Buying your first car – What should you look for in your first car?

June 15, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 11 mins read

Getting a driver’s licence can be stressful but for many, buying your first car can be even worse. Don’t let the complexities of buying your first car discourage you from getting your licence! After reading our content you can also find out that proudly owning a vehicle is within your reach.

The more recent the car, the greater probability it is to have the ultra-modern safety kit. Any current model ought to have anti-lock brakes and front and side airbags. Look for a vehicle with digital balance control, which helps to keep away from an accident in the first place; it’s been compulsory on new vehicles in view that 2014. Most new automobiles will have been assessed by using the protection professionals at Euro NCAP, so check their record when you buy your first car.

Buying your first car – BUDGET

When buying your first car you should select a car within your budget. Cars vary drastically in value. There are lots of awesome automobiles out there that won’t set you back nearly £40,000. The first issue when buying your first car is to set a budget. Even if all your hard work and savings don’t amount to too much, you can find high-quality second-hand offers out there. And one of the proper benefits of purchasing a lower-priced used motor. The lower vehicle insurance plan costs too.

Conventional knowledge suggests that when buying your first car – something you choose for a few hundred quid, with dented bodywork and a peculiar smell. But it’s not like that. Buying and running a car is expensive, specifically for younger people, so it’s worth going for one that suits your needs and preferences. If you often drive long distances, for example, an efficient, blissful vehicle with a massive petrol or diesel engine is what you need to buy. You can find an appropriate car for underneath £10,000 in money or below £200 per month on finance when buying your first car. If you solely pop to the stores as soon as a week, a smaller petrol hatchback will possibly do. You can purchase an extremely good used car for £6,000 or around £100 per month on finance. Insurance for new drivers can be high-priced and the cost of your coverage has a lot to do with the price of the car. 

Which one to buy – New car Vs Used car

One massive choice you will have to make when buying your first car is whether or not you choose to buy a new car or a used car. Your finances and budget tell you whether or not a new car is an option. If so, it’s time to examine new versus used.

Advantages of buying a new car

  • Low preliminary maintenance costs
  • Superior fuel economy
  • Advanced safety features
  • Most repairs are covered by using the manufacturer’s assurance for at least a year
  • In many states, inspection necessities do now not apply at first
  • Easier to customise with the elements you want
  • Latest tech features

Advantages of buying a used car

  • Prices are extensively less than the same new cars
  • Insurance costs are generally lower
  • Greater range of alternatives that aren’t restrained to the current model year
  • Can provide more value than a new car
  • Depending on the models, a used automobile can have simply as many security features
  • Can get high-end finishes for a higher price

When buying your first car customers are on a budget, which is one reason why these drivers usually choose a used car. Another reason to consider is that, with a used car, you can get improvements that may now not be less costly on a new model.

Things to be aware of while buying a used car

When buying your first car – a used automobile you are extra susceptible to sudden problems. With a new car offered with the aid of the manufacturer, you can be fairly assured that it hasn’t been in an accident or tampered with. A used automobile should have been used in any range of ways, and simply due to the fact it doesn’t appear broken doesn’t suggest there’s now not a hassle you can’t see. Used car retailers frequently have an incentive to decrease symptoms of wear and tear. Some unscrupulous sellers have been even regarded to roll lower back the odometer. Remember, used motors don’t always come with a warranty, so if something goes wrong, you will be responsible.

Buying process – Tips

Avoid sellers that specialise in cheap used motors and loopy deals. Other used car sellers, which include individual sellers, are typically more reliable. It’s an exact concept to test used automobile sellers with the Better Business Bureau or a nearby consumer agency earlier than you buy. If the automobile is a good deal less expensive than related vehicles that may additionally be a signal that something is incorrect with it. 

Ask an independent mechanic to test the automobile out earlier than you purchase it, particularly if you are buying from an individual. If the vendor has nothing to hide, he or she shouldn’t have a hassle with this. Having an expert look in the car can assist you to find out what, if anything, was once ignored on the car history report when buying your first car.

While buying your first car it can also be tempting to purchase an older used car, both due to the fact it’s more cost-effective or you like the style, be conscious that due to the fact older motors frequently lack electronic stability control (ESC) and airbags, young adults riding them are can be in a deadly crash. Moreover, the older a car is, the extra its features and aspects grow to be a liability, as they can be challenging and pricey to replace. 

What type of car should you get- hatchback, saloon, or SUV?

Most motors fall into one of 4 foremost classes – hatchback, saloon, estate, or SUV. There are different shapes, like sports vehicles, and people carriers, however, most are someplace in between. Lots of households pick SUVs and estates for their size, however, new drivers don’t constantly want a lot of space.

Buying your first car, lots of people prefer a hatchback as their first car. Hatchbacks tend to be smaller, greater environment friendly, and much less luxurious to buy and run than different kinds of cars, whilst nonetheless having 5 seats and a massive sufficient boot for your shopping. 

Insurance Costs

Speaking of premiums, vehicle insurance plans for younger drivers can be excessive so you will prefer to do something you can to minimise the amount you spend on your insurance policy. When you find a vehicle you like, make certain you discover out how much it would value to insure and examine this with different motors on your shortlist. When buying your first car, automobiles with large engines, fewer miles on the clock, and fancy gizmos are more expensive, which should add heaps to a first-time driver’s annual policy.

Running costs

When it comes to questions about how much you are going to have to spend, don’t forget about taking preservation and going for running costs into account. It isn’t simply a case of saving up for the automobile and insurance plan policy; you want to take fuel, car tax, and viable repairs into account as well. Generally, motors with small engines are more cost-effective to fill up, whilst the newer the car, the greater costly replacement components may additionally be. However, they are additionally much less likely to spoil down than older vehicles, so you may no longer spend as much on repairs.

What’s your preference – petrol, diesel or electric powered car?

When buying your first car petrol is the favoured fuel for most people. Cars that run on petrol are lighter, much less susceptible to go wrong, and typically quieter than diesel cars. They are additionally typically cheaper than diesel motors of an identical age and type. But if you normally make long journeys at excessive speeds, then a diesel engine would possibly be greater efficient. Diesel vehicles tend to use a little much less fuel than petrol vehicles and on the motorway are an awful lot more efficient. They aren’t appropriate for making plenty of quick journeys even though – diesel motors can be put out rapidly until they are used for what they are designed to do.

Electric vehicles are generally a lot extra pricey to purchase than both petrol and diesel automobiles and take a lot longer to ‘refuel’ with electricity. But if you have a driveway the place you can cost up and normally power much less than a hundred miles per day, an electric-powered car should be the best choice. Fuel expenses are going to be the most ordinary of your automobile-associated outgoings and additionally probable one of the highest. Your mileage and fuel kind will affect how much you spend every year.

You can use online gas fee calculators to estimate your expenditure primarily based on current fuel prices, your vehicle’s gas economic system, and your anticipated annual mileage. If you favour decreasing your gas price think about deciding on an extra monetary automobile or one that makes use of a more cost-effective gas such as an electric-powered car.

Servicing costs

Costs of an annual MOT if your car is three years or older and an annual car service must additionally be factored into your budget. This is supplied if your car is older than three years old, in any other case you won’t have to fear having an MOT till the vehicle is more than 3 years old. Once it does, the most legal restriction on you will be charged every year for an MOT is £54.85, however many garages will provide it cheaper.

If you are planning on leasing your car you should additionally decide on a maintenance package deal which will cover the fees of an MOT and servicing for wear and tear issues. Unexpected restore payments can be expensive if you are no longer truly retaining your vehicle.

Emergency breakdown kit

An emergency breakdown package includes the indispensable gadgets to assist you to experience a breakdown. Pre-assembled kits can be offered from shops and normally encompass the likes of a hazard warning triangle, tow rope, and booster cables. Some can also go some distance to encompass puncture restoration kits, gloves, and torches. A breakdown package can assist you to hold securely if you breakdown, down and also make it less difficult to get your automobile better in the event it wishes to be towed or jump-started.


When buying your first car another thing that you must keep in mind is tax. Unless your car is exempt from automobile tax, you will want to pay an annual charge primarily based on your vehicle’s CO2 emissions and gasoline type. The greater emissions your car produces, the greater the price you will have to pay. Similarly, diesel motors tend to be the most expensive, whilst alternative fuels motors are the cheapest. Buying your first car, consider that tax isn’t transferred over to it automatically from any preceding owner. You will want to tax it yourself, which you can do without problems online. And leasing generally consists of road tax for the first 12 months of the agreement. Sometimes, this can be for the whole period of the contract. If you desire to save cash on your annual tax bill then it seems to be for a greener motor or take petrol over diesel. Use the government’s tax rates table to assist you with your decision.

What is a car warranty?

Warranty is a car manufacturer’s promise that they will repair components of the automobile if they go wrong in the first few years. It covers the bits that shouldn’t be put on out, alternatively than matters like tires, and take hold of clutch plates that owners need to anticipate to exchange each now and again. Most motors come with a three-year warranty, so if you purchase a two-year-old car you will nevertheless be blanketed by way of the guarantee for any other year. Some manufacturers provide an awful lot extra than that – a five-year guarantee on all its models, whilst few provide seven. 


After reading this content you would possibly discover buying your first car is overwhelming. So, why not stick with what you know works nicely and look for the automobile you learned how to drive in? If you are blissful with using that car, you apprehend how all the features work and are assured of parking and its spatial dimensions, it would possibly make you feel like purchasing the same car.

Confident drivers may additionally be altering between several vehicles, however, if that doesn’t sound like you, there’s nothing wrong with going with anything that makes you feel most at ease. After all, a user needs to be excited so you want to be blissful and comfortable in your first car.

In the process of buying your first car find a car that makes you feel happy and comfortable. Good Luck!



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