Car Owner Check – How many previous owners is a good amount when purchasing a used vehicle?

February 28, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 12 mins read

If you have decided to purchase a used car, you likely prefer a one-owner vehicle. Every person does, however, not everyone is fortunate enough to discover one, mainly if the car you are thinking about is greater than a few years old. In that case, you will have to compromise on a car that’s had two owners, or perhaps even three or more. But how many owners is a good amount when purchasing a used vehicle? How can you do a car owner check?

One preceding owner is a great attraction when buying a second-hand vehicle. The reason is it is a way of suggesting that the car is new and has been maintained well. But precisely how important is the number of preceding owners or are other factors important?

Number of owners and Maintenance

In all cases, more than one owner isn’t always a terrible thing, either. If a vehicle has changed hands every two or three years, there’s a chance that each new owner has handled the automobile like brand new due to the fact it is brand new to them when they purchase it. Each one may have handled it with good care. And a single owner may nicely have lost interest in looking after their car, seeing it as simply transport after a few years and no longer caring a lot about its maintenance. The reality is, there is no challenging and quick rule, every car is different. The most essential component is whether or not a vehicle has been maintained well over its lifetime which its history records will show. You can find the number of owners through a car owner check.

Car owner check

Know more about the previous keepers of the car. It can be done by a car owner check. You can research a lot about the car from the place it has been owned. If it’s owned near a motorway, it is possibly carried out a few miles on them and has to have been driven more smoothly, except to wear and tear on the brakes. Or if it is owned in a rural area, with plenty of country roads, the brakes will have had more of a workout, whilst the suspension would possibly have had extra to do, too, having to deal with poorly surfaced roads and potholes. As you are investing a lot of cash in a car, you desire to make certain that it is mechanically sound. Find out more by checking the service history and it will inform you a lot about a used car. A straightforward owner must make this clear to a buyer when they are inspecting the car. If this is supplemented via receipts for any work done, even better. A car owner check and a vehicle check can help you with this.

Number of owners and service history check

There are two methods you can use to discover how many owners an automobile has had. One is by checking service history, if the automobile consists of them, as they will regularly exhibit the prior owner’s name. If the documents are in a couple of names, you can guess that a couple of people have owned the vehicle. A good service history record is the mark of a well-maintained car. If the car has been taken for regular services at the reputable garage, it has to provide larger reassurance to a buyer. You can check receipts and documents of any work carried out on the car. If there are stamps for services from two or three (or more) specific sellers in a different part of the country, you can assume where the place the owners have lived. You can do a vehicle history report along with a car owner check. Unfortunately, this record isn’t constantly perfect because when an owner moves with a car from one state to another, for instance, this can often be reported as more than one owner. But it’s still a proper system for car owners to check history.

Is there any favourable amount of previous owners while purchasing a used car?

There is no ideal answer. We always choose vehicles with fewer owners, as they are to be maintained and preserved. But if a multiple-owner vehicle has been taken care of properly, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t think about it. You can verify a car’s maintenance status by taking it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection earlier than you fix the deal. Do a car owner check to identify the multiple owners. Several previous owners are an important factor when thinking about a used car, it shouldn’t be the sole factor you look for. The car’s mechanical condition must be much more essential than its ownership. A used vehicle with one owner commonly has a greater rate than a used car that has had two or extra owners. People are inclined to pay extra for an automobile that has been handed via fewer hands, and used vehicle sellers understand it. 

Importance of Single Owner

In the world of used cars, one owner is viewed as perfect for a car. This is because it suggests the vehicle may now not be very old. Age isn’t always a massive indicator of a car’s condition, however, customers opt for a more recent car, particularly if greater current technological features like smartphone connectivity, are important. A vehicle with one owner would possibly have been taken care of better. One owner will additionally have driven constantly, so the wear and tear will additionally be consistent. Finally, the owner of a new car will have spent cash purchasing for the car, which represents a larger investment than the fifth or sixth owner, who bought the vehicle for a few hundred pounds, perhaps. There are quite a few reasons why one-owner cars are regarded to be the highlights of the used-car world. The reason is a regular maintenance and riding history. If anybody buys a new car and drives it for a decade, it’s probably that automobile obtained roughly the same level of care and the constant riding experience during that period. With a couple of owners, a car may additionally have been subjected to quite a several levels of care and distinctive riding styles, which might also negatively affect its long-term dependability.

Another reason why one-owner vehicles are preferred is that the original owner, who bought the car new, probably has extra monetary sources to maintain it than a 5th or 6th owner who purchases the car when it is more than 12 years old. Find a used vehicle for sale close to you.

What are the merits of buying a one-owner car?

  1. Maintenance Records

The major gain of a one-owner automobile is clearer maintenance history. Different people have different attitudes and approaches to car maintenance. Compared with a one-owner car, a car with three preceding owners has an increased possibility of encountering an individual with bad maintenance habits, or careless driving habits. If you stick to looking for a one-owner car, there’s a better possibility you will be capable of knowing if it has any problems. This is especially a fact if the owner has saved maintenance and restored records. Do a car owner check before you fix the deal. 

  1. Are owners trustful?

Some owners will sell or change their vehicles as soon as troubles arise. If they sell their car with issues to any other person besides being truthful about the issues, these troubles can manifest, they can become the most important worries down the road. So it’s better for you to do an online car check and also a car owner check which reveals data about the vehicle and owners. 

  1. How many people have driven your car?

Another benefit of having a one-owner is psychological. It’s good to recognize that fewer people have used your car, particularly if you sold it without delay from a person you know. Get our service history report and car owner check records which will help you to decide on purchasing a second-hand car.

Multiple owners

When a car is reported to have more than one owner, this indicates that the vehicle has changed hands many times earlier than it reached you. While a car having more than one owner isn’t the most necessary issue in buying a vehicle, it ends up being a determining component in many used vehicle purchases. If you are worried about shopping for older cars, you need to ideally appear for automobiles that simply have one preceding owner. Some owners sell their car when problems arise, others truly choose a new car every few years. Perhaps the vehicle’s warranty expired, or they are looking for a large vehicle, more fuel-efficient, or one with greater safety and recent technological features. Some cars tend to change hands more often than others. Sports vehicles are bought and resold more frequently than pickup vehicles. Don’t bother too much about the used vehicle you determine to buy, or the number of previous keepers it has had, make certain you take it for a long test drive. After the test drive, if you are interested take it to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection earlier than fixing the deal. 

Are we expected to pay more for a one-owner car?

A one-owner car is worth more than a car with two or more owners. The usual used car valuation tools don’t take into account a car’s amount when assessing its value. Instead, it looks into the vehicle’s age, odometer reading, mechanical and cosmetic condition, and whether or not it’s a certified pre-owned car.

Car value and ownership

There is no correlation between the numbers of previous owners in respect to the car value. Usually, you prefer vehicles with simply one preceding owner because this would restrict the wear and tear, maintenance, or repairs. As a conventional thumb rule, having more than three owners ought to sign yellow flags in your thought whilst you have a mechanic run a thorough inspection on the car.

Will the car value get affected by multiple owners?

If you are about to buy a car with more than one owner or already own a car with more than one owner, you may be questioning how this status will affect your car’s value. The accurate information is that whilst a couple of owners without a doubt can affect a car’s value, it shouldn’t be too much of a concern if the car is in the exact condition. It is true, however, that every time a vehicle is sold and bought it depreciates due to wear and tear and due to several other factors like mileage, general condition and reliability, service history, and fuel economy.

Because most automobiles lose 50% to 60% of their original price in the first three years of ownership, it can be challenging to pinpoint whether or not a car having multiple owners is the offender of a car’s depreciation.

How does the number of owners affect the value for different types of cars?

Let’s see how the number of owners impacts different types of cars.

  • Vintage cars – The number of previous owners will normally affect car values. There are some exceptions.
  • Luxury cars – Supply is normally limited; the number of car keepers will typically below
  • Daily drivers – The number of previous owners will have an impact on vehicle values till it reaches its price floor

If you are in the market for a used car, you probably comprehend that there are several matters to consider before buying a vehicle. For many buyers, the number of second-hand vehicles they have beforehand is the main reason for whether or not they need to make the purchase. Many in the used automobile world are going after ‘one-owner,’ vehicles, which means that the vehicle has solely been owned and used by one person earlier than its sale. Even for two automobiles with the same make, model, and age, most consumers would decide to buy a one-owner vehicle as an alternative to many previous owners. A car owner check thus helps to estimate the value of a car.

What are your options for a car owner check?

If the person you are purchasing your car can’t inform you whether or not the car has had a couple of owners, it’s your responsibility to do a car owner check and identify properly those facts earlier than committing to the purchase.

The easiest and most inexpensive way to do this is to take a look at the vehicle’s service history which exhibits the vehicle’s maintenance records and normally lists the owner’s identity as well. If you see one title on the record over many years, probably, the automobile has solely had one owner. If there is more than one name listed, it’s an effortless way to inform that the vehicle has had a couple of owners. Service documents are beneficial to find out earlier than buying a vehicle, as they can additionally provide you some perception as to how the automobile has been serviced and maintained over the years.

Motorscan car owner check

Motorscan can help you with car owner checks. We have a premium car owner check where you can easily find a section called ownership history and effortlessly find how many owners a car has had previously.


In a summary multiple owners are something to check out for when buying a used vehicle, you shouldn’t fear a lot about it because there are so many vital elements to consider first. Car expenses will differ relying on demand, components quality, and practicality. 

Depending on the models like vintage or luxurious automobiles may additionally demand an excessive rate even after swapping more than one owner. It’s certainly up to you however having more than one owner normally shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for a well-maintained vehicle. Another issue to maintain in the idea is that relying on the age of the automobile you are buying, it would possibly be not likely to come throughout a one-owner vehicle. If you are involved in purchasing a car that is fifteen years old, it’s clear that the car has had a couple of owners over the years. However, if you are searching for a five-year-old car that has had six preceding owners, that would be a massive red flag. Do your car owner check and get all these details without fail.

We suggest you make sure that you carry out a car owner check before closing the deal. You can get our car owner to check the record in minutes and know more about the vehicle that you are going to buy. While figuring out whether or not a couple of owners’ used car is right for you will always be perplexing, you now know the elements that determine a used car’s value and be alert to make a good buying decision.



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