MOT HISTORY – What Red Flags Should You Look Out For?

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When you first begin the search to purchase a car, the three most important matters to think about are cost, quality, and reliability. Each of these factors is essential and you must be very careful before fixing a deal.

You will most possibly have a price range when you begin buying around, and it is vital to stick to it as much as possible. Always attempt to negotiate a deal you might also be capable of getting a greater model back down into your price range if you do. Think of the pride of ownership and the sticker price may be pleasing; however think of how the normal price of fuel, repairs, maintenance, and insurance. Next is quality and this is very necessary as the greater the quality of the car, the much less time you are probably to have to spend on maintenance. Other matters to reflect on consideration are whether or not it is an established brand, has it acquired appropriate preceding service records supplied by the dealership, is it long-lasting adequate for your lifestyle? Reliability-It’s a proper notion to take a look at reviews and ratings of a precise make or model when you begin looking out to keep away from shopping for a vehicle that is acknowledged to need everyday maintenance. Does it have an extensive MOT and service record that throws up equal problems over and over again? Here we are going to discuss more about the MOT history and the red flags which you should look out for.

MOT History

If the automobile is more than three years old, it has to have an annual MOT record that indicates it’s roadworthy and is safe to drive. Any used vehicle you are considering shopping for needs to have an up-to-date MOT, which is convenient to test via the gov.UK website. On the site, you will be in a position to see whether or not it passed, when, and reasons for any previous failures. It’s easy to comprehend if the automobile has advisories too due to the fact these will possibly be repairs you are committing to make in the future. Today we are going to present a recommendation on some red flags that you without a doubt shouldn’t ignore. These are signs and symptoms that frequently imply something is damaged or deteriorating in your car. If you do a Motorscan MOT history check we will help you out with advisories that you must take into account. We can recommend that every red flag can lead to maintenance in the future. 

What red flags should you look out for in MOT history?

Buying a used car does come with its very own set of benefits such as more cost-effective prices, low insurance plan premiums, decrease customization charges, and more. Yet, there are some dangers to worry about when you choose to purchase a used car. You must be aware of the MOT history advisories before purchasing a second-hand car.

Now that you are conscious of the warning signs in the MOT history that a car is worth purchasing, it’s essential to be conscious of red flags that advocate an automobile can also no longer be a match for purpose. Some of these MOT history warnings include the following:

As earlier mentioned, if certain troubles with an automobile are recognized throughout an MOT history check for example low tyre tread, you might also be in a position to test yourself whether or not this has been rectified using the seller and if it hasn’t, this is a signal to steer clear. If easy problems haven’t been fixed, then you can’t predict what would have happened with the important jobs which have been ignored with this in mind, it’s always better to be more cautious and take the MOT history warnings as more serious and proceed with your search.

Is the history of a car important?

It’s very important to acquire your car’s full history, however, if the records are full of breakdowns and repairs, this may want to be a signal that your car is no longer worth the money. After all, a car that’s inclined to trouble is in all likelihood to rack up many unexpected prices similarly down the line, so it may also be worth paying greater at the start to get a vehicle that runs extra smoothly.

Service records and MOT history

A stamped service book will point out that a chosen car has been properly taken care of by its preceding owner, however, lacking stamps may want to recommend a lack of diligence in care. Similarly, if the stamps show up to be questionable, they can also have been faked to enhance a car’s cost and if you suspect this has happened, the sale is to be prevented at all costs. A service book that is forged suggests that the car has been disregarded in the past and in addition to this, it’s particularly immoral. So, to make sure you get the automobile of your dreams, locate a true dealer who is in a position to supply all the documents you want, and as soon as you locate them, you will be out on the open avenue in no time.


MOT history records give info about the lights. Dashboard lights can point out a variety of specific matters and the meanings can rely on the models of the car. It’s a desirable thought to take a look at your car’s manual to discover the specifics. However, one of the most essential indications to hold in mind is the Check Engine light. This can set off for something as minor as an unfastened gas cap, or it may want to point out something greater serious. However, a flashing Check Engine light needs to by no means be ignored. You must additionally keep an eye out for any type of spots underneath the engine when parked. Oil spots can point out trouble with the lubrication system. Green spots can disclose radiator coolant leaks, which is doubly troubling as radiator coolant is additionally poisonous for animals. In the worst case, your engine explodes. 


Steam coming from the engine is generally brought about using an overheating radiator. While not hazardous at the current moment, it is something you have to get checked out as quickly as possible. Blue smoke, on the other hand, must in no way be overlooked as it is usually triggered using burning oil. In this case, you must stop your vehicle at the nearest safe opportunity probability and get it towed. MOT history record points out info about exhaust smoke. Be aware of it.

Weird noises

There are many special types of grinding, scraping, and whining noises that can get noticed easily. These can point out a variety of one-of-a-kind issues, a few of which are something much less serious. Whining from beneath the bonnet can point out a loose belt. Squealing when braking can be induced by using worn-out brake pads. Loud noises from the exhaust area should suggest a crack or gap in the pipe. All of these troubles have to be checked seriously. Worst case your exhaust falls off and your timing belt snaps and your brakes can fail at a crucial moment. 

MOT Status

Use the MOT Check if an automobile is taxed online. This additionally suggests the MOT status which, if the car is MOT exempt, currently suggests ‘No Results Returned’ ; however , it is GREEN. Follow the DVSA’s hints and have an MOT test done if you are undecided whether or not your automobile is exempt. Remember that whether or not MOT is exempt or not, it is your legal duty to make sure it is completely roadworthy earlier than using it.

Records of repairs

While commonplace repairs are a problem by itself, an entire lack of repairs is additionally a red flag to seem to be out for. Such an automobile might also require some serious maintenance, and you wouldn’t desire to take up the immoderate fees related to the same.

A car that has been repaired and constantly has more than one instance in the current past would no longer always be in the quality condition. This simply shows that there’s underlying trouble that wants to be fixed, which would end up being a burden if you pick to purchase the car.

Failed emission test

A lot of vehicle owners may additionally strive to sell a car at a more cost-effective price, however upon closer inspection, the car would no longer have surpassed the emission test. Avoid such a buy completely, as it can fee you dearly when nearby authorities are knowledgeable of the same.

MOT history and clocking

Mileage can regularly be a correct indication of how a car has been used via preceding owners. The mileage will generally be greater the older the car. A common mileage count number per year ought to be between 10 and 12,000, greater than this is generally regarded to be excessive mileage. It is additionally well worth understanding that, with applicable upkeep and care, a modern vehicle has a life expectancy of up to around 200,000 miles. In an MOT history, mileage at the time of the test will be recorded correctly and it can help you to know the mileage precisely. Don’t fall into used car scams.

Inspections for a used car

Used vehicle inspections carried out via a certified expert are an excellent way to get a specified overview of your new car. They can cost, and an inspection is worth it before you buy a second-hand car. Check the MOT history advisories and make certain that those issues are rectified by the seller, if not it’s a minor fault you can negotiate, keep that data for your negotiation phase.

Thus a test drive will help you to spot all potential issues. Make sure you test the engine and oil level earlier than you set off this may want to point out whether or not the automobile needs a service, and test the rearview mirror for immoderate exhaust smoke. Check the steering, are there any noises when turning the steering wheel, and does the car stay straight on a level stretch of road. Also, take a look at the brakes as they are supposed to, and hear out for any vibrations or abnormal sounds. Don’t overlook to take a look at the size and all the gears to make certain they function easily as well. It is additionally a correct concept to take a look at with your insurance coverage to verify whether or not you are insured to drive some other car, otherwise, you can commonly organise a transient cowl for your check drive.

How do you be aware of if you are shopping for a worthy used car?

This is the place where an MOT test is invaluable. A good used car has to have a clear MOT and service history, will have no records of being written-off or stolen, and won’t have outstanding finance. We will provide you with MOT history reports which can acquire all the essential data so you can make the right decision before parting with your cash.


The MOT test is a regular test. Every year, this is the iconic way to take a look at what’s been going on whilst your vehicle is getting its MOT. That indicates there’s a record of something incorrect with the vehicle if it’s missed any MOTs. All of these will have a tremendous impact on the car whilst you pose it, so pick your car wisely. There’s so a lot you can do when shopping for a car for yourself, however, all of the factors on what red flags should you look out for MOT history records will assist you to keep away from shopping for something that would possibly be a mistake. You will by no means understand whether or not a vehicle is a proper value for cash till you put it via its paces, however, our MOT history records will assist you regardless. Do an MOT history check and take your final decision for your purchase regarding a second-hand car.


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