Previous Owners Check- How to maximise the resale value of your car?

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The harsh reality of purchasing a car can be explained in a single term called ‘Depreciation’. Depreciation is a horrifying phrase used to describe your automobile dropping its value over time due to wear and tear.

A brand new vehicle loses 11% of its value the second you drive it off the lot. Although now not much wear and tear occurs from the time you get the keys to using off the lot, the value of your automobile is now nearer to its wholesale price. After that, your vehicle will depreciate using 15% to 25% every 12 months for the duration of its first 5 years. So basically, after these first 5 years of ownership, your car has misplaced more than half of its value.

Depreciation will now not at once affect you if you are using your vehicle till the end. You will solely be affected if you resell or buy and resell your vehicle later on. But taking care of your vehicle will permit you to hold it for years, past its expiration date. When coming to second-hand cars the number of the previous owner is the main factor that reduces the value of the car and it can be found out by the previous owner’s check. Fortunately, whether or not you figure out phase methods with your vehicle or maintain well there are many matters you can do to maintain your car’s value over time. Read on to know more about ‘How to maximise the resale value of your car?’

Can you increase your car’s value?

Car depreciation is the distinction in the value of what the automobile costs to purchase and how plenty it is worth when you sell it. It is something which we all have to deal with and manage. But there are measures that car owners can take to combat depreciation and maximise the cost of their car. It’s clever to consider the resale value of an automobile earlier than you bought it and be conscious of any troubles that may additionally affect its valuation.

Maintaining your car’s initial cost isn’t easy. The process will take time, effort, and money. But in the end, you will be rewarded with a car that will last longer than your finance contract. More importantly, ordinary automobiles will keep you and others around you safe. Knowing the proper vehicle to buy, how to hold the value of your car, and when your car needs maintenance is a great way to defeat the depreciation. Previous owners’ checks will keep you updated with the number of the previous owner and less number of the previously owned vehicle will be good for a deal.

Why do cars lose value?

Like with any different product, as quickly a vehicle has been sold and used it will no longer be new and what someone is ready to pay for it will be drastically less. An automobile will change from new, to nearly-new, to use, and it will lose value exponentially along the way. The more an automobile is driven, the greater it will go through wear and tear, and with increased mileage on the clock, it needs repair. Several previous keepers are another factor for a used car value reduction and are determined via previous owners’ checks. Combine this with new models flooding the market every 6 months, which have new designs and ultra-modern technology, and it can be a hard attempt to maintain the value of your car.

How is the car’s value determined?

The car’s price is decided to evaluate how quickly your automobile will possibly depreciate and how you can reduce it. A car’s value is decided through many factors such as the reputation of the make and model of your car, car specifications, trim levels, bodily appearance, mileage, regular upkeep, previous owners check exposing several preceding owners and working conditions.

Your car’s value relies upon several elements that include:

  • Its age
  • Your location
  • Make and Model, and the demand for it
  • Its mileage
  • Its exterior and interior condition
  • Its modifications
  • The components it has had replaced
  • And even simple matters like how it smells inside
  • Number of previous owners through previous owners check

Whilst you may additionally no longer be in a position to affect some of these elements there are many different methods that you can help to increase your car’s resale price and get the most for your car.

Maximise the resale value of your car

Make and Model

Research a car’s resale value earlier than you purchase it to make certain it can retain its value over time. Some brands tend to have higher car trade-in values than others due to the fact of their recognition and dependability, which generally demands greater resale prices.

Previous owners

Previous owners check reveals the number of previous owners. More owners will suggest trusting a greater number of people and a higher risk of issues in the past. A record of the larger number of previous keepers in a previous owner’s check will be a red flag for purchasing a second-hand car. Before purchasing a used car, perform the previous owners’ check and if the number of keepers is more than 4 or 5, it’s better to search for another choice as that deal involves risks.

Keep it clean

Cleaning your automobile is a must-do earlier than selling. First impressions count and a clean, shiny vehicle provide viewers the impact that you are any individual who appears after their vehicle. A shiny, good-looking vehicle will stand out on the forecourt or photos, relying on how you need to sell your car and ought to result in a greater sale. The car that had been professionally cleaned ought to be sold for as much as £1,000 greater than those that had not. You may want to pay an expert to clean, wax, and valet your car, or you should do it yourself as a way to save even more cash earlier than selling your car. Previous owners check, if a car has many owners then it’s a risk for a buyer to buy one. Driving style and maintaining habits will surely vary according to the owners.

Avoid modifying the vehicle 

Adding customizations to your car like body kits or engine tuners is no longer endorsed by manufacturers. Not solely will customizations affect the resale price of your vehicle, however it is additionally possible to restrict your market as now not all drivers will favour driving a modified vehicle. Modifications can harm the shape and security of the vehicle, specifically if carried out via an unapproved mechanic who doesn’t fix genuine manufacturer parts. Customizations affect insurance plan premiums too and your resale value too. This is now not to say that you have to no longer substitute these essential parts that assist your vehicle’s features correctly and perform. The fee of your car will make it bigger for any mechanical and beauty upgrades – even as it might also now not be worth making simply for the sale it is well worth highlighting them at some stage in the sale. Modifications and customizations are a case in point. Do no longer undertake these to enlarge the value of your automobile – it causes the reverse effect. If you alter and personalise a vehicle you do it for yourself – for your very own pleasure and enjoyment and now not for your pocket. So aftermarket changes limit a car’s value. It is distinctly not likely that a high-priced stereo package or trendy safety tools will assist elevate the ultimate rate of your car. Spoilers can destroy the price, safety gear leads to a rate crash, and sometimes much less is more. Previous keepers of a car can modify the car which in return reduces the resale value of the vehicle. Previous owner’s check is a must before a second-hand car buyer.

Service the car

When you purchase a new vehicle you will want to observe the service schedule of the manufacturer to maintain the warranty. Manufacturer services are performed thru a manufacturer-approved garage and perform the checks based totally on the make and model of your car. Properly servicing your vehicle will help maintain the car protected and you are much less likely to have problems like breakdowns or engine faults. If you document these services in your car logbook and make them available to future buyers, this will assist to keep your resale value as it offers confidence to the customers that the car has been properly serviced and taken care of. Service records can be checked through a history check of a car like the previous owner’s check.

Selling options

With the internet at your fingertips, there are many methods that you can use to sell your car. You select to sell privately online or to a friend, or go through a dealership and exchange your car for a new one. Some provide a free online valuation check to get an immediate price on what your vehicle would be well worth if you have been to part exchange with them. Search through the abundance of car buying services to locate your model’s best price. If you understand the market price for the make and model of your car, you are capable of squeezing the possible rate you can from a buyer. Previous owners check -Less number of previous owners greater the resale value.

Sell at the proper time

Take into consideration all the identical elements that anybody shopping for a vehicle would. Research the common market fee for your vehicle and think about different market elements that would possibly have an impact on the choice of any person shopping for a car. If you plan to sell your car in the subsequent three years, keep a track of the market and you may recognize when it’s a better market for it, now or in the future. For example, SUVs are greater in demand throughout colder, icy months, which means you may want to get greater cash for your SUV in the summer/spring.

Proper care

No one wishes to purchase a vehicle that has visible damages and has been poorly serviced in the past. An automobile that is properly taken care of stands out to shoppers and it offers automobile dealerships much less of a cause to decrease their part exchange valuation of your car. From the point of view of a buyer in the previous owners check if the number of the preceding keepers are more then the chance of potential issues are also high. A properly cared for car only would be advisable for a potential buyer.


If you locate cases where you may want to keep away from the usage of your vehicle and reduce mileage, and you are especially mindful of resale value, then proceed with taking possibilities of alternative transport to hold the miles from adding up. On average, automobiles clock up between 10,000 – 15,000 miles per year, with that mileage growing with everyday riding or lengthy journeys. By preserving mileage as low as possible, you enlarge your hazard of being capable of reselling your automobile at a greater value than if the miles on the clock have been drastically greater than the common rate. Mileage is also related to the number of previous keepers, mileage also increases as the number of owners increases which is found in previous owners’ checks.

Paper works

A properly cared automobile is nothing except its documentation. Nothing reassures a client than properly organised documenting paper works, maintenance checks, and work carried out. Anyone searching to purchase a second-hand vehicle desires to be conscious of the car’s history. Ready your automobile logbook, service book and bill receipts for any work carried out on the car to exhibit to customers that you are a sincere and dependable automobile seller. In previous owners’ checks, more than four or five preceding keepers for a car will be a risk for the buyer and all the records should be proper.

Maintenance schedules

Sticking to your car’s service timetable is the first way to preserve your vehicle in a tip-top condition however your purchaser wants to see you have performed this. And every time you have the vehicle serviced, get its oil-modified, or have some components changed, file the receipt in a folder due to the fact documentation helps increase the selling charge of your car. It’s the other way to purchase faith due to the fact – except supplying proof of what has been accomplished it indicates to the consumer that you genuinely cared for your car. When a car is passed from many hands to hands, previous owners check, the buyers have to blindly trust all those owners so they need a proof for the maintenance of the car and it can provide confidence for the buyers for buying a car.

Minor repairs

Anyone searching at shopping for a second-hand car, especially a dealer, will see any damage and straight away begin working out how much it’s going to value them to restore it. They will then begin deducting cash from the quantity they would possibly have been inclined to pay for the car. 

Is there a best time to buy to avoid depreciation?

The perfect time to purchase a second-hand car is as it reaches its 3rd or fourth year. By this point, it will have lost around 1/2 of its new value, and it won’t be so old as to be outdated. Another gain of shopping for an automobile at this age is that manufacturers normally launch a new model every four to 6 years. And when new fashions come in, the older motors generally depreciate further. It’s frequently a terrific time to take hold of a high-quality used automobile at a good buy price. Whatever vehicle you choose, to get the most for your money, look up the model you are involved in and check earlier than buying, and usually take the time to think about depreciation. It’s an enormous thing that can hugely affect the return you make when you come to trade in the automobile later down the line. In different words, it may want to assist you to keep cash in the long run.


In summary, small measures taken when you first get your vehicle can assist to shield it for the duration of your time with it. Overall, this can appreciably affect the price of the car when you come to trade it.


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