Technical Specifications Check – What does a Technical Specifications Check for a used car look like?

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What are technical specifications checked? Technical specifications check is an online report that provides the specification details of a vehicle. It consists of car make, model, consumption of fuel, BHP power, performance, speed, car tax status, car economy, environmental factors, and estimated running cost.

Technical specifications check for a car is the first step that you have to decide how you need your car. It provides you brief descriptions of automobile vital important points which are stored for a display in a car dealership. But, if you want to purchase an automobile online or want to make sure about the car details, then a vehicle technical specifications check is required.

Car technical specifications check, or car spec check, give an image of a vehicle’s vital details and are typically displayed by using an automobile dealer at the dealership. This data may be a printout attached to a car window or given to you when you inquire about a particular car. Understanding these specs and how they can have an effect on you as the potential owner of the car can assist to save your time and make certain you get the proper care for your preference.

What are technical specifications checked?

The technical specifications check is a convenient and easy tool to make a well-informed purchase decision. For instance, the running costs per annum tell you how much amount you need to count on to spend on the car annually. Similarly, if your goal is to purchase a fuel-efficient car, you can count on the economic details in the technical specifications check.

Technical specifications check in detail

Car specs commonly fall into the free classes of construction, operation, and performance. Construction specs can consist of simple dimensional elements like weight and height, and also more detailed information like the car’s wheelbase and cargo capacity. Operation specs encompass features such as air conditioning, cruise manipulation, and seating materials. Performance specs point out how the car can be predicted to drive and perform. These can encompass the fuel economy and the vehicle’s turning radius.

Construction specs are frequently introduced as an easy block of data. Lighter cars are regularly simpler on fuel, however may also no longer usually have the energy or traction of extra heavy-duty versions. A vehicle’s height would possibly be of a subject if you many times drive below bridges or through quick drive-through locations. This is a foremost issue for drivers of giant vehicles or vans. Others in many instances suggested facts consisting of car size and floor clearance. These are necessary for those who ride off-road.

Operation specs regularly encompass optional features. Air conditioning, audio systems, leather-based seating, and comparable facilities are frequently self-explanatory. The block of protection elements is necessary for family buyers. It will be aware of infant protection locks, energy door locks, airbags, the braking system, and electricity windows, amongst different features. Many automobile spec sheets will be listing all aspects and place check marks after the points virtually covered in that specific vehicle. Make certain you affirm that the checkmarks line up with the points you want.

Performance specs are essential to those who favour getting the most power out of their automobiles or understand precisely what fuel consumption and economy to expect. Such specs encompass the estimated miles per gallon consumption for each motorway and town travel. The kind of engine will additionally show up here, alongside the transmission. As you can imagine, large engines with an improved ability for gasoline and air require greater fuel than smaller engines. This is particularly real if you are rapid to speed up or drive at most speeds on lengthy motorway journeys. Information regarding the engine is also important. The easiest way to test your engine measurement is to seek advice from your owner’s guide – it needs to be listed in countless places, together with ‘Specifications’ or ‘Mechanical Information’. Alternatively, your car’s VIN located on the driver’s aspect of the dashboard includes the applicable information. Give your VIN and decode your car’s engine details.

Vehicles with computerised transmissions are extra frequent in the UK these days. The specs in this block additionally are possible to point out key measurements of engine performance, such as horsepower and torque, and might also even proclaim the compression ratio, which is very essential to mechanics working on the engine. You must show a keen interest in vehicle specs and collect an online report by carrying out a technical specifications check, this will save your time and cash when it is time to buy the new car. Knowing the variations in engine type, transmission type, and security aspects in motors can make sure that you get the proper care for your personal, business, or household use.

Technical Specifications check in the UK

The used car you prefer to purchase can also have hidden records and no longer be nicely maintained. Are you aware of how to do a vehicle technical specifications check? But the exact information is that it is now free and can get through by providing your car’s registration number. When shopping for a second-hand car, it is indispensable to comprehend it from the top to the bottom earlier than committing yourself to the deal. You can’t simply have faith in the seller’s words; in a few seconds, you can know all the info of a second-hand car, enter the registration number and get the automobile details which is completely sufficient to choose a car’s fundamental specs and its hidden history.

How can you check a used car’s technical specifications?

Many online services provide a car spec check service. As soon as you enter the registration number you can get the free online data. Motorscan is providing technical specifications checks. By doing a technical specifications check for a used car you can make a good purchase decision with peace of mind. For instance, economic and environmental data disclose the car’s consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions. If you are at ease with the fuel economic system determined by the vehicle, you may additionally proceed with the purchase. You can buy a car if it has applicable CO2 emissions. A free Car Technical Specifications Check file from unique companies can also render unique details. The data are provided from the DVLA, DVSA, and VCA. 

DVLA: Imported, exported, scrapped, unscraped, colour changes, plate changes, V5C trouble date, etc. 

DVSA: Past and existing MOT check facts with MOT passes, failures, and advisory notices; and mileage records recorded throughout MOT tests.

VCA: Fuel Economy Data, Carbon dioxide Emission, and Vehicle Safety Branch Recall Data.

You will be getting data regarding the car running cost, mileage history, and overall performance data. The latter consists of BHP check, speed, strength rpm, torque, etc. All the information through a technical specifications check will assist you in your car-buying decision. For example, a car’s overall performance info tells how much power it can generate and how quickly it can go. An automobile with simply a hundred and ten km/h max velocity will now not be appropriate if you drive on a UK road daily.

Can you do technical specifications check from the registration number?

Get the full automobile specs using the car registration number for free. You will receive fully-detailed vehicle technical specification data in seconds. You can get precise information on individual models, plus hundreds of older versions too. Whether you are searching for gasoline consumption in mpg, electric-range, insurance, dimensions, BHP power, overall performance or speed figures, road tax status, rates, or boot size, all this info will be provided free with technical specifications check report using the registration number.

How to use the technical specifications check report?

To pick out the model you favour for technical specifications check, you can enter your registration number. This way you can figure out precisely which model you choose when on-page. These records will assist you if you want primary automobile info, or you favour to comprehend what is your car. It additionally helps when working out how some distance your automobile will go on a tank of fuel, or whether or not it will correctly fit in your garage. For those who like to recognize how quick it is, the 0-60mph speed figures, the BHP a car has, and max speed will inform you all you want to be aware of as will its max power and torque. You will also be able to get all-important mpg fuel consumption data, which is very vital information that is directly accountable for what any car is going to cost you to run daily.

Motorscan spec check

Free technical specifications check at Motorscan will inform you of the specification of the vehicle, running costs, the road tax, and MOT status. We can additionally inform you of the place it was once registered and the MOT history.

Why is a technical specifications check needed for a used car?

Technical specifications check with the aid of registration number is the quickest and free tool to discover primary important points of any car in and around the UK. Checking car specifications is especially helpful. For example, understanding the running cost per annum lets you determine that the automobile is economical. Also, the CO2 emissions test will let you be aware of if the vehicle is ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) free or not. As the UK authorities have announced ULEZ expansion from October 25, 2021, you want to be cautious whilst purchasing a used car or you may also have to face the penalty of unknowingly riding high emission motors in ULEZ. From the technical specifications check, you will know if the car has met the emission requirements specified by the authorities and all different automobile stats such as engine performance, power, BHP, etc. In addition to this, the technical specifications check report assists you to purchase an automobile that fits you and your needs the most.

Another advantage of technical specifications check is that you can compare cars and check each car’s pros and cons, equipment, performance, running costs, star ratings, and even company car tax costs. You can make a good decision with this detailed report.

What does a technical specification check include?

You will be provided with the following data for a technical specifications check.

  • Tax costs
  • Detailed MOT records with failures and advisories
  • Tax, Insurance, and SORN status
  • Mileage (Estimated)
  • Technical information
  • Engine size
  • BHP (brake horsepower)
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Fuel type
  • Vehicle colour
  • Make and model
  • Date of registration

The above records will be useful to test if the automobile that you are going to purchase suits your needs. If you desire to recognize the contact number of the automobile owner, you have to contact the DVLA and fill v888 form. Note that if you have any legitimate motive or valid cause, they will provide you with the owner’s name and contact through the VRM. 


Two automobiles can also seem identical however are you, as a business, dropping cash using overlooking the factory-fitted optional features. Only through figuring out the genuine factory-fitted features and precisely what they are worth in resale price will you provide the actual price of a vehicle. Get the important points free of cost via technical specifications to check to assist you to purchase the quality car for private or commercial use. Plus, you will get all the vital records of any vehicle from our precise report, a hundred percent actual data without delay sourced from DVSA, DVLA, and VCA. Grab all these records by providing your registration number.


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