Guide to Free Motorbike Reg Check in the UK

January 23, 2024 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

When buying a used motorbike, conducting thorough checks is essential for a safe and satisfactory purchase. This guide delves into the critical aspects of free bike checks, offering insights and practical advice for potential buyers in the UK. It aims to equip readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make well-informed decisions in the dynamic motorbike market.

When venturing into the market for a used motorbike, the importance of conducting thorough bike checks cannot be overstated. In the UK, the dynamic and diverse nature of the used motorbike market presents both opportunities and challenges for potential buyers. To navigate this landscape effectively, free bike checks are an invaluable tool, providing critical information about a bike’s history, condition, and legal status.

These checks help in mitigating risks associated with used bike purchases, such as buying a stolen vehicle, incurring unexpected repair costs, or dealing with legal complications. This guide introduces the concept of free bike checks in the UK, highlighting their significance in making informed and safe purchasing decisions.

Motorscan’s Free Bike Check

Motorscan offers a comprehensive free bike check service, a pivotal resource for individuals considering the purchase of a used motorbike in the UK. This service provides a quick and easy way to access essential information about a motorbike’s history and current status, playing a crucial role in the decision-making process. Motorscan’s free bike check includes a variety of important details:

  1. Tax Status and Prices: It reveals the current tax status of the bike, including the cost of taxing the vehicle, which is an essential aspect of bike ownership.
  2. MOT Status and History: The service provides information on the bike’s MOT status and its history. This includes past MOT results, which can indicate the vehicle’s maintenance history and potential future issues.
  3. Mileage History and Anomalies: Motorscan checks the recorded mileage of the bike over time, helping to identify any discrepancies that might suggest odometer tampering.
  4. Performance Statistics and Technical Specifications: This includes information on the bike’s performance capabilities and its technical aspects, giving a clear picture of what to expect in terms of handling and operation.
  5. Running Costs and Insurance Group: The check also provides insight into the running costs associated with the bike, including fuel efficiency and insurance grouping, which impacts insurance premiums.

Apart from these, Motorscan also offers a premium bike check service for a fee, which covers additional details such as finance checks, write-off status, salvage auction check, stolen check, scrapped status, color changes, import and export changes, VIN and engine number checkand a timeline of ownership.

By using Motorscan’s free bike check service, potential buyers can gain valuable insights into the bike they are interested in, helping them to make a more informed purchase decision. The additional information provided in the premium check offers an even deeper understanding of the bike’s history and current status, further reducing the risks associated with buying a used motorbike.

  1. What information can I expect from a free motorbike reg check?
    A free motorbike registration check typically provides details such as the bike’s tax status, MOT status and history, mileage history, performance statistics, technical specifications, running costs, and insurance group. These checks are essential for understanding the legal and functional status of the motorbike.
  2. How can I verify if a used motorbike has any outstanding finance?
    To check for outstanding finance on a motorbike, you will need to access a premium bike check. This check reveals if there is any existing finance agreement on the bike, along with details like the finance agreement number, type of finance, and the finance company involved.
  3. Is it possible to find out the number of previous owners of a motorbike through a reg check?
    Yes, a comprehensive or premium motorbike registration check can provide information about the number of previous owners. It often includes a timeline showing when each owner acquired the bike.
  4. Can a motorbike reg check tell me if the bike was ever stolen or involved in an accident?
    Premium bike checks like Motorscan can provide this information. They typically include checks for whether the bike was reported stolen or if it has been involved in accidents leading to write-offs. The details might include the category of the write-off and, in some cases, a damage report.
  5. Why is a motorbike registration check important before purchasing a used bike?
    Conducting a registration check is crucial to ensure you’re making a safe and legal purchase. It helps in verifying the bike’s history, ensuring that it is not stolen, has no hidden financial liabilities, and is safe to ride. This check can save potential buyers from future legal troubles and financial losses.


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