Previous Owner Information through DVLA – What Information are they capable to provide?

September 21, 2021 by Zoe Hicks – 5 mins read

DVLA is accountable for developing and keeping car files and issuing automobile registration certificates, accumulating car excise duty, presenting refunds, and recording keeper, accident, scrapped, and theft details.

DVLA manages an enormous quantity of information to assist in preserving Britain’s motorists shifting safely and legally. As nicely as presenting facts to the police and neighbourhood authorities, the accurately managed launch of DVLA statistics to third-party events has realistic motoring benefits.

For its functioning, DVLA has maintained two separate registers. The driver register holds every driver’s name, address, date of birth, photograph, entitlement, endorsements, convictions, and applicable scientific facts that might also affect a person’s capability to drive.

DVLA’s car register is notably used to discover cars used on public roads, assist with regulation enforcement, accumulate automobile tax, and enhance tax safety. It holds records about every motor automobile (for example, registration number, car identification number, make and model, emissions) and the vehicle’s tax status. It also consists of the registered keeper’s title and address, the date the car was once obtained and disposed of.

Reasonable cause for requesting information

If you want to know information regarding your car or other car and if it is registered, you have a reasonable cause you can request to DVLA

  • finding out who was once accountable for an accident
  • tracing the registered keeper of a deserted vehicle
  • tracing the registered keeper of a car parked on personal land
  • giving out parking tickets
  • giving out trespass cost notices
  • tracing human beings accountable for riding off besides paying for items and services
  • tracing human beings suspected of insurance plan fraud

Private auto parking administration agencies that supply out parking tickets or trespass cost notices can solely request records from DVLA if they’re participants of the British Parking Association or the International Parking Community. 

Aware of car ownership?

Doing a car owner check should keep your time, money, and difficulties down the road. The results of your check help you to decide (before you purchase) your choice to buy, or not.

 Note, the registered keeper is no longer always the person who owns the car. The owner is the one who paid for the vehicle. The DVLA registration document contains personal details about the drivers who are responsible for the safety and legal roadworthiness. Thus while checking the logbook, a car can have any number of previous owners, three or more, and that car ownership is based on previous owners and does no longer account for who owns the car right now.

DVLA’s role in giving information on previous owners

A great car purchase is not only simply buying a car but also includes genuine, authentic, and value for money. It’s additionally excellent to assume about the car fee when you desire to promote and any workable difficulties you may face the need to you choose to promote rapidly for something like actual market value. 

The range of previous car owners is one of these factors that vehicle consumers seem to. It appears that a car that has extra than four previous proprietors equals a challenging sell.

The car owner mainly takes a look at two previous owners or less. Of course, there are many various elements such as age, mileage, condition, carrier history, and if the car has modified possession inside the identical family. The vehicle you are searching for has three previous owners from new, it’s a four-owner car. If you buy, you end up the fifth owner! This is especially bothersome for these motorists that trust they are shopping for a one-owner car. The advert will say one personal owner from new, however, we now understand it is two owners.

You can thus cross-check all those details through DVLA.

Car owner check through DVLA

If you are searching for owners of a used vehicle that is now not held on the V5C logbook, your first step needs to be looking through all the carrier records. Look for invoices with names, addresses, and telephone numbers. This is the quickest way to achieve preceding possession details.

Alternatively, fill the DVLA-specific vehicle information form V888. For official reasons, the DVLA will supply you with free owner information. If you want to change the address on your car log e-book (V5C), and in your driving license. It takes minutes, it’s handy to do and details will be up to date straight away on DVLA’s records. 

What valuable information do you get about the background of a car from a motorscan car check as compared to a DVLA check?

  • Number of preceding owners
  • The duration modern-day owner has held the car in their name
  • Date of exchange of keeper
  • Previous keeper promoting date
  • When the preceding keeper obtained the vehicle
  • Vehicle age
  • Date of registration in the UK
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) changes
  • Car theft check
  • Insurance complete loss checks
  • Export/Import history
  • Incorrect mileage

DVLA effortlessly provides many of its most famous offerings online. This saves time, no longer to search down paperwork, as archives can be checked electronically. Do be aware, on the other hand, that some offerings may additionally require you to grant authentic archives using submission – so please test what steps you want to operate carefully!

Buying or selling a car can be a difficult time. Use this part to discover recommendations on each shopping for and selling cars, your rights as a consumer, and buying for and selling privately. 

If you are a registered keeper, does DVLA have to ask for your permission for passing your details to different people?

 No. Although the details on the register are no longer open to the public they can be launched on request for several reasons. These can be given to the police or a neighbourhood authority to check out a crook offence or a non-criminal parking offence. 

Can DVLA release data to non-public businesses or individuals? 

Yes. The regulation approves launching data to those who can show they have a practical purpose to have it. The applicant has to abide by using a set of strict stipulations and pay an administration charge to obtain the information. All businesses who practice for an impenetrable digital hyperlink (which permits groups to request and acquire data) need to first serve a six-month probationary length making guide requests earlier than any hyperlink can be established. These are used with clear phrases of settlement that describe when data may also be requested, how it can be used, and how it must be stored. What does ‘reasonable cause’ mean? In DVLA’s view, lifelike reasons relate to incidents with liability. These can consist of tax security matters or occasions as a direct result of the usage of a vehicle. So we can make use of third party agencies/companies to access information of previous owners through DVLA.



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