Technical Specification Check

When buying a used car, having access to its technical specifications is essential to making an informed decision.

At Motorscan, our comprehensive vehicle history check provides you with all the technical details about any car using just its registration number, including engine size, transmission type, fuel consumption, and emissions rating.

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Technical Specification Check

What is a Technical Specification Check?

Our guides and articles are here to help you make sense of this information, giving you a better understanding of what it means and how it can influence your purchasing decision. Checking a car’s technical specifications can provide invaluable data, from determining its performance and fuel efficiency to assessing its environmental impact, ensuring your next vehicle purchase meets your specific needs.

Latest guides about Technical Specification Check

Technical Specification Check

Are you a car enthusiast or a potential car buyer? Imagine having all the technical details and specifications of any car at your fingertips. With Motorscan Technical Specification Check, you can access comprehensive and accurate information about engine specifications, transmission details, safety features, and performance metrics with just a few clicks.

January 16, 2024

Factory Fitted Options vs Standard Options

Ever wondered what sets factory fitted options apart from standard ones in cars? This article breaks it down for you. We're talking about how these choices affect your wallet, your car’s future worth, and how you can make your car really ‘yours’.

January 4, 2024

Car Specifications by Registration Plate

Uncover the mysteries of your vehicle’s identity with Motorscan's car specification check, using just your car's registration. Whether you're verifying details before purchasing or exploring your car's unique features, Motorscan's registration check delivers vital technical data, including standard factory-fitted features and more—empowering you with a comprehensive understanding!

March 27, 2022

What Car Specifications can you get from a Registration Number?

Technical specifications check provides much information earlier than buying a used automobile in the market. People customise their vehicle number plate all the time, however, from time to time it can also hide the car’s history.

March 27, 2022

Common Car Technical Specifications Explained

BHP, Torque, Cylinder Configuration, Kerb-Weight, Wheelbase, there’s a 90% chance that these frequently used vehicle terminologies sound unfamiliar to you. Even if you belong to the rest of 10%, you won’t be conscious of the implications of these terms.

March 27, 2022

What does a Technical Specifications Check for a used car look like?

What are technical specifications checked? Technical specifications check is an online report that provides the specification details of a vehicle. It consists of car make, model, consumption of fuel, BHP power, performance, speed, car tax status, car economy, environmental factors, and estimated running cost.

Frequently asked questions about Technical Specification Check

What are technical specifications?

Technical specifications are detailed information about a vehicle’s design and performance characteristics. They can include details about the car’s engine, transmission, dimensions, weight, fuel economy, and safety features.

Why are technical specifications important?

Technical specifications can provide you with a wealth of information about a vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and safety features. Understanding a car’s technical specifications can help you make informed decisions when choosing a car that meets your needs and budget.

Where can I find a car's technical specifications?

You can find a car’s technical specifications in a variety of places, including the car’s owner’s manual, manufacturer’s website, and vehicle checking service such as Motorscan. Technical specifications may also be listed on the car’s window sticker or included in sales literature.

What are some of the most important technical specifications to consider?

Some of the most important technical specifications to consider when purchasing a car include the car’s engine size, horsepower and torque ratings, transmission type, fuel economy, dimensions, weight, and safety features. Other important specifications to consider may include the car’s towing capacity, cargo capacity, and ground clearance.

How can I compare the technical specifications of different cars?

You can compare the technical specifications of different cars by using Motorscan, which allows you to compare the specifications of multiple cars side-by-side. You can also review car reviews and expert opinions, which may provide more insight into how a car’s technical specifications translate into real-world performance and reliability.

Published April 20, 2023 by Zoe Hicks | Last reviewed June 28, 2024 by Jonathan McDonald