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In the dynamic world of used car sales, making an informed decision is paramount. This is where MotorScore®️, a groundbreaking feature from, changes the game.

MotorScore®️ is a unique tool that leverages comprehensive vehicle report data to generate a concise, easy-to-understand car score for each vehicle.

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MotorScore Check

What is MotorScore?

MotorScore is a numerical rating system that assesses various aspects of a vehicle’s history and condition. It utilises data from the detailed report provided by Motorscan, which includes checks for finance, theft, accidents, MOT history, and more. By analysing this data, MotorScore assigns a score to the vehicle, giving buyers an instant understanding of its overall status.

This score provides potential buyers with a quick snapshot of the vehicle’s overall condition and history, simplifying the decision-making process.

MotorScore utilises a proprietary algorithm that is currently patent-pending. This sophisticated algorithm analyses comprehensive data from vehicle reports to generate a car score, a unique rating that reflects the overall condition and history of a vehicle. This innovative approach ensures that MotorScore remains a distinct and reliable tool for assessing vehicles, setting a new standard in the vehicle history check industry.

Benefits of Motor Score

MotorScore’s utility shines in various scenarios, particularly beneficial for those who are not mechanically inclined or lack extensive knowledge about cars. For instance, a first-time car buyer, unfamiliar with the intricacies of vehicle history, can use MotorScore to quickly gauge the overall condition of various cars without needing to understand every detail of their histories.

Similarly, for someone comparing multiple used vehicles, MotorScore can serve as a straightforward tool for comparing their histories and conditions, helping to narrow down choices with ease. In scenarios like online car shopping where physical inspection isn’t feasible, MotorScore provides a reliable vehicle score, and data-driven insight into a vehicle’s past, offering a level of reassurance and guidance in making a remote purchase decision. This tool is particularly useful in mitigating the risks associated with used car purchases, ensuring buyers make informed and confident choices.

Simplified Decision-Making

With a single score, buyers can quickly gauge the vehicle’s reliability and worthiness.

Trust and Transparency

MotorScore’s objective rating builds trust in the vehicle’s history and condition.

Comparative Analysis

Enables buyers to compare different vehicles easily based on their scores.

How MotorScore Works

The vehicle scoring system evaluates several key factors that affect a vehicle’s quality. These include:

Accident History

Determines if the vehicle has been involved in any accidents and the severity of these incidents.

Maintenance and MOT Records

Assesses the regularity and quality of maintenance, along with MOT pass and fail history

Ownership Changes

Looks at the frequency of ownership changes, which can impact the vehicle’s condition.

Mileage Consistency

Checks for any discrepancies in the reported mileage, indicating potential odometer tampering.


Finance and Theft Checks

Verifies if the vehicle is free from outstanding finance or theft records.

Real-Time Market Value Analysis

This feature offers real-time insights into the current market value of the vehicle based on its history and condition.

Who Can Use MotorScore?

MotorScore is an invaluable tool for anyone in the market for a used vehicle. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned automotive enthusiast, MotorScore offers a clear and straightforward assessment of any car’s history and condition.

MotorScore’s vehicle scoring system is currently in its beta phase and might not be available on all reports at this time. As it undergoes further testing and refinement, its availability is limited, ensuring that when fully released, it provides the most accurate and reliable vehicle scores.


Who Can Use MotorScore?
Published February 1, 2024 by Zoe Hicks | Last reviewed June 28, 2024 by Jonathan McDonald