Updates in Road Tax from 2021/2022

The number of funds you would pay from your car taxes or your road taxes for brand new vehicle drivers in the year 2021 would rise. But the government has created a budget that announces and has confirmed that fuel duty would remain frozen. Let us give a brief explanation of road tax in the UK.

Road Tax Explained

The government has also announced its budget for the year 2021, stating that there would be an increase in VED (Vehicle Excise Duty). VED is also known as road tax or car tax. This means you would need to pay more yearly for you to keep driving your vehicle. The 2021 budget also confirms that the planned rise from fuel duty and the amount of tax you would pay per litre of fuel would be wholly cancelled in the UK. Instead, the fuel duty would stay at the same level, which is around 57.95p per single litre. It has remained the exact price for around ten years.

What is the rate of increase of VED?

The VED (vehicle excise duty) rates keep increasing gently as the year rolls by in the UK. This is the same thing as the tax which was paid from the first week of April 2021. Though, the rate has been fixed for vehicles that have very low emissions. Let us talk about some of the best low emission cars that are available for sale. We would talk about the low emission cars because previously, the amount of road tax you would need to pay depended on the CO2 emissions of your new vehicle. Cars that remove around zero CO2 grams per single kilometre would pay no amount of money for tax. There are diesel and petrol cars which include hybrids that remove around 1g to 50g per single kilometre. This would take you back to around ten pounds which you would need to keep paying all through the first year that you made use of your vehicle. There would be a twenty-five dollar charge which would come for vehicles and cars that removes between fifty-one grams and five grand per single kilometre of CO2 which ends up remaining the same from the previous year.

Vehicles that remove between seventy-six grams and then one hundred and fifty grams per single kilometre of CO2 would notice that their VED rates would rise by around five pounds over the 2020/’21 rate reach around £220. If your new vehicle emits high amounts of CO2 per kilometre, you must pay a higher car tax in 2021. One of the highest increases in VED would be for vehicles that remove a lot more than the 255 grams per single kilometre of Carbon Dioxide. You’ll end up getting set back to pay two thousand and forty-five pounds of tax which you paid during the first year, up from the £2,175 in the year 2020.

What is the amount of Road Tax one needs to Pay for an Electric vehicle?

Hydrogen fuel cell cars and fully electric cars would retain their car tax VED exemption status. Because of this, they would have zero tailpipe emissions.

The complete road tax breakdown is available below

Amount of CO2 emissions


The rate paid on the First-year The rate paid on the Second Year Standard
Zero £0 £0
1 to 50 £10 £155
51 to 75 £25 £155
76 to 90 £115 £155
91 to 100 £140 £155
101 to 110 £160 £155
111 to 130 £180 £155
131 to 150 £220 £155
151 to 170 £555 £155
171 to 190 £895 £155
191 to 225 £1,345 £155
226 to 255 £1,910 £155
Over 255 £2,245 £155

After the first year, all petrol or diesel or hybrid-powered vehicles would make you pay around £155 per year to pay for taxes – about £5 more than the amount paid in the year 2020.

Some cars are powered by either liquid petroleum or biofuel gas, which costs around £145 every year to tax.

Various cars cost more than £40,000 to purchase, and you end up paying around £335 levy (it was around £325 in the year 2020).

This is payable for the first five years after you register your car. This does not just apply if your car removes zero grams per single kilometre of CO2. For instance, some cars are only powered by either hydrogen or electricity.

The Road Tax for 2021 company cars

BIK (Benefit In Kind) tax rates for diesel and petrol powered company cars, including hybrids. Some of these are not set for change in the year 2021.

You can quickly look through our website and learn more about these road taxes, which apply to your vehicles. You can check out our website here and get the answers to all of your questions.

However, hydrogen fuel celled cars and electric cars also pay for company tax charges. Instead, they are moved into a 1% BIK rate category from the 2021/2022 tax year.

Clean Air Zones in the Year 2021

Writing this presently, the UK has around a single designated clear zone, such as the ULEZ (London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone). This zone covers around the same specific area of the middle of London, which is part of the city’s Congestion Zone. Drivers that enter this part of London using a car which does not meet the required amount of emissions standards (the standards used for this includes Euro 6 for diesel and Euro 4 for petrol-powered cars) would need always to keep paying a charge daily of £12.50 on top any of their congestion charge fees.

The ULEZ of London and the UK has plans to keep increasing with time. The plans include those arranged and organized for the 25th of October, 2021. The ULEZ area would get expanded up to around the South and the North Ring Roads. But it could be more than that. We can’t say for sure until that time comes. When that time comes, like the ending of October 2021, do well to check us out and find out more.

Looking through the ULEZ mode of expansion, there are very clean air zones introduced to us all before the year 2021 ends. These clean air zones would come and merge forces with Bristol City’s centre from the 15th of March 2021. Then a very clean air zone that covers the area within the A4540 ring road at Birmingham has been live since June 2021.

Any driver entering the Birmingham zone would get charged a fee that has not been specified yet before they can enter the zone. However, the Bristol City Council has made everyone know about the charges available for its clean air zone. This does not apply to cars that are privately owned.

What is the amount of money one would need to pay for their car tax?

You can check our website here and know all about all you need to pay after owning and running a car and the tax amount you would need to pay. This also greatly depends on the age of your car and the amount of tax band that is available in it.

The fuel duty for the year 2021

Whenever you want to either fill up your vehicle with diesel or petrol, the amount of money or the price you would end up paying typically comes from a tax that is added. That added tax is also known as fuel duty. The actual realistic fuel duty rate available in the UK is 57.95 pence for a single litre of fuel. This means that depending on the pump prices available where you usually go and get your gas filled, this tax could account for around half of the money you would need to spend on diesel or petrol for your vehicle.

A comparison of the top five most economical cars available for sale

Typically, the fuel duty rises as the prices of goods and services in the market are rudest because of the rate that has been frozen around the 57.95 pence-per-litre since March in the year 2011. The government has had a 2021 budget that recognizes that private vehicles are essential for all those who need to travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of this, the planned increase in fuel duty was scrapped.

It was stated that the announcement from the chancellor present in Exchequer today stated that this fuel duty would not increase. Today marked the tenth year that fuel duty stayed and remained frozen. This information was stated by Sepi Arani, who is the head of OEM at Carwow.

Mr Arani also stated that though the necessity of fuel has decreased in the past year as a result of a lot of people staying at home and only going out to get essentials, the consumption and the need for fuel keeps increasing with the rate at which the lockdowns are reducing end the presence of the Covid-19 vaccine. The Lockdown has been set to lift because of all of these advancements.

This might indicate the need for the government to increase the tax, and it might be a lower lucrative choice as people notice the rise of EVs. It is pretty positive to notice that British motorists are not presently bearing the weight of the challenges which comes from budgets.

What about Road pricing Tax And car tax pricing measures?

Some severe road pricing measures are available in the UK, including the ULEZ from London and the toll bridges. The concept of charging various motorists, which serve as additional costs to drive on various roads, is not as widespread as those in nations like Italy and FRANCE. But with the revenues obtained from fuel duty and VED, the rates that are set to fall from the coming years all serve as plugged in cars as they become a lot more popular. Road tax and road pricing have been argued as sustainable and possible procedures that would serve as a solution to gather and attain all of the revenues lost over time.


Out of all the plans that have been listed above, none of them was publicly announced to be a part of the 2021 national budget. It would take some time before things would become a massive part of the road tax agenda. But till then, we are grateful you took the time to check this piece out. For more pieces like this, you can always check us out here. We are always available if you want information on a car history report, road tax, free car history check, and lots more. For all car owners and users out there, here’s to hoping that the reduced amount of road tax doesn’t officially enter the agenda of the national budget and let the amount of tax paid to be minimum.


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