Registration Car Tax Check – Is my car taxed – 4 steps to find out fast

May 10, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 10 mins read

Car tax is applied to all motors registered in the UK. The rate relies upon the kind of vehicle you have. Unless you declare your vehicle via a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification), you will still want to tax it, even if you keep it off-road, in a garage, on a driveway, or personal land.

If you are caught with a registered automobile that is now not taxed, you will be fined and your car will be clamped. However, some motors are exempt from vehicle tax. Thus a registration car tax check is essential.

All automobiles have to be taxed each year. It’s recognized as a vehicle excise duty (VED), and if you prefer to use your automobile on the road in the UK then that tax ought to be paid. It’s very convenient to test if a car is taxed, however failing to have a thoroughly taxed automobile can lead to some harsh penalties.

How a great deal you will pay for your car tax will rely on a huge variety of factors. Simple variations like the age of the vehicle, when it used to be registered in the UK, and how environmentally friendly it is will play a position in deciding your road tax bill. That’s why you must comprehend how to do a registration car tax check. Here we are listing four steps to finding out registration for a car tax check fast.

Step 1: Check if a car is taxed

The DVLA registration car tax checker

The DVLA is a department of the government, however, it used to have its system of DVLA car checkers. Now, that has been tied into the gov. UK site, however, it stays considerably more complete than the simple tax checker furnished using the government page. The DVLA Vehicle Checker web page will provide you with a tremendous quantity of elements about your car, including:

  • The current charge of your vehicle’s tax and its expiry date
  • Its MOT expiry date
  • The registration date of your car
  • The date of the closing logbook (V5C) issued
  • SORN status
  • The year your automobile was once manufactured
  • Weight and engine size
  • Fuel kind and emissions

So if you choose to be aware of your automobile then simply do a registration car tax check, the DVLA Vehicle Checker web page is the website to use. It’s the place you have to additionally go to take a look at if a car is taxed and insured. If you are solely searching for tax statistics and status, the gov. uk website online will be more than enough.

There are now two fast and easy methods to do a registration car tax check. The UK authorities and the DVLA each have a system to do a registration car tax check online, and the usage of both will supply you with the facts that you need. Do a registration car tax check or have been registered as off the avenue (SORN). It can take up to 5 working days for the documents to update. You will want the vehicle’s registration number plate. You can additionally use this service to test the current tax charges for your vehicle. You will want the 11-digit reference number from your automobile log book (V5C).

The DVLA provides an online tool that indicates to you what facts it holds about your car, such as whether or not it has been taxed.

You need:

  • The car’s registration number
  • The make of the vehicle

Checking Your Car Has Been Taxed

  • Go to the government website.
  • Enter the car’s registration.
  • Enter the make of the vehicle.
  • Select ‘Search’.

This registration car tax check will inform you whether or not the vehicle is taxed and when this expires.

DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry Service can additionally exhibit to you how much tax you will want to pay.

You require:

  • The reference number from the registration certificates (V5C)
  • The car’s registration number
  • The model of the vehicle

You can also check how much car tax will cost you.

  • Visit the Vehicle Enquiry Service website.
  • Enter the car’s registration.
  • Enter the make of the vehicle.
  • Enter the V5C reference number.
  • Click ‘Search’.

The DVLA will inform you precisely how much tax you will have to pay for six months, 12 months, or by using month-to-month direct debit.

Step 2: Registration car tax check

The government’s car tax check

You can do a UK registration car tax check very shortly and easily. All you want is your vehicle’s registration number. Next, you can head to the government website’s registration car tax checker. Type in your registration number and hit the proceed button, and you will get up-to-date information about your vehicle’s tax status. The same internet site is additionally where you go if you are no longer certain about how to test if an automobile has an MOT. That’s due to the fact typing in your registration number on the gov. UK site will supply you with all of your tax data along with your current MOT data.

Step 3: Online car tax check with car registration number

Can you do a registration car tax check with its automobile registration number? With the car registration number (number plate of a car) you can take a look at car tax online to see if the tax is up to date. If you want to test the current tax you will choose the 11-digit reference number from your car’s logbook (V5C). It can take up to 5 working days for the file to update. For this, you can approach any trustable site. Beware of car tax scams and rely only on reputable websites.

Road tax (officially called VED) is truly a crucial section of staying legal on the road. The tax expiry details used to be displayed on the tax disc in your car’s widescreen, however, that is no longer the case; instead, there is now an area where you can see your tax at a glance. All you prefer is your car’s registration number.

With a car’s registration number, you can get all the tax records you prefer to apprehend about that car. You can also choose to test any difficulty with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) for your automobile or you can also additionally decide to be conscious of when the tax expires.

Step 4: Motorscan check

We at Motorscan can help you with the tax and MOT status of your car. Check if the vehicle is taxed or registered as of the avenue (SORN). The car registration number is a collection of digits and letters allotted to a car that usually identifies the year and place of registration, is proven on number plates at the front and rear of the vehicle, and is used with the aid of the DVLA to pick out the vehicle. The phrases “number plate” or “private number plate”, “personal number plate” and the “plastic variety plate” all recommend the registration number. People frequently buy vehicle registrations that are exceptionally exquisite – often to cowl the age of their cars.

Common Tax Related Questions

When do I need to Tax My Car?

Your automobile needs to be taxed annually; you can pick out to pay each 12 months, every six months, or every month. If you set up a direct debit, the price will be taken on the first day of the month and the DVLA will no longer amend this date. The advantage of paying using direct debit is that your tax will theoretically by no means expire as you will constantly be on top of your payments, supplied by your direct debit clears. You can find extra direct debit repayments for your vehicle tax on the DVLA website.

How much is your car tax?

How much you pay to tax your vehicle varies depending on the kind of automobile you own, as the rate is calculated based totally on the legitimate quoted CO2 emissions for the vehicle. There are presently thirteen automobile bands for petrol and diesel, ranked from automobiles with low emissions – on which you pay nothing – proper up to high-polluting motors that can face big surpluses for taxing their car.

What if I fail to do a UK registration car tax check status?

There have been many modifications over the years when it comes to road tax, and it is effortless to get stressed by these changes. However, the most necessary component that you want to keep in mind is that it is an offence to use your car on a public street if you have not paid the tax for it. It used to be that paying for your car tax ought to solely be completed by publishing or with the aid of the submitted workplace directly. You can still pay in each of these ways, however, now it is additionally viable to pay for your avenue tax both through smartphone or online. Remember that if you do figure out how to pay your tax with the aid of a phone through a registration car tax check, you will want to have your V5C or V5C/2. Many of us are not conscious that there have even been modifications made lately to the way that automobile tax is calculated. So even if you have carried out a current registration car tax check the amount you want to pay may additionally have a long past up or down. While car tax is still calculated by the usage of gasoline and CO2 emissions, the way that these CO2 emissions are measured has changed. Now, the readings for these emissions are a lot greater practical and precise, however, the result is that for many UK motorists that will simply be an increase in the car tax they have to pay. That’s why performing a UK registration car tax check is so essential before the tax is due.

Why is this requirement on a car tax necessary?

Another motive why it is so necessary for a registration car tax check is that there are inherent contradictions in the vehicle tax system. That’s mostly due to the huge modifications over the remaining two a long time in each system itself. The largest contradiction is to do with age. The RAC has claimed that it takes about 50 newly made automobiles to have the identical quantity of hazardous emissions as one vehicle that used to be made in the 1970s. Of course, an automobile constructed in the Seventies is exempt from having to pay car tax. So even if you have a hybrid automobile that emits lots of decreased degrees of emissions, you may still end up paying greater tax, despite the gasoline inefficiency of these cars. It’s an ordinary contradiction, however, it is turning into much less of a component as extra of these old, pre-1980s automobiles attain their give up of existence and are offered for scrap. Don’t overlook that even if you elevate out a UK registration car tax check and discover that your car is exempt from paying for tax, you still have to have your road tax in place. It simply might not price you any cash to get that tax status.

If you favour driving a car on public roads in the UK, then your automobile wants to be taxed. Whether you have to pay to have it taxed or it is free to tax will rely on you and the age, make, and model of your car. However, when it is so easy to do a registration car tax check details, there is surely no excuse to get caught without that important tax.


When you are checking if a car is taxed, it is necessary that you solely use the reputable DVLA automobile checker or the gov. uk site. There has been a dramatic extent in the number of tax scams in recent years, and they ought to end up costing you a lot greater than the rate of your car tax. Criminals with the usage of emails, textual content messages, and social media to trick people into handing over their details and data. The majority of these scams are based totally on messages that inform you that you have an existing car tax rebate ready to be collected, however, there are additionally different scams like offerings that provide to have the points eliminated from your licence. All tax refunds from the DVLA have been generated with the aid of them automatically, so when you promote an automobile to a new driver or a scrap yard, you will get any cash owed to you automatically. The DVLA will no longer ask to communicate with you earlier than you get your refund. Stick to the usage of the reputable DVLA automobile checker and other trustable pages for all of your vehicle statistics and needs.


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