike

Before the rubber meets the road, doing a little homework is the first step in purchasing your next motorcycle. It’s a crucial phase that lets you discover that your next two-wheeler aligns with your riding aspirations. By undertaking research, you can identify the make and model that best suits you and explore reviews from fellow riders to gain insights into a bike’s performance, reliability, and overall experience. Similarly, you should take the time to understand its value and specifications, such as engine size, weight, and features, and investigate common issues. On top of that, delve into the motorcycle’s history, paying close attention to any recalls, known issues, or accidents which can significantly impact its long-term reliability. Only when you’re armed with the complete picture can you be equipped to make the best decision!

Run a Free Bike Check

Motorscan has been in the automotive business for a long time, and one of our greatest services comes absolutely free. If you’re looking for a new motorcycle, it makes perfect sense to carry out our free history check – it’ll cost you absolutely nothing and may reveal some crucial information that could sway your decision. For instance, MOT history and mileage indicators could indicate a red flag, as well as any recall notices and some rather helpful running costs.

Check if a motorbike is written off

A written off status indicates if a motorbike has ever been declared a total loss by an insurance company, potentially impacting the bike’s safety and performance. With Motorscan’s comprehensive history report, you can discover additional crucial information that includes any write-off status, a bike’s accident history, outstanding finance, if it’s been reported stolen, salvage status, plate changes, keeper timeline, and so much more! Our reports check MIAFTR databases plus salvage yards for any undisclosed damage. 

Understanding Mileage

Our free motorbike history check gives you access to a bike’s MOT history, including the registered mileage at the time each MOT took place. It enables you to scrutinise the mileage for potential red flags and compare it to its age and condition. With Motorscan’s vehicle history reports, we verify the mileage data from MOT history, garages, auction houses and DVLA records to ensure our data is accurate.

Inspect the Service History

Reviewing a motorcycle’s service records is prudent, so requesting to see it is crucial. It helps you assess the bike’s overall condition, safety, and value. A well-maintained motorcycle with regular service history records typically performs better, faces fewer issues and generally indicates a bike in good condition. If the seller is unable to provide service records, it may indicate concerns about the motorcycle’s maintenance history, and you should proceed with caution or consider having a thorough inspection by a trusted mechanic.

Verifying Ownership

Verifying ownership of a used motorcycle confirms that the seller legally owns the bike. Ask to see the V5C logbook and check that the name and address on the document match the person selling the motorcycle and the location. Check the document for any alterations, signs of forgery or discrepancies. Separately, verify that the VIN on the V5C matches the VIN stamped on the motorcycle, usually located on the bike’s frame or engine. And use Motorscan’s VIN match service to help verify the authenticity of the VIN and that it aligns with the correct motorcycle. And don’t forget, our comprehensive motorcycle history check will alert you to any theft reports!

Test Riding Safely

Once you’ve completed your due diligence and everything confirms the bike is a legitimate good buy, organise a test ride, focusing on the motorcycle’s handling, acceleration and braking.

Finalise the Deal

By carrying out Motorscan’s comprehensive motorcycle check, you’ll receive valuable historical information and five valuation bands that’ll give you an idea of a fair price. Use all the information you obtain, along with the bike’s condition, to justify your offer in negotiation, and when the offer is accepted, ensure all the necessary paperwork is transferred to you, including correctly completing the V5C logbook.


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