Should you Run a MIAFTR Check?

April 10, 2023 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

If you’re about to buy your next used car, don’t let the fraudsters win! Carrying out a MIAFTR check with Motorscan could save you money and time from the fallout of purchasing a stolen vehicle or a worthless write-off. A quick, easy, effective solution for peace of mind and a win against unscrupulous scammers!

The Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) is essentially a database containing vehicles recorded as stolen or written off by insurers and is managed by the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), which collates the data from subscribed insurance companies. But when you’re buying a second-hand car, is it necessary, and how do you benefit? Motorscan looks into whether running a MIAFTR check may just save you a whole lot of car fraud trouble.

Why is it essential to run a MIAFTR check when buying a used car?

None of us likes to think we’re daft enough to fall for a scam, but with one in ten Britons succumbing to car fraud, it seems not everyone is honest and trustworthy. So, with unscrupulous used car sellers abound, running a scan against the MIAFTR looks like a sensible step. A simple online check can reassure you that the used car you’re about to buy hasn’t been registered as stolen or written off by an insurer, consequently giving you control and ultimately fighting back against this scourge of the car-buying market.

What information will a MIAFTR check provide?

The data recorded by the MIAFTR include theft of a vehicle and insurance write-offs. Once an insurance company is notified of any incident, they provide the information to the MIB to be recorded on the MIAFTR. The available data is as follows:

  • If a vehicle is registered as stolen, the MIAFTR records:
    • Date of the marker
    • Insurer name and contact details
    • Category
  • If a vehicle is written off by the insurer, the register records:
    • Date of marker
    • Insurer name and contact
    • Category
    • Damage indicators only if the insurer reports this to MIAFTR. It will include the cause of damage and areas of damage

The MIAFTR check is part of Motorscan’s premium car check service—to see the valuable data available, see our sample report.

How do I obtain a MIAFTR check?

You can run a MIAFTR scan with Motorscan’s premium car check service. In addition to the vast amount of data you can find with our free car check, we’ll also check the MIAFTR to ensure your vehicle hasn’t been stolen or written off. We’ll also check for outstanding finance, whether the car is salvaged, the number of previous owners, any plate changes and if it’s an ex-taxi, NHS, Police or Fire vehicle.

What are the benefits of running a MIAFTR check when buying a used car?

So, after delving into the MIAFTR and running through the pros, the benefits of running this quick and easy check definitely outweigh the small cost and minuscule amount of time it takes to perform. By running a MIAFTR check as part of Motorscan’s premium service, you’ll receive the following:

  • Peace of mind that the vehicle you’re about to spend considerable money on hasn’t been stolen or written off.
  • The damage check ensures you’re getting a reliable, quality vehicle and will alert you to any damage flagged by the marker, along with the write-off category.
  • The reassurance that you’re not about to fall victim to car fraud.
  • 30k data guarantee to cover any loss from our vehicle report providing inaccurate information obtained from the MIAFTR or PNC checks about a purchased car being written off and/or recorded as stolen by the police (subject to terms).

Why it’s important to run a MIAFTR check?

The wasted costs and time associated with car fraud are something we can all do without, and the easiest way to avoid these is by carrying out a MIAFTR check and scanning the register for theft or write-off markers. Ultimately, no one wants to unwittingly land themselves with a stolen car that has to go back to the rightful owner or a write-off that turns out to be worthless. And you may not get recompense from the seller who undoubtedly ran for the hills as soon as you handed over your money. And vehicle fraud is more common than you think, so a MIAFTR check through Motorscan’s premium service could save you from a whole world of car trouble. Surely it makes sense to carry out a simple online vehicle check for peace of mind—you don’t even need to leave the house!


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