How many owners have my car had – Top tips to how to check it

March 27, 2022 by Zoe Hicks – 11 mins read

The registered keeper isn’t usually the identical individual who owns the vehicle. The legal owner of an automobile is the person who bought it.

Personal Facts on the automobile that is accountable for the protection and legal roadworthiness are saved in the DVLA logbook. When verifying the number of previous owners on a V5 logbook, you will find out the automobile has one, two, three, four, or greater number of preceding owners.

Does almost every person wish to understand their used car history? Did anyone important own it? Sometimes discovering a car’s previous history can be easy, whilst in different instances, it can be hard and time-consuming. Checking the number of the previous owner is another important phase of buying a used car. Previous owners’ checks can help you with it. In this article, we are going to discuss the top tips to check the number of previous owners your car had.

Why is it vital to do previous owners’ checks?

When it comes to a used car, the consumer searches for how to discover how many owners an automobile has had? It is to make certain that the automobile has no terrible past. By understanding the number of owners the automobile had, it is convenient for the consumer to decide the wear and tear, service, and maintenance of the car. There is no precise rule like a vehicle must possess solely a constrained range of owners. But it is secure to have the take a look at car owners to be counted doesn’t exceed the four. Several people may possess the automobile you are going to purchase is no longer well worth having. It is fundamental to look into all the preceding number of owners the automobile had, via previous owners’ checks. If you don’t prefer to face the loss, then perform the previous owner’s check beforehand.

What does our Previous Owners Check provide?

– When the vehicle was once first registered

– Vehicle age

– Number of preceding keepers earlier than the current owner

– When the present-day owner received the automobile and how long they have owned it

– When the last owner sold the car, and when they bought it

Previous owners check and a car’s value

A vehicle’s value decreases as the number of preceding owners increases. Some dishonest sellers might also misrepresent the number of previous owners of a vehicle. Fortunately, there are several easy approaches to affirm this for yourself. Previous owner’s check is one among them.

Previous owners’ checks may want to assist you to keep time, money, and complications down the road. The result of your previous owner’s check before purchasing might also impact your choice to purchase or no longer buy.

Previous owners check – Top tips to check it

The previous owner’s check records are primarily based on preceding owners and do no longer account for who owns the automobile now. For example, you take a look at that the vehicle you desire to purchase has had 4 owners because it was once new. You have to encompass the present-day owner. You will be the sixth owner of the car, no longer the fifth if you buy it. When it comes time to sell the car, the seventh owner will be the new owner. Here are the ways for previous owners to check.

  • Request all documentation from the seller, together with copies of any titles or registrations from prior owners. If you sold the car from a dealer, broker, or public sale house, press them for assistance acquiring whatever property or prior owner may additionally have.
  • Review service history for the names of preceding owners.
  • Carefully search an automobile for any data that ought to lead you to a previous owner, such as an authentic Protect-O-Plate, an envelope, or an old registration.
  • When you have a name and location for a prior owner, you can use internet directories, town directories, or telephone books. If a preceding owner used to be prominent in the community, the nearby library or Historical Society may have additional data now not accessible online.
  • Contact a club or model registry to see if they have a document of a given automobile and can grant facts involving prior owners. If a source has a policy not to share information, ask the registrar or administrator to forward a note or call the preceding owner. Volunteer to accept calls or to send self-addressed stamped envelopes, some may not be using an email. Also, take a look at any marque documentation experts who have full information and can construct a record for you. 
  • If you are gaining knowledge of a limited-production car, test with the company records and ask if there are details of first owners or subsequent owners who may additionally have returned the car for repairs or service. For a fee, many agencies or historic corporations provide a service to grant the authentic construct facts for a car. Porsche and British Motor Heritage Trust are amongst the best-known corporations that provide this service. Sometimes data consists of the original selling dealer, which may additionally be a beginning point.
  • Unless you get a scrapbook from a previous owner that consists of a strong ownership chain and history, work your way again one owner at a time. Sometimes you can get all the way returned to the unique owner. Expect the technique to take many hours, possibly spanning various years. Thus the previous owners’ check is not easy in that case.
  • When you understand where an automobile was once restored, attempt to accomplish it to the restorer to see what information may additionally exist. Sometimes they have even had contact with a prior owner.
  • If an automobile has been featured in a magazine, attain a replica of the article and contact the editor or writer. They might also have stored files as simple as a few notes or as sizable as a complete file with photos.
  • Photos frequently comprise beneficial leads, so find out about them carefully. Old prints frequently have a photographer, location, or car description on the back. Digital photographs may additionally lead you to a photographer who can provide extra information. 

How do previous owners’ check and resale value of a car are interlinked?

Buying a notable automobile entails greater than simply getting a good car at a reasonable price. It’s additionally an appropriate concept to think about the car’s value when you are prepared to sell, and the potential challenges you would possibly face if you choose to sell quickly for something close to true market value.

One of the elements that automobile customers think about is the number of prior owners. An automobile with greater than 4 prior proprietors is extra tough to sell. Two prior owners or much less is the previous owner’s check parameter. Of course, there are countless variables to consider, including age, mileage, condition, service history, and if the automobile has been handed down via the family. However, a respectable guiding principle is to be no greater than the fourth owner. Whoever buys the car after that, 5 owners is a challenging sale, due to the fact no one needs to be the sixth owner. They will be selling a vehicle with seven preceding owners, which will make the dealing extra complicated.

Car Ownership check

If you are searching for previous owners of a used car who aren’t listed on the V5C logbook, browse via all of the service files first. Invoices with names, addresses, and cellphone numbers have to be sought. This is the quickest strategy to examine prior owners. Alternatively, you can fill out the V888 DVLA automobile data form. The DVLA will supply you with free car owner data if you have a legitimate reason.

Without the registration certificate, how can I locate who the registered keeper is?

If you have “reasonable cause,” such as identifying who was once the owner or monitoring the owner of a deserted car, you can seek facts on a vehicle’s registered keeper from the DVLA (using form V888). Whether you can validate the registered keeper’s details or not, better walk away instead of taking a hazard if whatever doesn’t feel proper or a deal sounds too right to be true. The V5c registration paper will exhibit the registered keeper’s information, and you must in no way purchase a used vehicle besides seeing the V5c. Gather all data via previous owner’s checks. If you recognize the company and registration number, you can check automobile details online the usage of the DVLA’s automobile inquiry service, however keeper details are substantially greater tough to affirm if you don’t have the V5c.

When buying a vehicle, it is important to collect as a whole lot of data as possible on your potential new vehicle. Another simple approach to reap critical facts is to truly communicate with the buyer; ask as many questions as you feel vital till you are satisfied that the transaction is fair. Check the car’s service for greater thorough and reliable information. This will exhibit how regularly the automobile has been maintained, what technical worries have been resolved, and in many cases, the names of the previous owners. Even if the owner’s data is absent or ambiguous, the place of the service can disclose the data for previous owner’s checks. For example, if the car has been serviced in three places throughout the country, it has possibly had three preceding owners. If the preceding owners solely had the automobile for a few years, there’s a hazard it’s nevertheless included via the manufacturer’s warranty. Typically, the preferred quantity of the previous owner is one. If the automobile has solely had one preceding owner, it is greater to have gotten regular riding and maintenance. For example, alternatively, then being dealt with by many owners, the vehicle will have been pushed in an equal manner for the reason that its inception. You will be able to know all these details through previous owners’ checks so before buying a used car, it is better to perform a previous owner’s check and find out the number of owners.

The fewer owners, the better, however, the number of previous keepers shouldn’t count as long as everyone has treated the car properly and it is in desirable condition. This test is supposed to reassure you that the V5 logbook details are valid; if they aren’t, it might also disclose any other issue. This ought to point out that the car has been stolen, for example.

Is it good to have too many previous keepers?

This relies on the vehicle’s age. When in contrast to an automobile that is three years old, a “vintage” automobile that is 25 years old is greater probable to have a greater number of keepers. A common car owner uses their car for seventy-one months or 6 years. However, this is solely a suggestion. The common number of keepers is on the rise because people are retaining their motors for shorter periods than they used to. After 1-3 years, the majority of individuals exchange them in. Of course, in the past, the most regularly occurring means of buying a car used to be with cash. However, now that low-priced credit rates and low-interest charges are all the rage, the vehicle enterprise has joined in. The new vehicles are offered on savings 5 times greater than they are with the aid of outright buy (cash).


Before purchasing a used car, it is vital to do your research. Knowing who the preceding owners of an automobile are additionally advisable in acquiring maintenance records. The number of preceding owners may also additionally point out a tough vehicle. If the car experiences any issues that had been associated with prior ownership, it can also be crucial to contact preceding owners. Thus a previous owner’s check is an important check to perform before a second-hand vehicle purchase. Locate the title of the car. If you bought the automobile from a personal seller, the name of the preceding owner is regularly on the title. If the name isn’t always certain on the title, ask the seller of the vehicle if he has a document of or is aware of who the preceding owners were. If the vehicle was once bought from a dealership, it is regularly unable to divulge the names of preceding owners.

  • When buying a used car, it is essential to do a previous owner’s check
  • If the name isn’t specified on the title, ask the seller of the car if he has a document of or is aware of who the preceding keepers were.
  • Locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN can be observed in several places, which include the interior of the driver’s-side door frame, on the dashboard of the driver’s side, and the title, registration, or insurance plan policy. Websites will use the VIN to run previous owner’s checks displaying how many preceding owners the automobile had and any most important or minor accidents the vehicle has been in. The vehicle records document will now not provide the particular names of owners.
  • Contact your neighbourhood branch of motor vehicles or other agencies regulating motor vehicles. Most states guard the preceding owners’ names and private data. If the automobile has acknowledged security problems or is concerned in a court case, disclosing preceding owner names may also be permissible.



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