Car owner check – How can I check how many owners my car has had?

February 28, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 10 mins read

When purchasing a new car, it’s necessary to understand the vehicle’s past, consisting of its service history, mileage, and when it was once manufactured.

While this data is regularly given at some point in the selling process, retailers can also often cover the actual data for a higher resale price. One such aspect is the number of preceding owners the automobile has had. Let’s see why this is essential and how to check out how many owners a car has had.

A car’s number of the preceding owner is essential as it can put lights on the car’s utilisation over the years. The fundamental elements of a car’s background mentioned above can additionally be impacted by the number of owners it has had. Car owner check of an automobile is quintessential for each buyer and seller. A car changed through many hands is a risky deal. It ought to be due to the defects in the vehicle. For sellers, the lesser the number of keepers an automobile has had, the greater charge they can demand from the buyer.

 Car Owner Check

When purchasing a vehicle, it’s necessary to find out as much data as possible about your new car. The best way to know how many previous keepers a car has had is through a car owner check. It can be done by providing the registration number on the number plate. Get all the fundamental records through a conversation with the buyer, asking as many questions as you need is important till you find that it’s a desirable deal. A private seller will be more knowledgeable about the preceding treatment of the vehicle than a used car dealer, however, you will be relying on them, to be honest.

 For more targeted and dependable information, check the service history of the car. This will spotlight how regularly the car has been serviced, what mechanical troubles have been fixed, and frequently gives the names of the car’s preceding owners. Even if the owner’s information is lacking or is unclear, the place the service took place can indicate how many owners it has had. For example, if the vehicle has been serviced in three specific areas in the UK, there is the possibility that the vehicle has had three preceding owners. If the previous owner solely had the car for a couple of years there is additionally the risk the car is still under warranty.

 Is it possible to check how many owners a car has had?

Yes, it is possible. You can find it out from the vehicle’s logbook or you can use any of the car owner check services online. Motorscan can help you with it. Not only the number of owners a car has had, but you can also additionally comprehend the vehicle’s modifications done through colour, number plate change, more details regarding VIN, engine number, scrapped or stolen status, etc.

 In case you do not have access to the logbook (V5C document) to know about the owner of the car, you can request the DVLA check. You must know that to take a look at previous owner names and addresses through the DVLA, there must be a “reasonable cause” for it. Or if you have managed to get a replica of the logbook from the seller, you should be in a position to identify its legitimacy. Beware of fake and old logbooks, many of them are circulating in the market.

 What car owner check should I do before purchasing a used car?

Running a car owner check ought to save your time, cash, and difficulties down the road. The results of a car owner check before you purchase can also influence your choice to buy, or not.

 Why is a car owner check important?

The registered keeper is no longer always the one who owns the car. Legally the owner is the individual who paid for the vehicle. When searching at a V5 logbook and checking the number of previous owners beware the automobile has one, two, three, 4, or greater previous keepers. Great vehicle purchasing includes more than sincerely shopping for a vehicle that is true and desirable value for the money. It’s additionally good to assume about the vehicle value when you desire to sell and any attainable difficulties you would possibly face ought to choose to sell shortly for something like actual market value.

A car owner check can be noticeably beneficial to provide you with an indication of how the car has been maintained. If a car that has been owned by more than two keepers is best as it means the vehicle has been in fewer arms and most possibly been taken care of properly. Save time and make a satisfactory selection for you by using the use of our quick car owner record that will break down all the preceding keepers of any vehicle, which will provide you the self-assurance if the automobile you prefer to purchase is the great value.

 Buying a used vehicle can be a risky deal as the car is assured to have a history whether or not that be right or bad. With a reliable car, the owner check sees how many keepers a car has beforehand had, you get a perception into the vehicle’s past. Furthermore, if you are selling your second-hand car, you can price it moderately primarily based on how many keepers have owned it. Typically, greater than two keepers on a car’s records will knock down the price. An online car owner check will supply you with a correct record in contrast to relying totally on your logbook.

 Car owner check and the correlation between Mileages

How many miles a car has driven can have a massive influence on a car’s value. The greater the mileage, the greater wear and tear it will have suffered, and therefore, the automobile will have a decreased value. So there is a connection between the preceding owners and the mileage of a car. The more owners a vehicle has had, the older it commonly is and ultimately, the greater miles it has driven. This isn’t constantly the case although however if it seems that the mileage and the age of the automobile do now not match, there is the possibility that the automobile has been clocked. This correlation of mileage and owners can be found through a car owner check.

 Car owners check to find out how well a car has been treated

It’s now not simply the distance the vehicle has travelled that will affect how much it’s worth, but the place and how it has been driven. For example, a car runs through different motorways to country lanes due to the fact of how the car is pushed in every one of these settings. A motorway affords a ‘smoother’ drive with much less frequent braking, whereas country lanes regularly require greater braking, greater use of the car’s suspension, and regularly characteristic more hazards, such as potholes. So, discovering out what sort of journeys the car in many instances took is vital to apprehend how nicely a vehicle has been treated.


Hopefully, the car’s preceding owners have dealt with the vehicle well. This can be determined with the aid of its service history. If the car used to be taken for regular services at a reputable garage, you will feel reassured that the automobile was once taken care of and must be in appropriate condition. The car’s service records ought to be made handy through the dealer earlier than the automobile is sold, making it an effortless and free used history check.

How many owners can be considered as the desired amount?

The fewer owners a car has had over a longer duration generally means the condition ought to be better. If anyone keeps a vehicle for 5 or ten years earlier than selling it on, they have possibly maintained and serviced the car all through these years.

The favoured number of preceding owners is regularly one. If the vehicle has solely had one owner before you, it is probably to have obtained a steady riding trip and care. For example, the vehicle will have been driven in the same style since its production, instead of being dealt with sporadically with more than one owner. However, we can’t exactly say how many preceding owners are too many. The fewer owners the better, however as long as every owner has dealt with the vehicle properly and it is in good condition, then the number of owners shouldn’t certainly matter.

Car owner check through v5

The V5C or logbook mentions the current owner’s information and also the preceding owner, and that’s it. If you are additionally involved in understanding different owners, you may want to contact the DVLA. They may additionally entertain your request if you have a real-looking cause. However, it is exceedingly not likely to locate out about previous keepers of a vehicle through DVLA. They do not entertain if you inform them you desire to purchase the car or know if the automobile used to be registered to a taxi company.

What does the car owner check include?

– When the car used to be first registered

– Vehicle age

– Number of preceding owners

– When the current keeper received the car and how long they have owned it

– When the last keeper bought the car, and when they bought it

How to check how many owners your car has had?

If you need to search the records of previous car owners there are several methods that you can do.

  1. Look at the preceding and present owners’ names and addresses as printed on the V5C logbook. Contact those old owners and ask your questions.
  2. Look at the service documents and see if there are any old receipts or invoices for maintenance work. Check the names and addresses on these invoices. You can contact the old owners and clear your doubts.
  3. Complete a V888 form with the aid of the DVLA to request facts about a vehicle. DVLA reserves the right to decline your request; however it is well worth a try.

Car owner checks with Licence Plate Number

It is possible to find out the car owner with the help of a registration number, the system is now not easy. It is because the UK government wants to protect the privacy of individuals. But you can find the registered owner of a vehicle if you have a legitimate reason, such as:

  • Discovering the driver worried in a hit-and-run case
  • To find the owner of a dumped car
  • Finding the owner of a vehicle parked on a personal property
  • For sending parking ticket or trespass charge notices
  • Locating the owner speculated of insurance plan fraud etc.

What does Information Car Owner Check offer about the owner of a car?

The number of keepers of a specific vehicle can be checked. The online services legally can’t supply particulars of any owner.

  • the date when the previous owner sold the vehicle
  • the date when the former owner bought the car
  • the number of preceding keepers as per the logbook
  • city/country/state the place the car used to be registered with DVLA
  • the car ages

What is covered related to an owner in a vehicle registration check?

You could only be aware of the number of keepers and when they register their vehicles. A vehicle registration check is more about the car than its owner and possibly it is vital to comprehend the automobile whilst you make up your mind about buying it. There is a lot about a car that could be incorrect and a car check pinpoints all these areas. From finance, stolen, scrapped, written-off to valuation, registration history, plate change, and mileage anomaly, a registration check is a gateway to a vehicle’s hidden past.

Approaching the DVLA is your way to discover car owners through registration numbers. However, it is additionally vital to be aware of the genuineness of logbooks, automobile identification numbers, number plates, and so on.


How many hands a car has changed is quintessential in figuring out essential factors of its lifecycle. If you want to understand how many owners your vehicle had, take our previous car owner check. Our data is reliable, as we get it without delay from the DVLA. Our report will help you to cross-check with the information provided in the logbook. Make your deal secure.



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