VIN report – How to do a VIN report for a used car?

April 10, 2023 by Zoe Hicks – 9 mins read

Have you been looking out for an appropriate used vehicle in the market? You have possibly considered several motors and carried out checks and inspections to make certain you are getting a truthful deal. But did you get the VIN report?

Before you purchase a used car, it’s continually an excellent thought to take a look at a car check report and get the full story and thus make sure that you are not fooled. It is very easy to be a scam victim when you purchase a used car. So, how do you defend yourself when shopping for a used car? You use the car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to match it up on the VIN check report and make a knowledgeable choice about purchasing.

What’s a VIN?

When buying a used car, you have to constantly discover the vehicle’s VIN. No two vehicles have an equal VIN, so you can use it for a VIN check and get a detailed VIN report. VIN check provides facts like registration, recalls, service records, and more. You can discover a car’s VIN via searching on the driver’s side the front door or at the front nook, the place the windshield meets the dashboard. VINs are additionally recorded on a car’s insurance card, title, and registration. It’s best to see the VIN yourself instead of accepting the VIN from the seller.

Why is it important to get a VIN report when buying a second-hand car?

You must go for a VIN check earlier than you buy a new or used car. When you do so, you get a primary record of the car, such as claims of theft, damage, or accidents. Imagine using a stolen vehicle, shocking right? That’s just an example. If you get a VIN report, you can keep away from some of these important problems.

A VIN report also shows if anything transpired that could jeopardise the vehicle’s ability to run safely. You can also get the car’s service records and see if it’s undergone any routine maintenance, such as oil changes. If you are buying a vehicle from a reputable dealership, they provide you a VIN report free of cost earlier than you purchase the car. The record will supply you with detailed data on the car, along with how many owners it’s had, any accidents it’s been involved in, any insurance plan claims that have been filed on it and whether it’s going through an open recall.

It’s very vital to comprehend the VIN report when you are shopping for a car on the secondary market. VIN report is a must-have, particularly in the used vehicle market in the UK. The probability of shopping for an automobile after an accident, fire, flood, or crime is very high. A VIN report will assist you to keep away from problems. A VIN report with beneficial automobile records such as history, mileage, photographs, and different issues, will enable you to purchase a dependable car. With VIN check your choice will be conscious and will be made on the foundation of facts.

How to check your VIN online?

There are plenty of websites, many of them specific to a manufacturer that will assist you to enter your VIN and find out all the important points and specs of your car. There are additionally a variety of services that will assist you to perform a VIN check when shopping for a car, to assist you to find out the hidden history. The DVLA doesn’t provide a VIN checking service, however, it does allow you to test up its tax and MOT status when the automobile was once first registered, its SORN status, and important info about the car (colour, engine size, CO2 emissions, etc.). We provide a history check, MOT check, previous owner check, and we just need the registration number.

How to do a VIN check for imported and domestic cars?

Many of you may doubt how to do a VIN check. Before you purchase a car always try to get a VIN report. Checking VIN reports earlier than shopping for is a must and you may additionally keep away from the horrific desire of a car and lose the money.

The first step is to enter your vehicle reg number.

  • Vehicle registration file – VINs in the box marked with the letter E
  • Chassis plate 
  • Door frame/door put up on the driver’s front door.
  • Dash close to the windscreen.
  • Engine (Front of the engine)
  • Left-hand internal wheel arch.
  • Steering wheel/steering column.
  • Radiator aid bracket.

Used car VIN report: There are many services to get a free VIN check. All you want to do is enter the vehicle registration number and take a look at it in the search box. You will receive free records like make, model, body style, year, kind, and class. For additional data, you have to purchase a report. Many professional automobile dealerships furnish VIN reports for used-car purchases. You can additionally search yourself on their internet site if you are purchasing for it immediately from an owner or a dealership that doesn’t provide this service. 

Ask the Dealership

If your dealership doesn’t automatically furnish you with a VIN report, you can continually ask for one. If they desire you to purchase from them, they will pay the nominal rate to provide you with the data you need. If they refuse, they don’t prefer or deserve your business.

Speak to the Owner

If you are buying a vehicle immediately from its owner, you ought to ask him about its history. Here are some correct questions to ask about a used car:

  • How long have you had it?
  • Has it been in any accidents?
  • Does it have any cosmetic or mechanical problems that want to be fixed?
  • How was this automobile formerly used?

Keep in thought the owner may now not inform you of the truth. You must continually strive to affirm what you are instructed to receive in a VIN check or an examination via a mechanic.

Car Information through vehicle registration number

The MVR database can tell you if the automobile has ever been involved in the main accident, which would possibly no longer be something the current owners wish to admit. You can use the database to set up how many owners the car had, which influences its fee on the used vehicle market. It can provide you with the odometer reading and show if the vehicle’s mileage has been rolled back. You can additionally know if the current owner has positioned a lien on the car, which capacity the vehicle is being used as protection, or collateral on a debt that’s no longer been discharged.

How to Spot out to make sure VIN is original?

Most of the automobile checks are to disclose the vehicle records via registration quantity and Vehicle Identification Number. And to be specific, it is a must to take a look at the special car VIN to become aware of the stolen vehicle. Nowadays, the number of stolen automobiles is increasing, and you in no way comprehend which car has a hidden past. What would take place if your chosen car used to be already a stolen one? It is a must to understand if the vehicle VIN is authentic earlier than you determine on your investment. You can observe a few hints to inform the automobile is genuine.

  • The ancient model of scamming the number by using altering 1 to four nonetheless exists. So, be cautious when you test the VIN in the vehicle’s bonnet. The opportunity to clone VIN is pretty high.
  • Sometimes, VIN has been removed; it’s a signal now not to purchase the vehicle. Confront the seller about the issues; stroll away from the deal if you don’t find the motive valid.
  • There are probabilities of altering the VIN legally for unique motives like accidents or any misfortunes. But the situation is pretty rare where the destroyed VIN is used in a new vehicle.
  • Find out the VIN from the registration plate in the UK as it shows the remaining 5 digits from full test reports. It has to be suited to the records that the seller offers. If any number is missing, consider it as a red flag.


Car records are tied to a car’s VIN. A car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) is equal to a person’s DNA. The collection of numbers and letters contained in a VIN provides us with the make, the model, the place the vehicle used to be manufactured, and the year it used to be built. Combined, these numbers supply every car with its identity. Why is this important? VINs are vital due to the fact they permit us to hint at the origins of the car to legitimise transactions, help to grant proof of ownership, help producers to keep track of troubles and recall notices, and greater these days to hint the records of the car. 

When it comes to discovering records about your future car purchases, residing in the digital age genuinely has its advantages. The companies have the capacity and sources to formulate “reports” for each vehicle that is on the road. Since every car’s VIN is unique, these organisations are in a position to use the VIN to set up and hold a track with every car’s history. A usual VIN report has to consist of the following: how many owners the vehicle has been titled to if the automobile has ever been worried in any accidents, any primary repairs, dates of preceding inspections and/or emissions tests, dates of services, and in the end there have to be approximate mileage listings.

You may be asking yourself, how does the VIN report assist you? Well, everyone wants to have a dependable automobile that receives with no questions and no complications. Having the capacity to receive a car’s records through a VIN report earlier than buying it offers the client the benefit of perception into how nicely their vehicle is going to deal with them in the future. On the contrary, if the vehicle’s records document a desirable VIN report, with no essential accidents mentioned and a VIN report of all scheduled service completed, the client ought to be greater inclined to buy that precise automobile. 

While free vehicle records reviews are an asset to the consumer, they are now not the stop-all answer for choosing your subsequent vehicle. Since these reviews and VIN reports become more important when a person or dealership is attempting to sell a car, from time to time incidents are hidden or no longer stated efficiently to keep the car’s price in conjunction with the automobile history records. All in all, VIN reports showing car records reviews can be a big asset when you are in the market to buy your subsequent vehicle.

Buying a used vehicle can be traumatic and scary. What if you make the incorrect decision? The fine way to forestall this is to do a thorough check-up as viable in advance of time. Arm yourself with knowledge, and it will save you from a huge mistake. 



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