Free UK Car History Check

Hi there. Are you searching for a quick Free car history check in the UK? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Hi there. Are you searching for a quick Free car history check in the UK? If yes, you’re in the right place. This piece would tell you all you need to know and how you can quickly check all you want to know about your car, what it can tell you about your car, and why you should run a free car history check. Let’s begin.

With us, you can thoroughly check the history of the car in the UK in seconds.

We are one of the fastest methods you could use to quickly check all you need to about the vehicle’s history.

You can quickly try us out by simply using the free number plate check. All you need to do on checking your car history fast is to quickly enter the registration number of your vehicle and then click continue. With this, instantly, you easily view all of the histories of your vehicle. You get to know all about the license plate available in the UK.

What is a list of things that the Free UK Car History Check Includes?

They include car photos from adverts, safety recalls, expert information, mileage registrations, euro status, revenue weight, emissions, CO2 marker, the type of vehicle, the fuel, the size of the engine, the tax check, the MOT date, the presence of scrapped vehicles, the amount of fuel consumed, the issue date, the V5c, the registration date, the year of construction, the dimensions, the colour, the model and the brand.

There is also more free information you could get when you use our free UK Car History Check.

What are the things you need to check before you purchase a vehicle?

If you are either looking for a new car or a second hand, you need to always check for the car before you purchase it. You could also check for the vehicle’s information before you purchase it for free as you enter the vehicle’s number plate into our website.

Using our free car check report, you can get extensive amounts of vehicle information. This information includes the amount of fuel your car consumes, the safety rating and the complete information of the car. You could also check if the information from the seller is correct, and then you could try a very free car check here.

More information you can know on Free car history check in the UK

You could quickly check if the vehicle has had an accident or see the car options list in the UK. You could purchase a premium car check. This would help ensure that you purchased the perfect car.

We would quickly help you find the information you need to know about the car. All you should do is to put in the number that the car is registered, and then you could easily download the information. If you want to receive the report by email, you would need to tell us your email address, and before you know it, you would get all of the information inside a PDF straight to your mailbox.

How to check your car history fast

Are you curious to know all about our premium vehicle report? You could download a sample report available here in the form of either Portable Document Format.

If you are interested in a full car report, you can enter the registration number, and before you know it, you’ll download all of the information.

What does the vehicle premium report include?

The list of things your premium vehicle report would include has the following;

  • The Gearbox
  • The year it was manufactured
  • The Color
  • The model
  • The brand

This information is the general vehicle/car’s information from the UK.

It would also check the following;

  • The CO2 label
  • The CO2 emission
  • Consumption
  • The type of fuel it uses
  • The cylinders
  • The engine capacity
  • The torque
  • The power

All of these are for fuel and engine consumption.

The Free UK Car History check also includes the following:

  • The MOT advice, minor, notice.
  • The MOT results
  • Failed MOT tests
  • The MOT pass rate
  • The MOT expiry date

All of the information above is for the Ministry of Transport.

It can also tell you about the damage check to your car. Damage check items you can know about includes:

  • Damage position
  • Date of damage
  • Damage registration

You can also learn about the weight and dimensions

Learn about the:

  • Kerb weight
  • Wheelbase
  • Length
  • Height and the
  • Width

You can learn about the history of the owner:

  • The Emission Score
  • The Fuel Type
  • The Engine Size
  • The Horsepower

You can learn all about the justify of the weights and sizes, including the;

  • Storage space
  • Track width and
  • Various dimensions

Extra information you can learn includes the following:

  • Engine code
  • Number of axles

You can know all about milage registration like the:

  • Registration date and the
  • Mileage

You can quickly run a speedy, free and straightforward car check. This car check would leave you having the most comprehensive history report for your UK car. You can get complete DVLA information on your vehicle registration and then the tax expiry dates, your MOT, and your vehicle information.

What do I need to have about the vehicle to check the car History in the UK?

You need to have the plate number or any car or vehicle registration number in the UK. Then you click the check button. This way, you rapidly get a comprehensive, fast and validated history of the vehicle or the car you just checked.

You also enjoy free DVLA information.

The information and the data you get from our website comes from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). And the DVLA has complete information, which includes mileage history and various other advisories or those which have failed. We would also provide you with things like up to date information on vehicle tax.

Which type of information is included in our free car checks in the UK?

Our free vehicle checks have things like essential information and helpful vehicle charts, which gives you a very fast sneak peek at the history of any registered vehicle from the UK.

These things include the details of the vehicle. If the Emission Zone is low or not, you get to know all about vehicle road tax, including CO2 output, the expiry dates of road tax, and the costs of road tax rates.

You also know about advisory notes, the MOT history and all the causes of failure. The MOT information also includes the date of expiry.

The first date of registration from the UK is always noted that vehicles imported to the UK have a date when the vehicle is registered, and that is the relative date of import. When one conducts a regular car check, the date that is seen doesn’t mean that the date is the actual car’s age. That could have meant that was the date that the car was imported.

To make sure you can drive your car in the UK, you need a valid driving license.

All you need to know about a valid driving license and its relationship with your free UK Car History Check

A Great Britain issued a provisional or full learner only driving license. You should check their website to know if you could drive there with your non-GB driving license.

Do you presently have Vehicle Tax Rates?

To efficiently tax your vehicle, you should either have a new V11 or a new logbook reminder that would be in your mind and help prevent you from forgetting about your tax rates. That is also something we could help you check. This way, you properly know the exact amount of funds you need to pay. You are also specific because tax is not transferred when the owners of a car change.

Do you have a valid MOT?

You could use our basic free checker to know if your MOT status from your vehicle is available. Any garage that is accredited would be able to run either a MOT test for your car. These tests help you meet the environmental and road safety standards. These are all done annually after the third year of the car’s registration.

How can you check if your car has been insured?

You can all about your car’s insurance after checking through our Check Car History of insurance website.

You can also check if you have been in an accident for free too.

Whenever a car suffers from accidents, the number of funds you’ll need to pay might be more than the car’s value. Whenever this happens, the car enters the written off category. You could learn about how severe the accident was by getting a car report. This report would let you know all you need to on what made that vehicle get on the write off list. All you would need to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number, and then you could purchase the gold check.

The write off check would give you all the details you need to know.


After using our free UK Car History check report, various forms of information about your car would be available. A lot of this information includes things like the safety rating, the amount of fuel consumed, and so much more about your vehicle. You could check and verify the accuracy of the information the car seller says and ensure they are telling the truth.

Things like accidents and the options of cars you could get in the UK are also available. While checking about the history of your car, you might want to get a premium car check. The essence of a premium car check is to make sure that you get the best car available.

Premium car checks simply help you know all there is to understand about the variety of cars out there. You need the car registration number, and then if you want the information delivered to your email, you could just put your email on the space provided and have your information sent to you in seconds.

To quickly check and know all about this history of your vehicle in the UK, do well to branch through our website. There are lots of things you could enjoy from scanning through. You would not regret this decision. Even information on tax car rates and others are available. You can always find us here whenever you might desire. Here’s to expecting you.


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