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Investing in a car is a significant decision requiring careful consideration and research to ensure you get the best value for your money. After all, the last thing you want is to end up with a lemon draining your wallet.

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What is a Previous Owner Check?

That’s why conducting a previous car owner check is a crucial step in the process. Examining a vehicle’s ownership history can uncover essential details about its past. At Motorscan, we understand the importance of making informed decisions regarding car ownership. Our archive of valuable articles provides you with all the need-to-know information on previous owner checks, including why they’re essential so that you can make the right choice.

Latest guides about Previous Owner Check

Previous Car Owner Check

A previous owner check is a type of vehicle history check that provides information about the ownership history of a used vehicle. It typically includes details such as the number of previous owners, the length of time each owner held the vehicle.

A previous owner check can provide valuable insights into a vehicle's past usage and maintenance, which can be useful for buyers assessing the condition and history of a used vehicle before making a purchase.

December 2, 2022

What information is available from a Previous Owner Check

If you're about to hand over a large amount of money purchasing a car, surely you should know everything about it—you definitely don't want any nasty surprises! So, performing a previous owner check just makes pure sense. And you'll get plenty of other valuable data points to ensure your dream car doesn't become a nightmare!

November 26, 2022

Do you need a Previous Owner Check before buying a Used Car

Buying a car isn't cheap and is still one of the most expensive assets you'll likely purchase. So doesn't it make sense to find out everything about a used car before handing over your cash? Motorscan explains why carrying out a previous car owner check is definitely worth it.

September 21, 2021

You car has had multiple owners - what kind of an impact that can have on a car

Frequently, the desired number of previous owners is one. We see no reason why you shouldn't choose a multiple-owner car that has been well maintained. If the car has only had one previous owner, it has undoubtedly had consistent driving experience and care. Yes, we prefer cars with fewer owners since they are more likely to be maintained and protected.

Frequently asked questions about Previous Owner Check

Can you check previous owners of a car?

If you’re curious about how long each previous owner had the vehicle, you can easily find out by purchasing a car history check. These checks usually reveal the dates when each owner bought and sold the vehicle, giving you an idea of how long they had it in their possession. It’s a helpful way to learn more about the vehicle’s ownership history and get a personal understanding of its past.

How do I find out how many previous owners a car has had?

There are two methods to determine the number of previous owners of a car. The easiest way is to use our online vehicle report, which provides a comprehensive summary of key information such as MOT status, theft history, finance details, and more. It also includes the number of previous owners the vehicle has had, and all you need is the vehicle’s registration number to access this information.

Alternatively, you can physically check the V5C (logbook) and review the list of previously registered keepers. This may require a bit more effort as you need to go through the logbook and gather information about each previous owner.

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