Moving abroad – 10 things to keep in mind when exporting your car from the UK

Are you moving abroad? Here are the ten things that you should keep in mind when taking your car out of the UK.

Permanent Export (For more than 1year)

If you are taking your car out of the UK for greater than 12 months, it will be viewed to have been completely exported. You can take a DVLA-registered car out of the United Kingdom for 12 months or longer. But, it would end up a ‘permanent export’ for which you must inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency earlier than you leave. Fill in the ‘V5C/4 notification of permanent export’ part of the V5C registration certificate and send the V5C/4 to DVLA, Swansea. Add a letter if you already moved to get any car tax refund due despatched to the address of a remote place. You ought to hold the remaining V5C registration certificates (logbook). You should take the remaining of your registration certificates with you in case you want to re-register the car abroad. If you do not have a registration certificate, you will want to get one from V62. You also want this record to register the car abroad.

Temporary export (Less than 1year)

If you are taking your car out of the UK for much less than 12 months you need to make certain to take your Registration Document (V5) / Certificate (V5C) with you. Keep in the idea that the vehicle would be under UK regulation whilst abroad for a short period. It ought to be taxed in any other case it would want to be transported and no longer driven when it returns to the UK. If you no longer have one, you need to apply for replacing a registration document at a DVLA local office on form V62. The Registration Certificate can also take up to 14 days to arrive. If you want to travel at some stage in this time you will want to follow for a Temporary Registration Certificate. You must observe nicely earlier than your journey, as there ought to be delays of up to 14 days in issuing the certificate if you are now not already recorded as the car keeper. There is a charge for this service. You must make certain that you meet any worldwide and national conditions for licensing and taxation.

Remember that if you are no longer making a permanent move, UK regulation is still applicable. If you’re going for much less than 12 months, you will need a legitimate UK tax, MOT, and insurance plan in place.

If you are only transporting your automobile from the UK for a short period of time, you may wish to consider obtaining a Carnet de Passage to avoid paying a deposit to the customs authorities in your destination country. If you intend to apply for a Carnet de Passage you need to make certain your application is made properly in advance as it can take over a month for the application process to complete.

We can commonly ship a car except for an export certificate, on the other hand, your certificates will minimize the danger of delays by clarifying to UK Customs and Excise the right possession of your vehicle.

Direct export (England and Wales)

If you purchase a car underneath this scheme, you should take it overseas besides the use of it on UK roads. You do not have to pay a first registration charge or automobile tax. Once the automobile is exported, the producer or applicant needs to return the right part of the direct export certificates (V308) to the DVLA.

Personal export (England and Wales)

Under this scheme, you can use the automobile on UK roads for a restricted time earlier than exporting it from the UK. You need to be a foreign visitor to the UK or a UK resident intending to stay outside the UK for 6 months.

UK residents can use the car in the UK for up to 6 months, however, the car has to be taxed. Overseas travelers can use the automobile for up to 12 months without paying tax. A registration mark will be given from the ‘XA – XF’ range and pink registration certificates VX302 issued. The first registration is to be paid for these cars.

International Duty and Tax Requirements

If you purchase a new or used car to take out of the UK, you would possibly now not have to pay UK VAT or automobile taxes such as the registration fee. What you pay and how you pay it relies upon the place you are exporting to and from. 

A suitable freight forwarder will be capable of shipping your car to somewhere in the world; however, you can also be in charge to pay import taxes and expenses when it arrives. Whilst most freight forwarders can aid you with this, it is your duty as the owner to adhere to any import necessities and policies that the country you visit requires. Failure to do so can also result in steeply-priced fees, delays, and doubtlessly the confiscation of your car so it is necessary to take a look at this earlier than you depart.

When delivering a vehicle from the UK it is really helpful to discover as many records earlier than committing to ship it overseas. The duration you intend to export your car will decide what declarations are made upon arrival. For example, is your cargo solely brief or are you searching to ship it to your chosen vacation spot permanently? These records will decide what documentation is required each in the UK and upon arrival overseas.

Exporting automobiles from the UK provides challenges relying on which vacation spot you are searching to have it shipped to. You ought to make certain that your forms are in order and that you have copies at hand for your delivery agent in the UK and your destination. Most locations will insist on having the authentic hard copy of the V5C or car title along with the original purchase bill for you to re-register the vehicle. Sometimes copies will now not be sufficient which may additionally cause needless delays that can result in storage costs being added on to your arrival charges.

Personal Export Scheme

You may additionally be in a position to use the Personal Export Scheme to take a new or used car from Great Britain to somewhere outdoor the UK and from Northern Ireland to a non-EU country

When you purchase a new car and export beneath the scheme, you do no longer pay UK VAT. But you have to pay automobile taxes and the registration fee. You have to be planning to go abroad for at least 6 months with the vehicle. You normally have to be driving your vehicle.

Fill in the VAT 410 form, your dealer will provide you with a copy and give it to your supplier. You can drive the car in the UK for up to 6 months after the transport date (or 12 months for non-UK and non-EU residents) – it ought to be exported. The date for export of the automobile is on the VX302 (for new cars) or the VAT 410 (for used cars).

After export, send to the DVLA the VX302 for new vehicles and V5C for second-hand vehicles. If you do not export the automobile on time you will have to pay the UK VAT.

Process of New Company Car Transport

You can purchase a company new car to take out of the United Kingdom. The legitimate terminology for this is the ‘New Means of Transport’. In this case, there would be no UK VAT or car taxes to pay for the example registration fee.

Post-Brexit Car Export

Changes brought about via Brexit will have an impact on export processes, here are the most extensively impacting changes:

Import customs declarations

Export customs declarations

Safety and protection filings

Good Vehicle Movement Service reporting at UK ports

For all items traded between the UK and the EU and items moved between GB and NI.

The ‘free motion of goods’ regulation that we are presently tied down to with the EU will change. It is now not but acknowledged what approaches will take their place, however, these regulations will now not alter till the thirty-first December 2020. 

Customs duty and VAT delivered from a particular country are applied to items coming outside the EU. Currently, we are now not charged these below the free movement of items law. You need to post an EU customs declaration and have a commercial invoice and freight or shipping insurance. Specific necessities are decided using the make, model, and utilization of the car.

Check your vehicle’s history

If you are now not in possession of a legitimate export certificate, customs officers can also take a look at whether your car has any finance repayments left on it. Without an Export Certificate, UK customs might also figure out to take a look at any outstanding finance owed, particularly if it is a new or high-value vehicle. If the outstanding finance is due, you may additionally be capable of shipping your car providing you can get written approval from the mortgage or loan company. If they find out that it does, they can also no longer supply you with permission to pass the UK border except for written permission from the finance company. Checking the records of your car earlier than arranging cargo will assist to minimize last-minute delays at the port.

Essential Tips and Tips for profitable car export from the UK

Besides notifying the DVLA, some extra duties will be really useful if you complete them before your departure. These are listed below:

Documentation – Besides the V5/V5C file noted previously, you are recommended to carry your legitimate driving license, a form of a photo ID, and the card identification number.

Keys – Ensure that you have more sets of keys for the vehicle.

Fuel Tank – Fill the gasoline tank to at least a quarter full.

Antifreeze – Due to the doubtlessly harsh weather that your automobile might also be exposed in the course of transit, it is recommended to apply antifreeze and, in some situations, rust protection.

Vehicle Condition – Thoroughly clean the car interior and exterior in preparation for assessments that will be made on the car. Ensure that the vehicle is in excellent working condition until otherwise specified.

Personal Items – Make a listing of all private items left in the automobile to test off when you reach your closing destination.

Additional Preparation – Disable safety systems, remove the GPS, stereos, or any different portable equipment, remove antennae and fold wing mirrors back.

Additional Preparation – Disable safety systems, remove the GPS, stereos, or any different portable equipment, remove antennae and fold wing mirrors back.

You should notify the DVLA that your vehicle is going to be exported from the UK, you can do this using signing and dating section eleven on the returned page. It is really useful to ship this as soon as the automobile has been delivered to the UK port of exit and no longer before.

Finding a trustworthy customized clearing agent at a destination is a fundamental section of the cargo process. Contact 3-4 companies and evaluate fees and services in plenty of time. Ask them to verify in writing what you will be anticipated to pay in taxes and duties upon your automobile arrival. The right agent will be capable of advocating fees to you or at least providing you with clear thinking of what to anticipate to assist you to make a decision based on complete information beforehand.



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