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Why motorscan?

We make it easy to find the history of a car

Finding a car's history has never been easier with motorscan. Enter your car's registration number to find out its technical specification, tax, mot history and more for free. Our premium car check will tell you if a car is on finance, written-off, imported or stolen.

Outstanding Finance Check

Car Finance Check

Outstanding Finance Check reveals if a vehicle has any unresolved financial agreements, crucial for ensuring legal ownership and avoiding potential financial liabilities upon purchase.

Write-off Check

Write-off Check

How can you tell if a car is an insurance write off? We scan insurance databases to uncover if a car has been in an accident

Salvage Auction Check

Salvage Auction Check

The Salvage Auction Check uncovers if a vehicle has been in a salvage auction, indicating significant damage, and verifying the car's condition and mileage.

Stolen Check

Stolen Check

Get the assurance that you aren't buying someone else's property. Stolen car checks can help avoid that costly mistake

Ex-Taxi Check

Ex-Taxi Check

The Ex-Taxi Check helps identify if a vehicle has been previously used as a taxi. This information is crucial for understanding its wear and tear, ensuring an informed purchase decision.

Fitted Features Spec Check

Fitted Features Spec

The Fitted Features Spec Check provides detailed information on a vehicle's factory-installed features and specifications, aiding in verifying its originality and assessing its value accurately.

Number of previous owners

Number of previous owners

How owners has it had? Frequent owner changes? Our vehicle keeper history check can uncover that information instantly

Import/Export Check

Import/Export Check

Is the vehicle an import? Is the vehicle running on cloned plates while being marked as exported? Check its history before you buy

MOT History Check

MOT History Check

Get the vehicle's MOT status, history and detailed analysis of tests completed. Find out if it's been maintained properly or neglected

Car Check App

Your motoring companion

Free UK Car Check

Free UK Car Check

Instantly access crucial information about any UK vehicle, including MOT history, tax details, and important background data.


Keep on top of key dates and reminders

Get reminders for MOT due dates, tax renewals, and service intervals. Never miss a crucial deadline again.

Your vehicle ownership experience digitised.
Vehicle Ownership app
Store cars in your app

Store your own vehicles

Store and access details of all your vehicles in one convenient place. Track each vehicle's service history, MOT dates, and other essential information with ease

Mileage and MOT History

Free mileage details and MOT history

Access free mileage details and comprehensive MOT history for any UK vehicle with the MotorScan app.

Before you buy

Motorscan Free Car Check

All the vital vehicle information you need before you buy a car. We check vehicles against multiple databases including DVLA Vehicle checking service, Experian, MIAFTR insurance database and the PNC in just seconds.

We understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to purchasing or owning a vehicle. Our free car check service is designed to provide you with essential information, ensuring a secure and confident approach to your vehicle needs.

Understanding Free Car Check

A free car check is a crucial tool for anyone in the market for a used vehicle or for those seeking to understand more about their current car. It offers a snapshot of a vehicle's history and current status, providing transparency and peace of mind in your automotive decisions.

Features of Our Free Car Check

MOT History: Discover the complete MOT history of the vehicle, including past results and advisories. Understanding the MOT history is vital in assessing the overall condition and maintenance of the vehicle.

ULEZ Check & CAZ Check: Stay informed about the vehicle's environmental impact with detailed emissions data. Our service includes a ULEZ check, CAZ check, essential for urban vehicle owners and those concerned with environmental regulations.

Mileage Timeline: Verify the accuracy of a vehicle's mileage with our comprehensive timeline, helping you detect any discrepancies or potential odometer tampering.

Technical Specifications: Gain insights into the vehicle's performance capabilities including engine size and fuel type, essential for understanding what the car offers.

Comprehenshive Car Check: We collate data from trusted sources, including government databases like the DVLA, ensuring the information provided is accurate and up-to-date.

Why Use Motorscan's Free Car Check?

Our service is tailored to provide you with a detailed overview of a vehicle's history, aiding in making a knowledgeable purchase. Whether it's for a gov car check, understanding MOT history, or conducting a ULEZ check, Motorscan is your go-to source for reliable and comprehensive vehicle information.

How to Access Our Free Car Check

Enter the vehicle's registration number, and receive an instant report. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, giving you quick access to essential vehicle information.

Make Informed Decisions with Motorscan

In the dynamic world of vehicle ownership and purchase, staying informed is key. Use Motorscan's free car check to unlock vital information about your current or prospective vehicle. Enter your vehicle registration today and step into a world of informed automotive decisions.

Cheap car check

Simple and straightforward pricing

We know buying a car is not easy and that's why our pricing is simple and straight to the point just like our car checks. The initial car check is FREE and no purchase is necessary. Upgrade for a peace of mind.

Single Car Check


Buying a used car? We recommend you check the history of the vehicle you're about to purchase.

Whats included
  • Finance check by Experian
  • Salvage History Check
  • Ex-Taxi, Ex-NHS, Ex-Police Check
  • Number of previous owners
  • Written-Off Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Imported/Export Check
  • Plate Changes
  • Valuation
  • £30,000 data guarantee
  • +50 other Data points

5 Multi Car Check


/ £5.99 each

If you're looking at multiple vehicles, we recommend you purchase a multi car check

Whats included
  • Same as single check, just cheaper
  • Valid for a year
  • £30,000 data guarantee
  • Incredible value
Why motorscan?

Highly recommended by our customers

With over 1,000,000+ scans completed and a £30,000 peace of mind data guaranteee see why our customers love us

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Vehicle registration checks

Frequently asked questions

arrow_forward_ios What is a free car check from Motorscan?

A free car check provides essential information about a vehicle, including its MOT status, tax details, running cars, MOT History and other essential specifications.

You can easily perform a free car check by entering the vehicle's registration number on the Motorscan website or app to get instant access to a wealth of information.

Free car checks include details like vehicle tax status, MOT status, MOT History expiry date, vehicle make and model, mileage timeline, technical specifications, ULEZ & Clean Air Zone compliance and more.

Motorscan's free car check offers additional details such as technical specifications, running costs, and a comprehensive MOT history compared to the basic information provided by the GOV.UK/DVLA free car check.

The free car check helps in making informed decisions about purchasing a used vehicle by providing instant reports, reliable data from sources like the DVLA, DVSA, Experian and others.

The premium car check includes everything in the free check plus detailed information such as outstanding finance check, salvage vehicle history, ex-taxi and ex-police, vehicle valuation, a complete mileage history, stolen and write-off checks, import/export status, and more.

Conducting a car check is crucial to uncover any hidden history, potential hidden mechanical issues, legal troubles, and unexpected costs, ensuring a safer and more informed purchase.

Yes, the premium car checks for any outstanding finance on the vehicle.

Yes, Motorscan's car checks include a full MOT history, showing pass or fail status, advisory notes, and recorded mileage at each test.

Motorscan gathers information from credible sources such as the DVLA, Motor Insurers’ Bureau, and Police National Database, ensuring the reliability of their data. We also have a £30,000 data guarantee for a peace of mind.

Yes, the premium car check includes checks for stolen status and whether the vehicle has been written off.

While comprehensive, the free car check may not include some detailed information such as full finance history and detailed write-off data, which are available in the premium check.

Motorscan uses data from various authoritative sources like the DVLA, Police National Computer, and Experian, ensuring high accuracy in their reports.

Yes, emissions data is included in Motorscan's car checks, which is essential for understanding the environmental impact and tax implications of the vehicle.

Yes, the premium car check provides a timeline of the vehicle's previous ownership.