What checks to motorpoint do?

August 4, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

Perhaps not as well known as some of the other car supermarkets, Motorpoint has been in the business of selling cars since 1998, when they opened their first retail unit in Derby.

Who are Motorpoint, and what do they offer?

As with many established companies, Motorpoint entered the online market offering similar services to Arnold Clark’s. You’ll be able to browse their catalogue online, reserve a vehicle for a deposit of £99 and then arrange to view, test drive and collect it from your local Motorpoint branch. They sell ‘nearly-new cars’ prepped to the Motorpoint Standard that all come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Free home delivery is available by pre-arrangement with finance and part exchange options.

What vehicle checks does Motorpoint carry out?

Motorpoint is an established, independently owned car retailer with 17 branches around the UK. According to Motorpoint’s Standard, their sale cars have all been prepped, checking the interior, exterior, wheels, and tyres. Their vehicles are sold with at least six months MOT, no service due within three months or 2000 miles and no warning lights. They also carry out what Motorpoint calls ‘a detailed version of a vehicle history check’, and alongside a 14-day money-back guarantee, they certainly sound like a company you can trust.

Does Motorpoint carry out a history check on all their cars?

As expected from an established business, Motorpoint carries out a vehicle history check on all cars before they go on for sale. Although they refer to this history check as ‘detailed’ on their website, it covers only minimal eventualities, so our advice is to conduct your own research and obtain a full car history check if you’re looking to avoid buying a lemon!

What does a Motorpoint history check include?

Motorpoint’s history check investigates whether a vehicle is stolen, has outstanding finance, and if it’s an insurance write-off. Consequently, their history check isn’t as detailed as their claim suggests and doesn’t cover everything, such as mileage anomalies or whether a car has been scrapped.

Do Motorpoint cars come with a service history?

The company confirms that the service book is supplied as standard when that information is available, also stating that many manufacturers now refer to a digital handbook. However, it’s certainly possible that some cars may be missing service history records entirely, or the official stamps confirming completion weren’t recorded. Consequently, if a full-service history is essential to you, it’s always best to ask the question before committing to purchase.

Does Motorpoint sell written off cars?

Motorpoint does carry out some checks, including whether a vehicle has previously been written off under an insurance claim. So, if you’re looking at Motorpoint for your next car purchase, you can be assured that the vehicles you see for sale on their website aren’t insurance write-offs.

How is a Motorscan vehicle check different from a Motorpoint’s history check?

Basic checks and inspections are carried out by Motorpoint, which should give some reassurance. However, you can’t be too safe where cars are concerned, and with the possibility of some dubious vehicles slipping through the net, carrying out a Motorscan history check will provide peace of mind. Our checks deliver 80+ data points on a car, including:

  • Check for outstanding finance via Experian
  • Check for an insurance write-off
  • Stolen Check
  • Scrappage check
  • Damage indications if a vehicle is written off
  • Salvage car auction check
  • MOT history
  • Previous keeper history
  • Mileage Anomaly
  • Import/export check
  • Plate changes

What is the best way to check car history?

For a fully comprehensive car history, Motorscan checks vehicles against multiple databases. In addition, these extensive checks allow us to quickly deliver the complete history of any car, obtaining crucial data from the DVLA Vehicle checking service, MIAFTR insurance database, the PNC and Experian in just seconds. By carrying out this type of full car history check, you can be confident you’ve done your homework.

Is it worth spending money on a car check?

With Motorscan, you can obtain basic information about a vehicle for free. This can be super helpful if all you need is to check very basic car information. However, our premium paid options bring you vital facts about a car, allowing you to double-check Motorpoint’s findings against a more comprehensive report. And our 5-vehicle check option works out at just £5.99 per vehicle; that’s ultimately a very insignificant price to pay for peace of mind!


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