What Is Drive-Away Insurance?

April 24, 2024 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

Explore the essentials of drive-away insurance, a key coverage for driving your new vehicle home. Discover its benefits and when to consider this short-term insurance solution.

Drive-away insurance offers a practical solution for drivers who need to secure immediate, short-term coverage for new vehicles. We delve into everything you need to know about this type of insurance, highlighting its flexibility, ease of use, and the circumstances under which it becomes indispensable.

What Is Drive-away Insurance?

Drive-away insurance is a type of temporary insurance designed specifically for the immediate drive home after purchasing a vehicle. This coverage is crucial for legally driving a new vehicle from the point of purchase to your home. It serves as an effective interim solution until you decide to secure a longer-term, annual insurance policy. Additionally, having drive-away insurance allows you to tax the vehicle, which is a necessary step before you take your new car on the road.

Key Features of Drive-Away Insurance

  1. Flexible Duration: Coverage can be tailored to the exact length of time you need, from just a few hours up to 28 days. This flexibility is ideal for situations such as test driving a new car, borrowing a car, or adding a temporary additional driver to your vehicle.
  2. Instant Coverage: Policies can often be arranged quickly online, providing immediate protection. This is particularly valuable for last-minute insurance needs, such as immediately driving away a newly purchased vehicle from the dealership.
  3. Comprehensive Cover: Drive-away insurance typically offers comprehensive cover, meaning it protects against accidental damage to the vehicle as well as liability for damage to other vehicles or property. Importantly, using this type of insurance generally does not affect the car owner’s long-term insurance policy or no-claims bonus.
  4. Cost Effectiveness: While temporary car insurance might seem expensive on a day-to-day comparison with annual policies, it is cost-effective for short-term use as it prevents the need for more extensive insurance adjustments on your main policy.
  5. Ease of Purchase: Getting temporary insurance is straightforward, often requiring only internet access to select the desired coverage duration and to complete the purchase. Providers like GoShorty offer policies that can be bought in minutes.
  6. Business Use: Temporary insurance can also cover business use, which is not always included in standard annual policies. This makes it suitable for business trips, driving to conferences, or any other professional driving needs during the coverage period.

When to Consider Drive-Away Insurance

  • Picking up a new or used car where you require immediate coverage to legally drive the vehicle away.
  • Borrowing a car from a friend or family member for a short trip.
  • Needing an additional driver temporarily insured on your vehicle.
  • Using a car for a short-term business requirement.

This type of insurance provides a practical solution for drivers who need immediate, short-term coverage without the long-term commitment of a traditional annual insurance policy. It offers both flexibility and comprehensive protection, making it an excellent choice for specific, temporary driving needs.

How Much Does Drive Away Insurance cost?

The cost of drive-away insurance depends on the duration of the policy, the driver, and the vehicle involved. Although it is generally more economical than hastily signing up for an annual policy, it is also a cost-effective way to avoid legal penalties for driving uninsured. Drive-away insurance can be arranged quickly, often with immediate coverage, allowing you to legally and confidently drive your new vehicle home as soon as you’re ready.

For a quick and efficient way to start your coverage, consider getting a quote from GoShorty. With just a few simple steps, you can secure your policy and drive your new vehicle home.


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