Can you check Car Tax by its Registration Number? 5 Facts about Car Registration Numbers

November 15, 2021 by Zoe Hicks – 7 mins read

Can you check Car Tax by its Registration Number? We take a deep dive into car reg plates

There are many instances when it is important to take a look at if a car is taxed. If you are buying a car, you prefer to check if it has any current car tax to drive it legit on the UK roads till the car possession is transferred to your name, at which point you can tax the car when you come to be the legal owner. Or you may own a car and no longer be certain when tax is about to expire.

The authorities make use of the cash raised from VED to maintain the 260,000 miles of roads around the UK. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the DVLA and the police take vehicle tax seriously and that if you fail to pay car tax, you must pay penalties or face legal action. Some motors are exempt from paying for road tax – however even if your vehicle’s stage of emissions or age capacity there’s no tax to pay, you nevertheless have to follow for tax online. Even if there’s no cost – you must go through this process, as otherwise, your car will be considered ‘untaxed’.

Once you have used a vehicle tax test online and established that the car wants taxing, you can tax your car online using a government website.

The car needs a legitimate MOT certificate and to be insured. Both of these details are inspected routinely through the Government website as you tax your car online. If both are lacking or expired, you will want to replace your car insurance plan or have the MOT carried out earlier than taxing your car.

Alternatively, you can tax your car after checking the vehicle tax status online with the aid of a Post Office. You will want your DVLA reminder (V11) or your Registration Certificate (V5C) plus a legitimate MOT. 

Can you check whether the car is taxed with its car registration number?

Once you have the car registration number, that is the number plate of a car, you can take a look at car tax online to see if the tax is up to date. If you need to check the current tax you will want the 11-digit reference number from your car’s logbook (V5C). It can take up to five working days for the document to update.

Road tax (officially recognized as vehicle excise duty or VED) is truly a necessary part of staying legal on the road.

The tax expiry details used to be displayed on the tax disc in your car’s widescreen, but that is no longer the case; instead, there is now a place where you can see your tax at a glance. All you want is your car’s registration number. 

With a car’s registration number, you can get all the tax data you want to understand about that car. You may want to check any issue with a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) for your car or you may also simply prefer to be aware of when the tax expires.

What Information will you get with a car registration number?

The amount of car tax you pay relies upon a few matters about the vehicle you drive. With all this information you will be able to understand your car tax. It also consists of the CO2 emissions ranking for the car and the legit DVLA tax band. You’ll also be able to discover if the car is taxed, SORN, and when the VED is due to expire.

If a vehicle is used or saved on a public road, it should be taxed – however, if it’s not, you may also be in a position to make a Statutory Off-Road Notification; commonly referred to as a SORN. When an automobile is SORN, it can’t be used on the road – however, it’s beneficial for drivers who are repairing or restoring a car, or if the automobile surely isn’t going to be used for a variety of months or years. You should recognize if a car is presently registered as SORN. This can be particularly useful if you’re purchasing a vehicle and you’re now not aware if it’s presently being used on the road or not.

Since it only requires a car registration number to carry out a check, you can check the tax status of any vehicle. This is beneficial if you’re thinking about buying a vehicle, however, you’re now not aware of how the tax is going to be every 12 months. It’s also useful if you’re concerned about a car’s emissions and want to see how ecologically friendly your new vehicle is.

How important is it to check your car tax?

Any car that is to be used on UK roads must have a car tax and it is a legal requirement. If the vehicle is to be kept off-road, a SORN statement that states that the vehicle is no longer being used on any UK roads is also a legal requirement.

You may forget to tax your car, even after a reminder may also have been dispatched. Check your tax online and remain within the law.

How to check the tax status of any car with its car registration number?

Check if the car is taxed or Register as of the road (SORN) plus locate out how much is the car tax. The car registration number is a series of digits and letters allocated to a vehicle that typically identifies the year and region of registration, is shown on number plates at the front and rear of the vehicle, and is used by the DVLA to identify the vehicle. The terms “number plate” or “private number plate”, “personal number plate” and the “plastic number plate” all suggest the registration number.

People commonly purchase car registrations that are pretty exceptional – frequently to cover the age of their cars. 

5 Facts about Car Registration Numbers

Some interesting facts about registration numbers.

  1. The Most Expensive Number Plate in the World is ‘1’

UK’s Most Expensive Number Plates, with the most costly being £518,000, however, do you understand how much the world’s most expensive number plate is? Can it be £7.25m? Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, a member of a very rich Abu Dhabi household sold the plate due to the fact that, according to him, “it’s the excellent number” to have on a car. Khouri sold the customized number plate at a public sale in Abu Dhabi in 2008 and beat the previous world record spent on a plate – £5m.

  1. According to DVLA data, the most steeply-priced car registrations offered in the UK as of July 2019 are:
  • ’25 O’ for £400,000
  • ‘1 D’ for £285,000
  • ’51 NGH’ for £201,000
  • ‘1 RH’ for £196,000
  • ‘K1 NGS’ for £185,000

‘KR15 HNA’ which was offered for £180,000 surely deserves an honourable mention for creativity. The most expensive personalized registration went for £400,000.

  1. Green plates for electric-powered vehicles
  2. ‘VIP 1’ Was Originally Made for Pope John-Paul II

That’s right; The personalized plate is now owned by Chelsea Football Club proprietor Roman Abramovich, who paid £285,000 for the ‘VIP 1’ plate in 2006. Only one individual is allowed now not to have a number plate on their car, the monarch. Until 1936 all the monarch’s motors had been plateless, however, now this exemption is simply utilized in the monarch’s legit cars

  1. To Own a Personalised Number Plate, You Don’t Need to Own a Vehicle

It’s now not honestly a requirement to put a personalized registration number on a car as soon as you’ve bought it. This is precisely why it makes for an excellent birthday present for a 17-year-old. You can renew the certificates of entitlement to the number plate and hold possession for as long as you like, besides placing it on a vehicle.

Here are some other fascinating records about the UK car registration numbers.

  • DVLA is reminding people nevertheless searching for a present for their cherished ones that it’s in no way too late to pick out the best-customized car registration online.
  • Last year over 600 people offered a customized plate between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 90 per cent of those personalized car registrations from DVLA were bought on Christmas Day, the last-minute present before 9 am.
  • Some letter and number combos are banned for being impolite or inappropriate. There are many, some of the banned plates include: ‘FA** RTY’, ‘BR18 ERY’, ‘RO18 BER’, ‘DR12UNK’, ‘LE61ESS’ and unfortunately given the time of 12 months ‘JE55 US’.
  •  28% of motorists in the UK have named their car. According to the lookup by DVLA, ‘Doris’, ‘Dave’, ‘Henry’, ‘Betsy’ and ‘Bumble’ are all popular. Out of these car names, 87% stated they had offered a personalised car registration to match the name they provide to their car.
  • £1.8bn has been raised through personalized number plates since 1989. Not even the world recession has affected the sale of customized number plates to crash. Sales are going robust in the world of private number plates.

The DVLA has proved to be a necessary income generator, bringing in £1.8bn via the sale of personalized number plates alone since 1989. Interesting right?DVLA sold more than 32,000 personalized plates between 1 and 25 December 2018. The fame of these plates appears to exhibit no signal of slowing down, so you may choose to fetch an exact one while you can!


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