Refer a Friend. Give 10%, Earn 10%.

When you refer a friend who purchases a motorscan check they'll get 10% off and you get 10% of their purchase price.
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Refer a Friend. Give 10%, Earn 10%.

Ready to earn? Refer your friends.

Share your exclusive link with all your friends. You’ll receive 10% of the sale value for each purchase made through your link, and your friends will enjoy a 10% discount on their order.

Invite your friends

Share your unique personal link from your account with as many friends as you want.

Refer a Friend

To get a referral bonus, your friend must purchase a check from us using the link you provided.

Earn money

You’ve just earned 10% of their purchase price, Cash out your earnings to your bank account anytime.

Frequently asked questions about Refer a Friend

Who is eligible for the refer a friend scheme?

Everyone is eligible for our refer-a-friend scheme provided you’re using it in a non-commercial manner. There’s a different programme if you’re an influencer or affiliate.

For you and your friend to receive the reward, your friend must use the unique referral link you’ve sent them and have purchased their check. You’ll receive your reward commission after 30 days.

Is there a limit to how much money I can earn?

No, there’s no limit on how much you can earn.

When can I start referring friends?

You can start referring your friends right away! No purchase is required to sign up for our refer-a-friend scheme. Just head to the referrals section in your account to get your unique referral link.

How many people can use my link?

There’s no limit on how many people can use your link.

What will my friend need to do with my referral link?

Once your friend receives your unique referral link, they can choose to purchase. After your friend has completed their transaction, the commission reward will appear in your referral section as “pending”, after 30 days this will be approved and added to your balance.

When will I receive my reward?

Once your friend completes their purchase, the reward will appear as “pending” in your account. Provided there are no refunds, your reward will be approved and added to your balance. You can withdraw any approved rewards after your balance reaches £30.

Do I still get a reward if my friend refunds their purchase?

No. Referral rewards are only paid on successful purchases.

When can I cash out my balance?

You can withdraw any approved rewards after your balance reaches £30.

What should I do if I have problems with my reward?

If you have any problems with your rewards, please contact our support at [email protected]

Why promote motorscan?

Using Motorscan for a car check is a wise decision because it provides a comprehensive and instant overview of a vehicle’s history and current status. By entering the vehicle’s registration number, you can access vital information such as MOT history, tax status, technical specifications, and ULEZ and CAZ compliance.

Motorscan’s premium car check offers detailed insights, including outstanding finance, write-off status, stolen vehicle checks, previous ownership history, mileage verification, import/export status, scrapped vehicle status, and previous number plate changes, ex-taxi and salvage auction history. With a £30,000 data guarantee, excellent customer service, and millions of scans completed, Motorscan equips you with the necessary information to make informed decisions, whether you’re purchasing or researching a vehicle.

Why promote motorscan?
Published April 4, 2024 by Zoe Hicks | Last reviewed April 28, 2024 by Jonathan McDonald