Salvage Car Auction Checks

A salvage history auction check is a type of vehicle history check that provides information on a vehicle's salvage history, including whether it has been damaged, written off, stolen and recovered, or disposed of by the owner.

The check also includes details on the extent of the damage, repairs made to the vehicle, as well as pictures of the damage and auction information.

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Salvage Car Auction Checks

Frequently asked questions about Salvage Car Auction Checks

What does it mean if a vehicle is salvaged?

A salvaged vehicle is a car that has been damaged to the extent that the insurance company has decided it is not worth repairing. The car is then classified as a “total loss” and given a salvage title.

Can I drive a salvaged vehicle?

No, a salvaged vehicle cannot be driven on public roads until it has been repaired and recertified by the appropriate authorities.

Are salvage cars worth buying?

Salvage cars are often priced lower than non-write off cars, making them an attractive option for buyers. However, it is important to check the extent of the damage, as a salvage title can affect insurance rates. VOSA regulations prohibit damaged vehicles with write-off categories that are deemed dangerous for the road.

How do I know if a vehicle has been salvaged?

You can check if a vehicle has been salvaged by using a service like ours that has a partnership with a company providing millions of vehicle records from auctions by salvage companies. You simply enter the vehicle’s registration number on our website and purchase a premium report to get access to the “Salvage History Check” feature. This will provide you with a summary of the vehicle’s salvage history, along with pictures and more details if available. You can also check the V5C registration certificate for any notes on previous damage or write-off history.

Why should you get a salvage history check?

If you are considering buying a used car, it’s important to know if the vehicle has been previously salvaged. A salvage check provides valuable information on a vehicle’s history and can help you understand its write-off status and the extent of any repairs that have been made.

Our website offers a salvage history check through our exclusive partnership with a company that provides over 2.6 million records of vehicles sold at auction by salvage companies. By entering the vehicle’s registration number on our website and purchasing a premium report, you can view a summary of the salvage details and a link to view more details and pictures. This includes pictures of the damage, as well as when and where the vehicle appeared at auction.

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Get comprehensive information on a vehicle’s salvage history and damages with Salvage Auction Checks. Our partnership with a company providing over 2.6 million records of auctioned vehicles allows us to provide you with pictures, auction dates, and locations.

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