Number Plate Registrations: What Information can you Access?

June 24, 2021 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

It’s not unusual to be a little wary and cautious when you’re on the lookout for a new vehicle. Let’s face it, there are plenty of scammers to be found hidden amongst reputable and honest sellers, so what can you do to limit your exposure to discovering that the gem you found is actually an unsound, defective money pit?

How to Check a Car’s History with a Number Plate Registration

The team at Motorscan have developed a user-friendly resource site where, armed with just the registration from the number plate, you can discover all sorts of vehicle information. With a bit of digging, you can highlight any discrepancies and inconsistencies in the vehicle’s history and separate the rogue duds from your perfect vehicle match.

Our quick and straightforward vehicle check can help potential buyers avoid the pitfalls and make purchasing your next car or van that little less stressful. Just by entering a registration, you can unravel extensive information on a vehicle, including historical data. With a little investigating, you can limit yourself from ending up with a donkey instead of the car of your dreams.

Motorscan’s Free Vehicle Check

With our free and easy to use motor check, you’re able to obtain valuable information including:

  • Seeing the vehicle’s mileage history based on DVLA and MOT records
    • Including the average mileage based on other vehicles around the same age and model
    • Easily check for mileage anomalies
  • View the MOT history including:
    • Stats, number of MOT fails, passes and advisories
  • Check the running costs for a vehicle
  • View the emissions and MPG
  • See road tax prices and tax status
  • Check the insurance status on the Motor insurance database
  • View the car’s horsepower and technical specifications
  • Check to see if a vehicle is ULEZ compliant
  • See when a vehicle was first registered

Motorscan’s Premium Vehicle Check

If you’re looking for more comprehensive information on a vehicle, then our premium check offers more in-depth knowledge for as little as £4.99 with our multi-check package. It’s the price of a cup of coffee and a cake that could, in the long run, save you thousands of pounds by helping you dodge those shoddy vehicles that may look great on the outside but underneath are on their last legs. With our premium check, you receive everything included in the free check together with the following information and services:

Why it’s Important to Check a Car’s History

With cloned vehicles and clocked cars on the road, you’re right to be concerned about being scammed. You don’t want to be the one who finds out that the great deal you got on your new car ended up being a costly nightmare!

That’s why it’s vital to check the history of any vehicle you intend to buy. Whilst our vehicle checks won’t tell you outright that a car has been cloned or clocked, our premium check will advise if a vehicle has been scrapped or written off and provides you with the tools to obtain a valuation. If a car’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Clocked vehicles – which is when a car’s clocked mileage is reduced manually to increase the sell-on price — might be tricky to identify, but by using our free vehicle check, you can easily see the mileage history and check for any anomalies. If anything looks odd, walk away.

Next time you’re on the search for a vehicle, think Motorscan before handing over your money. By doing these simple checks, you can get peace of mind on your next car purchase and drive away satisfied.


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