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Previous Owner Check

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How do I Check the Number of Previous Owners?

Through our premium vehicle check, there is a section called ‘Ownership History’ where it’s effortless to see how many previous owners a car has had before the current owner.

What does the Previous Owner Check show?

– When the car was first registered

– Vehicle age

– Number of previous owners before the current owner

– When the current owner acquired the vehicle and how long they’ve owned it

– When the last keeper sold the car, and when they purchased it

How to find out who Owns a Car?

Due to privacy and data protection, the only way to find the details of who the vehicle’s current owners are is through the DVLA on the Government’s website.

How many previous Owners is too many?

There isn’t a clear cut answer to ‘how many is too many’ when it comes to previous owners. A general rule of thumb is the fewer owners a vehicle has had over a long period typically means the condition should be better. If someone keeps a car for five or ten years before selling it on, they’ve likely maintained and serviced the car throughout those years.