When the Best Time to Buy your Next Car?

April 9, 2024 by Zoe Hicks – 2 mins read

Discover the optimal times to purchase your next car with Motorscan’s comprehensive guide. From navigating the impact of new registration plate releases to leveraging quieter periods, we unveil the strategic insights and advantageous conditions for both new and used car purchases so you can maximise your savings and drive away with the car of your dreams and a smile on your face!

As the saying goes, timing is everything, especially when it comes to buying a car, so understanding the market can significantly help elevate your purchasing power. As the automotive industry ebbs and flows with seasonal trends, economic shifts, and manufacturer incentives shaping the automotive industry’s landscape, finding the perfect moment to purchase can lead to savings and satisfaction. So, armed with Motorscan’s latest guide, we delve into the intricacies of timing your car purchase just right, ensuring you drive away with savings in your pocket and a smile on your face!

Why is timing important when buying a car?

Timing your vehicle purchase is paramount if you’re looking to secure the best deal for your next investment. The timing of your purchase can directly impact the price you pay, as markets fluctuate with manufacturer incentives, economic conditions and seasonal trends. Indeed, promotional offers and discounts from dealerships can often be had at certain times of the year as they eagerly try to clear out old inventory, such as the end of the financial quarter or the introduction of new registration plates in March and September. Additionally, seasonal conditions play a role, with buyers often seeking new vehicles before holidays or summer road trips, driving up demand and potentially affecting prices. By carefully considering these factors and timing your purchase strategically, you can maximise savings and enhance your driving experience, ensuring your new car meets your needs and budget.

What are the best times to buy a used car in the UK?

While the release of new registration plates in September and March typically garners attention for new car purchases, it also creates advantageous conditions for those seeking a pre-owned vehicle. Dealerships are eager to make space for incoming models and meet sales quotas, often leading to increased availability and competitive pricing on used cars during these periods. At the end of the quarter and just before new registrations are released, dealerships are usually keen to offload trade-ins and meet sales targets, so during August and February, salespeople may be more motivated to close deals to meet their targets and make space for new models, potentially resulting in more negotiable prices and better deals.

What are the best times to buy a new car in the UK?

For those eyeing a brand-new car purchase, timing can make all the difference in securing the best deal. While the release of new registration plates in September and March often sparks interest, quieter periods throughout the year can offer unique advantages. The end of quarters of March, June, September, and December presents opportune moments as dealerships strive to meet sales targets, potentially leading to more flexible pricing and enticing incentives. Moreover, promotional events and holidays, like Black Friday or the end-of-year sales in December, provide additional opportunities to score significant savings on a new vehicle.

By strategically planning your purchase during these quieter periods or promotional events, you can capitalise on dealer incentives and negotiate more effectively, and, fingers crossed, drive away with your dream car at a satisfying and economical price!



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