Car Specifications by Registration Plate

January 4, 2024 by Zoe Hicks – 3 mins read

Uncover the mysteries of your vehicle’s identity with Motorscan’s car specification check, using just your car’s registration. Whether you’re verifying details before purchasing or exploring your car’s unique features, Motorscan’s registration check delivers vital technical data, including standard factory-fitted features and more—empowering you with a comprehensive understanding!

As you settle into the driver’s seat, ready to turn the ignition, have you ever wondered about the details that make your car more than just your trusty mode of transport? Whether the custom options tailored at the factory or the standard features define your vehicle’s identity, delving into these details can add a new dimension to your driving experience. So, explore the car specifications world with Motorscan, guiding you through unravelling your car’s attributes using just a simple registration check. From revealing factory-fitted enhancements to distinguishing standard features, we’re here to help you decode the specs that make your car truly unique!

What is a car spec check?

A car specification check typically refers to a process that obtains detailed information about a vehicle’s specifications and features, often crucial for prospective buyers, current owners, or anyone interested in understanding a particular car’s technical details and specifics. For example, the information can be helpful for buyers who want to verify the accuracy of a seller’s description, confirm the specifications before a purchase, or simply gain a comprehensive understanding of their own vehicle.

What is the difference between factory-fitted options and standard features?

Factory-fitted options encompass customisable add-ons that are incorporated during a vehicle’s manufacturing. They are enhancements such as premium interiors or advanced safety systems that buyers can choose to optionally add at an additional cost. In contrast, standard features represent the baseline components inherent to a specific make and model that the buyer cannot alter. While standard features are uniform across all vehicles of a particular model, factory-fitted options allow for personalisation and additional upgrades to cater to individual preferences and budgets.

How do I check the car spec by registration number and what details will I get?

Car specification checks are conducted through an online service, such as Motorscan, that uses the vehicle’s registration number to access databases containing the relevant information. With a Motorscan check, you simply enter the car’s registration into the search box to reveal information such as the vehicle’s specifications, like engine size and CO2 output, and standard factory features such as sat nav, security immobiliser, and rear heated window; you’ll also gain access to MOT data and more.

What’s included in the free check

With a Motorscan free registration check, you’ll have access to the following crucial data:-

  • Make, Model and Trim line
  • Running Costs, including insurance group and fuel costs
  • Detailed MOT status, along with failures, advisories and recorded mileage
  • Tax and SORN status
  • Technical information
  • Engine size
  • BHP (brake horsepower)
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Fuel type
  • Export Status
  • Vehicle colour
  • Date of registration and Manufacture Year

What’s included in the premium check?

With a Motorscan premium car registration check, you’ll get everything included with our free check, plus the following valuable information:

  • Vehicle details, specifications and standard factory-fitted features
  • Stolen check with Police and insurance
  • Outstanding finance check
  • Mileage discrepancy check
  • Insurance write-off check with details
  • Mileage history
  • Registration plate change records
  • Colour change records
  • Scrapped and Unscapped check
  • Import/Export check
  • Vehicle valuation (Private, dealer and auction price)
  • V5C logbook date
  • VIN (last four digits) and VIN check service
  • Number of keeps and keeper timeline
  • Engine number
  • Ex-taxi, Police, Fire or NHS vehicle
  • And more!


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