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About YV12O number plates registered in Beverley

Listed below are all vehicle numberplates first registered in Yorkshire. DVLA offices include Leeds, Sheffield and Beverley.

This page includes licensed vehicles that were first registered near Beverley between March 2012 – Aug 2012.

In 2018 there were a total of 227,400 vehicles licensed in Beverley. This includes 182,800 Cars, 9,600 Motorbikes, 700 Buses & Coaches, 21,600 LGV(Large Goods Vehicles) and the rest consisting of other vehicles.

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Number plates registered in Beverley
Frequently asked questions related to YV12O
Where was YV12O registered?

The vehicle registration YV12O was registered near Beverley. This falls under the DVLA region of Yorkshire which includes Leeds, Sheffield and Beverley.

What year was YV12O registered?

YV12O was registered between March 2012 – Aug 2012. However this is not just limited to this age identifier as these numberplates are available for purchase as personalised registrations.

How much does it cost to tax YV12O?

Vehicle tax rates are based on engine size or fuel type and CO2 emissions. It also depends on when the vehicle was registered. Enter your reg on motorscan to find out how much it would cost to tax this vehicle

How do I check the history of YV12O?

We can provide you with a free vehicle check, just enter your reg above to find out your vehicle's specifications, export history, MOT history, road tax + more.