Registration Car Tax Check – How to check if the car is insured and taxes have been paid

April 26, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 11 mins read

Road tax needs to be paid for all motors that are used on public roads, whilst a SORN is wanted to account for automobiles that don’t have tax but aren’t stored or used on public highways.

For these motors that do need to have road tax, failing to buy it ought to result in a preliminary penalty of £80, however, failing to settle this ought to lead to prosecution and a penalty of up to £1000 plus costs. Untaxed automobiles left on public roads can be clamped and towed away. Use our Motorscan tax checker to find the registration car tax check and make certain your automobile is legal.

The acquainted tax disc from your windscreen used to be axed in 2014, to be changed with the aid of a merely digital system. This has made it a lot tougher for drivers to understand when their vehicle’s tax has expired. The new system is similarly complex using the truth that road tax can’t be transferred when a vehicle is sold – as used to be viable with the tax disc system. Some agents nonetheless encompass ‘road tax’ in their car’s advert, which is inappropriate and can lull some shoppers into believing they don’t want to purchase it. If you purchase a new vehicle, you will continually want to buy new road tax. 

What a registration car tax check can tell you? The test can inform you if your automobile is presently taxed and assist you to make sure to keep away from the danger of fines and having your automobile taxed or towed.

How can you perform a registration car tax check? Simply head to the following address the place you can enter the vehicle’s registration number and make. The site will verify whether or not or no longer it’s taxed and is insured. If you favour taking a look at whether or not a vehicle is taxed or insured and if it has a legitimate MoT, all you want is a registration number. Checking the MoT records of a car has in no way been simpler and is mainly accessible when you are searching while shopping for a used car. And if you aren’t aware of when your car’s MOT or tax is due, then read this article to find out the registration car tax check and how to check if the car is insured?

So, if you are presently armed with the registration number of the automobile you would like to check, all you want to do is comply with the steps below to take a look at its tax, insurance plan, and MOT status. Though it will cost a bit of money, it’s a legal requirement to have your automobile each taxed and insured if you are using it on public roads. If you are caught riding besides both of those, you may want to go through factors on your licence, huge fines, and even the potential for your vehicle to be crushed. If you are not sure about either, the correct information is that it’s certainly easy to do your registration, car tax check and insurance plan status. Here we are sharing those details.

How to know if your car is taxed?

Registration car tax check is free and convenient to do through the Government’s website. Avoid those companies that ask for the charge for this service. It’s no longer any less difficult for you and there’s no need to pay to do it.

How to do the Government’s registration car tax check?

The registration car tax check can be

 done by the following:

  • Visit the Government’s tax checker
  • Give the registration number
  • Confirm whether the details given about the car are correct
  • Once you continue, you must see two boxes— one confirming the tax status and the other an MOT.
  • If it’s green box indicates the vehicle is taxed — you will additionally see when the car’s subsequent renewal is due. If it’s not taxed, it will show red.

How to know if your car is insured?

Like the registration car tax check, the best option to take a look at if a vehicle is insured is to use the Motor Insurance Database (MID). This is a publicly-available database that insurers additionally have to get access to, and you can use it to verify the status of a car. This does not now expose any private records or whatever about the insurance plan policy. Just an easy affirmation of the automobile model and a yes or no to verify if it’s insured. Again, this is a free service available so don’t pay money for any other websites that ask for money for it. You need to solely use it to test the insurance plan status of your car. The MID has a separate system for checking every other car at the time of an accident.

How to use the Motor Insurance Database checker?

  • Head to the Motor Insurance Database page
  • Enter your car’s registration number
  • Once you have carried out that, you will be introduced to a web page that confirms the vehicle model and insurance status.

What facts do I need to check if an automobile is insured?

You will want the following data to finish up an insurance check in the Motor Insurance Database:

  • Your automobile registration
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The car registration
  • Additional records fields are required when checking any other individual’s car at the time of the accident.

Motorscan Registration Car Tax Check

We Motorscan make it effortless to locate the records of a car. Finding a car’s records has by no means been less complicated with motorscan. Enter your car’s registration number to discover its technical specification, registration car tax check, MOT records, and much more data for free. Our premium automobile check will inform you if a vehicle is on finance, written-off, imported, or stolen.

What to do if your vehicle isn’t taxed or insured?

It is a legal requirement for your vehicle to be taxed unless it falls under exemptions and is insured if you are using it on the roads. Driving a vehicle on public roads without taxing can cost you a penalty of up to £1,000. There are a few exemptions that apply, including:

  • Vehicles used by a disabled person – You can declare an incapacity exemption when you observe for car tax. Until this is validated though, you need to continue to tax your vehicle as normal.
  • Disabled passenger vehicles – Vehicles used through enterprises especially to furnish transport for disabled human beings are exempt.
  • Historic vehicles – Vehicles manufactured earlier than 1 January 1981 are exempt from paying tax.
  • Electric cars – Electric automobiles do no longer want to have tax paid for. The genuine definition from the Government is’the electrical energy has to come from an external source or an electric storage battery no longer linked to any source of power when the car is moving to be exempt.’
  • Steam vehicles – Steam-powered cars are tax-exempt. That’s a few pub trivialities for you.
  • Vehicles used for agriculture, horticulture, and forestry – This consists of tractors and mild agricultural automobiles commonly used off-road. ‘Limited used’ motors are used for no extra than 1.5 kilometres (0.93 miles) between land occupied using the same person.

Unless these exemptions apply, you need to pay your vehicle tax. It’s effortless to do — simply head to the authorities’ web page and observe the steps. You will want your V5C logbook and a V11 reminder if you have one. Only one exemption applies to the vehicle insurance plan and that’s for SORN vehicles. Declaring a car SORN you need to have it parked on personal property it can’t be left on a public road. Driving an automobile on a public road without insurance places you at the chance of a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 points on your licence. If the case goes to court, there’s the potential for a limitless fine and disqualification from driving. The police additionally have the right to seize and, in some intense cases, even wreck your car. If you want car insurance, your great guess is to use fee evaluation websites. These can compare offers from more than a few insurers to assist you to locate the best deal for you. To understand whether you have paid tax go for the simplest step on the website that includes a registration car tax check.

Why are these assessments important?

Vehicle Excise Duty additionally acknowledged as automobile or automobile tax is based totally on the degree of CO2 emissions produced with the aid of your car. For older motors registered earlier than March 2021, the stage of automobile tax is based totally on the engine size. Motorbikes additionally have to pay car tax. Some cars are exempt from paying tax and these include:

  1. Mobility scooters
  2. Electric cars
  3. Old motors made pre-1972

If you fail to pay your vehicle tax you should face a penalty of up to £1,000 and you will be requested to back-pay all the car tax you failed to pay. The authorities have a tax calculator that will help you work out what amount of automobile tax you want to pay on your vehicle. Make certain you have all the applicable data about the vehicle earlier than the use of the calculator, along with the date of registration, the make, and the model of the car. If you prefer to do a registration car tax check you want to be aware of the full registration number of the car. Click on the government’s internet site and click on the ‘Start Now’ button: You will be sent to enter the registration number of the car and confirm some data about the car. Once this is done, you must be in a position to view plenty of records about the vehicle along with the registration car tax check details.

When is my car tax due?

If you are presently paying your vehicle tax by direct debit, it must automatically renew when the tax runs out. The DVLA will write to you to affirm the date the charge will be taken out. You can enter your vehicle registration number on the Government’s site at any time to do a registration car tax check and to find out when it is due. Your automobile will want to be taxed annually. You can pay your tax as an annual lump sum, in month-to-month payments, or by way of making six-monthly lump sum payments.

How do you take a look at if a vehicle is insured?

The best way to take a look at if your automobile is insured is to go to the Motor Insurance Database. This online database is a centralised database that consists of details of all insured vehicles as we have mentioned above. You will want the registration number of the vehicle to start the check. The site is always updated and so it is very accurate.

When is my vehicle insurance plan due?

To take a look at when your car insurance is due you can:

  • Contact your insurance company for asking details
  • Check your coverage documents for the expiry date
  • Check your bank statements to see when you began your insurance plan payments

Can you tax a vehicle with temporary insurance?

Yes, you can tax a car with a temporary insurance plan. You have to make certain that any temporary insurance plan coverage you take out indicates up on a search of the Motor Insurance Database. Go for a registration car tax check to know whether your car tax is due.

Can you tax a vehicle without insurance?

No. You can’t tax a car without an insurance plan. For registration of the car tax check the vehicle the DVLA will test the reputable databases to make certain that the car you are taxing has a legitimate MOT certificate and insurance plan. Legally, you want to have all three of these if you own a car.


Finally, and simply as importantly, there is checking for registration, car tax check and if a car is insured. Information round insurance plans are a bit extra sensitive and as such you can solely legally find out whether or not or no longer your car or an employer automobile you can drive is insured – except you show up to be an insurance plan dealer performing on behalf of a client. As before, observe the easy steps to test a vehicle’s information visit the insurance plan checker website. In the same way, you can perform the registration car tax check also. Be aware of both the insurance and tax status and keep your car legal on the road. Good Luck.


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