Car Price – How to buy a car safely from a used car dealership?

June 25, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 11 mins read

There are several approaches through which you can buy your used car. One of the methods is to get it from a used car dealer. It is similar to purchasing a new vehicle from a showroom.

Buying a used car from a dealership is one of the most relied-on methods of buying a used car. Let us know more about used car dealerships and how to buy a car safely from a used car dealership.

What is a used car dealership and how do they work?

A used car dealership is a commercial enterprise that offers new or used cars at retail level car prices to the buyers. Some sellers get affiliated with any of the carmakers to furnish used cars at the subsidiary car price, however, most of them don’t. Sometimes the automobile sellers get a direct connection with the automobile manufacturers to sell new vehicles.

How does a used car dealership work?

You can locate almost 12,000 used automobile stores in the UK that sell used cars, vans, and motorbikes from distinct manufacturers and producers both new and used. The used vehicle sellers commonly supply the automobile from suitable inventories and profit by selling the cars. It may be on immediate money or finance, relying upon the buyer’s wish. They can additionally earn a desirable amount from selling the servicing packages. The success of each used vehicle dealership relies upon the excellent car price at which they sell and the reality they disclose about the used automobiles at the time of sale. Another simple trick of the sellers to make huge cash is making high car prices with the customer and later getting it from EMI, which includes greater interest. In turn, it provides a higher margin to the dealers.

Where do the used car dealerships source the used vehicles from?

Usually, vehicle dealerships have a large number of automobiles that are prepared to get home. But, have you ever questioned the place they supply it from? They will get it from auctions, rental companies, trade-ins, finance companies, personal sellers, and lots more. Some sellers will be experts with certain sorts of motors such as trucks, SUVs, and sports activities cars. Whatever the provider kind may be, they supply the automobiles from a place where it is cheap, and they can make earnings out of it if they resell. One of the most frequent techniques of buying used motors is trade-ins, the place the clients sell an automobile online or offline to the dealers. It is worthwhile to each the marketers and the dealers. It is then accompanied by the aid of auctions, rental companies, and private sellers.

What are the kinds of used automobile dealerships?

Getting the proper used vehicle is a fun experience. On the other hand, dealing with a daunting supplier is not. If you had been searching for a new car, it can be solely from the manufactured or approved franchise. But when it comes to getting a used vehicle, then there are quite a few methods and numerous sellers reachable in the used vehicle market to get it in the best way. Different classes of sellers range relying upon the market experience and the selling type. Here are a few classes of dealerships and what you can expect from them.

Independent dealership

It is one of the most frequent sorts of automobile dealerships you witness in the UK. The Independent dealership offers the Consumers Goods Act, with which you can count on an alternative or refund if the car is inaccurate within 30 days. It will supply you with peace of mind.

Online dealership

As online selling and buying for matters have ended up a phase of our everyday life, an online dealership has additionally emerged as a frequent kind of dealership in the UK. Also, many sellers do no longer have a physical showroom nowadays, solely an online presence. It is additionally one of them in your car price range approaches to selling vehicles. It is fundamental to take a look at the advert twice if you are going to an online dealer.

Car supermarkets

It is one of the current sorts of used car dealerships that emerged in the UK. A massive warehouse is a place where you can see thousands of used cars aligned in order. You can select from the displayed automobile with the aid of touching and feeling them. The one first-class issue about this kind of dealership is that they provide a giant quantity of selections you can make out of the hundred cars. However, you need to additionally be cautious that they may additionally have automobiles that are useless in-between.

Franchised dealership

It is a little pricey when in contrast to the unbiased sellers as the respective producers approve them. Usually authorised used automobiles have fewer preceding owners and minimal mileage, which are some promising signs. However, it is usually appropriate to go with an automobile history check. Another delivered gain of this kind of dealership is that the used automobiles come with a warranty.

How to buy a car safely from a used car dealership?

Apart from all the advantages you get from a dealer, there are additionally some traps that you would possibly fall into when buying a used vehicle from a dealership; right here are some frequent pitfalls of the dealers.

  • Independent dealerships appear grandeur with great relaxed couches and stunning interiors. It will go away in a judgement that paying an excessive car price is worth it. You ought to be vigilant enough to recognize that you solely pay for the used car, not the garage, so don’t be carried away with the aid of fancy looks. Be aware of the car price there.
  • It is indispensable to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to enquire about the automobile earlier than the purchase. You have all the rights to query the whole lot about the car as you are the one who is going to pay. Car price matters. Don’t be carried away by using the sugar-coated phrases of the dealers.
  • When it comes to online dealerships, make certain you test the advert properly. If you discover something fishy, enquire without delay and figure it out. Always go for sincere online websites to get away from spam.
  • It is vital to negotiate for a higher car price from the dealer. It is a primary trick with the aid of each dealer, quoting an excessive rate and then lowering it when the purchaser bargains for it. To make massive money, sellers comply with this strategy. So you should negotiate for a higher deal relying upon the car price; you can also get an automobile valuation test to comprehend the real worth of the automobile earlier than purchasing.


What must I do earlier than shopping for a used car from a dealer?

You can’t blindly go at the back of the words of the dealers. Every dealer will inform the real story of the vehicle. So as a buyer, you ought to additionally do some homework to recognize the car. If you have determined to buy a car, whether from a dealer or a private seller, it is vital to make an automobile history check to understand the heritage of the vehicle. You can rely on Motorscan for a history check. So make certain you run one to get the right used vehicle. Lots of used automobiles are on hand in the market and hundreds of sellers in and around the UK. It is no longer like all the sellers are dodgy. As a buyer, you must be more aware of this topic.

What can you do to buy a used car safely?

If you are in the market for a used car, right here are some matters you may also like to do in preparation:

Online research

You may already have a make/model in mind, however, if not, do some research and make the word of the styles/shapes of the vehicles that trap your eye. If you are questioning whether or not it is well worth doing your homework on used vehicles, the answer is based on what you may additionally be capable of obtaining through doing so. By discovering unique cars that have the specifications and mileage you are searching for, you introduce competition to the car-buying process. A dealer would possibly now not suit the lowest car price you find, however it can’t hurt to ask. Beyond the previous research on the internet, you may additionally select to look at an online market for shopping for and selling cars. Used car websites simplify the purchasing trouble with specified searchable listings, automobile reviews, consumer guides, and more, which means your car ought to be simply a few clicks away. Users can use Motorscan for finding further details about a used car.

Car Price and budget

Once you have an idea of what you are searching for, set finances so you have something to work with and a way to filter out automobiles that don’t match the budget. If your dealership won’t budge however you have determined a very comparable deal someplace else for much less car price, see if the dealership is inclined to car price. And if not, be aware of the place to go!

First impression

Although it can be tempting, until you feel that a particular automobile is a chance you can’t pass over, don’t fix the deal as soon as you see it. It can be really helpful to evaluate car prices throughout dealerships etc. to make certain you are getting a satisfactory deal.

Shop around

Now it’s time to hit the retail outlets or the car dealership or online vehicle sites. It’s a proper concept to look at the different alternatives you have, such as going to several dealerships, plus checking vehicle sale websites.

Test drive

You might also like the look of a car, however, matters can change when test driving. Be certain to organize an opportunity to drive your automobile so you can experience it well.

Mechanic inspection

It’s smart to check a vehicle over again before you buy it – this is the place it can come in virtually available to understand a mechanic so you can have anyone undertake an automobile inspection! Try now not to fear too much as most motors come with a warranty, and dealerships have a legal responsibility to sell cars that are suited for the purpose of a first-rate car price and as described.

What to check further when buying a used car?

When you are searching to buy a car, there are a few matters that you may also like to take a look at earlier than committing to the sale.


Check the vehicle’s current mileage and how many miles you are probably to add to it. This should be considered when you plan to buy a car for the long term.

MOT and service

This is something you will possibly favour doing if you are purchasing a used automobile in the UK. And even though service histories aren’t legal requirements, they are the exact way to guarantee you that your new car has been looked after. Get your MOT check done with our Motorscan. It is very convenient nowadays to know these details regarding a car.

Insurance and tax cost

Whilst your automobile may also be with a lesser car price, it’s a good concept to take a look at the charges of your insurance plan and tax too. 


One of the most vital portions of documentation to have is the V5C (otherwise acknowledged as the logbook). You can discover government guidance about buying an automobile beside a log book here, however, the best way is to keep away from purchasing an automobile that doesn’t have a V5C.

Electric works

Be certain to test that the interior electrics work. Many dealerships will supply warranties, however, every so often these warranties won’t cowl electrical work. So make certain you take a look at matters like the indoor lights, windows, radio and so on.

Tips for buying a used car safely

Buying a used automobile from a dealership may additionally be an alternative if you plan to pay cash. But think about how a lot of private sellers’ car prices versus a dealership. Depending on the seller, it is feasible that you might also be in a position to negotiate them down on the car price if they have an urgent requirement to sell. On the different hand, if a dealer claims there is no urgent purpose for the sale, other than looking to get rid of the car, you may additionally have a more difficult time negotiating.

How to Negotiate?

Knowledge is your fine aid for getting a first-class deal. Knowing what different automobiles like the one you are bargaining overall for is key to negotiating a price. Simply accepting the dealer’s car price as the lowest car price feasible is a proper way to provide yourself with a case of buyer’s remorse. Unlike a new car, which may additionally have not been previously driven, a used car has been on the road and as a result, it has already lost some of its value.

  • Be Strategic
  • Be Persistent 
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate
  • Learn to negotiate

Negotiating is a high-quality art, and sometimes, the salesperson surely may also no longer prefer to hear what you have to say. Try different methods and attempts. This is the place the proper skill of your negotiating capabilities comes in. Just make certain you go prepared.


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