Car Supermarkets – How reliable are Cinch’s Checks?

June 25, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 4 mins read

Cinch is another well-advertised car supermarket eager to make your life easier when you next buy a car. They offer part-exchange and finance options with the purchase process all completed online.

What is Cinch, and what do they offer?

Cinch is another well-advertised car supermarket eager to make your life easier when you next buy a car. They offer part-exchange and finance options with the purchase process all completed online. Indeed, you can receive your new vehicle in as little as 72 hours. And if you’re not happy for any reason, Cinch’s 14-day money-back guarantee means if you change your mind, you won’t be out of pocket. They also helpfully include a free 90-day warranty and three days of driveway insurance.

What vehicle checks does Cinch carry out?

According to their FAQs, Cinch says that all their vehicles go through comprehensive, thorough checks called HPI (Hire Purchase Investigation). Effectively, they’ve checked to ensure that the cars they sell don’t have any outstanding finance, haven’t been written off, or were previously badly damaged. In addition, Cinch also carries out its own 225 point inspection, which, in their own words, “..means inspecting everything you’d expect and more – from bonnet to boot.”

This should provide comfort that your new car is in perfect working order and completely safe to drive, and indeed, their 14-day money-back guarantee and 90-day warranty appear to back this up. However, Cinch doesn’t state whether they provide the 225 point inspection report on request, so it’s highly recommended to ask the question before purchasing and conducting as much research beforehand.

Does Cinch carry out a history check on all their cars?

The company carries out a basic HPI history check on all their cars, which only flags up basic information. It’s essential you carry out your own research and checks if you’re looking to avoid buying a lemon!

What does a Cinch history check include?

Specifically, Cinch’s history check investigates whether any finance is outstanding on the vehicle. It also checks whether it’s previously been written off by an insurance company or recorded as badly damaged. Consequently, Cinch doesn’t check everything, such as mileage anomalies or whether a car has been stolen or scrapped.

 Do Cinch cars come with service history?

Cinch are a little ambiguous on what service history will be supplied with their vehicles. They state that “all cars will be serviced in line with how old they are and how many miles are on the clock.” However, as the vehicles they sell are second-hand, it is likely that some cars will be missing full-service history records or the official stamps confirming completion of a service. Consequently, if a full-service history is essential to you, it’s always best to ask the question before committing to purchase.

Does Cazoo sell written off cars?

Cars that have been officially written off (category N D) won’t appear in Cinch’s inventory, so you can be confident that write-offs aren’t for sale on their website.

How is a Motorscan vehicle check different from a Cinch history check?

Cinch appears to carry out the basic checks before putting their vehicles up for sale, but as you can’t be too safe where cars are concerned, some below-par automotives may slip through the net. With a Motorscan history check, you receive 80+ data points on a vehicle, including:

  • Check for outstanding finance via Experian
  • Check for an insurance write-off
  • Stolen Check
  • Scrappage check
  • Damage indications if a car is written off
  • Salvage car auction check
  • MOT history
  • Previous keeper history
  • Mileage Anomaly
  • Import/export check
  • Plate changes


What is the best way to check car history?

For a fully comprehensive car history, Motorscan checks vehicles against multiple databases. In addition, these extensive checks allow us to quickly deliver the complete history of any car, obtaining crucial data from the DVLA Vehicle checking service, MIAFTR insurance database, the PNC and Experian in just seconds. By carrying out this type of full car history check, you can be confident you’ve done your homework.

Is it worth spending money on a car check?

With Motorscan, you can obtain basic information about a vehicle for free. This can be super helpful if all you need is to check very basic car information. However, our premium paid options bring you vital facts about a car, allowing you to double-check Cinch’s findings against a more comprehensive report. And our 5-vehicle check option works out at just £5.99 per vehicle; that’s ultimately a very insignificant price to pay for peace of mind!


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