Looking to do a car history check – How we at Motorscan can help

There are essential matters that you want to recognize to help keep away from the risks of buying a used car.

This is vital if you purchase from a private seller and not a licensed dealer. By doing a car history check consumers can decide if the car that you’re about to purchase has ever been through an accident or any natural disaster.

Let us understand about Car History Check

At the time of manufacturing the vehicle is provided with a Vehicle Identification Number which is known as the VIN. Like fingerprints in humans, these are the special identification to all vehicles. So the significance of this number is that all the activity will be recorded at this VIN. It doesn’t matter how many previous owners have been there for the car. Once the vehicle is sold it will become a used car and that switch is logged on its history. Any other activities that occur are recorded by law enforcement or your car insurance plan company and go on an everlasting document connected to that VIN.

Why is a Car History Check important?

Buying a used vehicle can be risky. There should be unseen damage that will become a reason for your trouble weeks, months, or years after you make the purchase. There are no guarantees for used car purchases.

But you do have some safety towards a misleading seller. You can get a car history document using the VIN. Any incidents that have been recorded on that car will exhibit up, even if the dealer doesn’t reveal them to you. That’s necessary considering that there is greater to a car’s history check than the analysis on the odometer.

Will a Car History Check Help in Negotiations?

A giant section of car shopping is negotiating. When it comes to negotiating the price of a car, you have to make use of the information about the vehicle. A vehicle history check offers you a full picture of the used car you’re thinking of buying. You can use the facts to set a price.

In addition to the car history report, you have to look at the market value. This isn’t a constant figure. You can discover the fee of the make, model, and year of the automobile primarily based on whether or not it’s in excellent, very good, good, or fair condition. You can then use these records to make an offer on the car.

How can you find the history of a car?

Get the car’s Vehicle Identification Number VIN. The document gives a detailed report to check if the car is free of troubles, has been in accidents, stolen, etc. The file will additionally inform you as to whether or not the car has gone through odometer rollback or water damage.

Motor scan car history check report is reachable to all used car dealers and presents you with all minute details as you want and with exceptional information and assist you to make good selections about buying used cars.

What precisely is VIN?

VIN is a unique 17 character code and it varies in length from eleven to 17 characters. Most of the vehicle reports accept only the 17 character VIN. What does it consist of? VINs consist of capital letters and numbers and can be found in three locations.

  • The dashboard of the vehicle, on the driver’s side
  • Your insurance plan coverage and/or your insurance plan cards
  • Your automobile title and registration

When you buy a used car, you can get that car’s history with the aid of pulling a report. But the report can only be accessed with VIN, which you can typically locate on the dashboard. For this, you can ask the seller to provide you with the VIN, and it’s much better if you see it yourself and either take down the VIN or you can just take a photograph with your phone.

How can Motorscan help?

All you must do is to put in the car registration number and then you should effortlessly download the information. 

Quick car check

Do you want to be aware of how our top-class car report is? You may want to download a sample report provided in the form of both Portable Document Format.

If you are involved in a full automobile report, you can enter the registration number, and earlier than you are aware of it, you’ll download all of the information.

Our free car history check provides facts and useful automobile data, which provide you with a very quick record of any registered car from the UK. These matters consist of the details of the car. If the Emission Zone is low or not, you get to understand all about car tax, inclusive of CO2 output, the expiry dates of road tax, and the road tax rates.

You additionally recognize advisory notes, the MOT history, and all the reasons for failure. The MOT statistics additionally consist of the date of expiry

The first date of registration from the UK is continually stated that motors imported to the UK have a date when the car is registered, and that is the relative date of import. When one conducts a regular automobile check, the date that is considered doesn’t suggest that the date is the authentic car’s age. That should have been supposed to be the date once that the vehicle used to be imported. To make certain you can drive your vehicle in the UK, you want a valid driving license. All you want to comprehend about a legitimate driving license and its relationship with your free UK Car History Check

Our premium car check information includes:

Here are the data that you receive from a car history check;

  • The Gearbox
  • The year it was once manufactured
  • The Color
  • The model
  • The brand

You can get the information of any used car in the UK with the registration number.

It would additionally take a look at the following information;

  • The CO2 label
  • The CO2 emission
  • Consumption
  • The kind of gasoline it uses
  • The cylinders
  • The engine capacity
  • The torque
  • The power

All of these are for gasoline and engine consumption.

The Free UK Car History additionally consists of the following;

  • The MOT advice, minor, notice.
  • The MOT results
  • Failed MOT tests
  • The MOT pass rate
  • The MOT expiry date

It can additionally inform you about the damage check to your car. A damage check can make you recognize the damage position, date of damage, and damage registration.

You can additionally examine the weight and dimensions. It includes data related to:

  • Kerb weight
  • Wheelbase
  • Length
  • Height and the
  • Width

You can analyze the history of the owner:

  • The Emission Score
  • The Fuel Type
  • The Engine Size
  • The Horsepower

You can research all about the weights and sizes, such as the storage space, track width, and various dimensions

The additional details you can know consist of the Engine code and Number of axles

You can understand all about mileage registration like the:

  • Registration date and the
  • Mileage

What to Look for when doing a car history check?

There are very unique matters to look for in any car history check you receive. The important things to check include:

Salvage title: One of the most necessary phrases to seem to be for on a car history check report is “Salvage.” A salvage title automobile is one that was once deemed “beyond repair” via an insurance plan agency and consequently totaled. A mechanic then did what it took to make the car drivable, leaving an automobile of questionable quality for any individual to unknowingly purchase.

Number of Owners: The number of previous owners and its effect on the cost of a car relies upon the type and its age. For example, it is viewed as desirable if an older convertible vehicle has had over 4 owners due to the fact it has most possibly been sold for summertime enjoyment and then moved on during winter times. A one-owner car is greater probable to have been well-maintained as compared to a car with several owners due to the fact they’ve stored it for longer, and will consequently have maintained the car hence to forestall pricey faults. If you can select a car with a low number of previous owners then it will be more worth it in the long run.

Accident history: The most vital factor in any automobile record is the listing of any accidents you might also have been in. 

Stolen: Check if the car was once ever stated as stolen however now not been recovered. Unless you favor the police displaying up at your front door, keep away from buying a stolen car at all costs.

What do I want to have to take a look at the vehicle history in the UK?

You want to have the plate number or any car or automobile registration number in the UK. Then do a car history check in motorscan and you swiftly get comprehensive, fast, and validated records of the car you simply checked. This gives a guarantee for your purchase.

You additionally receive free DVLA information. The data and the records you get from our internet site come from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). And the DVLA has whole information, which consists of mileage records and several different advisories or those which have failed. We would additionally grant you with matters like updated facts on automobile tax.

How will Motorscan be beneficial for you in buying a used car?

Motorscan Car History Check makes use of facts from various sources. These reliable sources permit and ensure our data to furnish correct records on several quintessential areas. One of them is the Vehicle Unique Identification Number. Through Vehicle Registration Number, the check will pick out outstanding finances, such as current loans and payments. With current owners accountable for repayments on their newly bought car, making sure you don’t inherit any terrific money owed with an easy simple check is essential. Whether the automobile has any additional police interest is also checked. Purchasing a car included in criminal activity no longer solely loses you your car, it should additionally entangle you in a lot of legal procedures in attempting to clear your name.

Motorscan gives another essential detail of vehicle description. Car History Check facts will verify the date of manufacture and date of first registration in the UK. Moreover, it will additionally encompass facts on the number of registered previous owners and the date of the last owner change is also given. If the car has gone through more than one registration plate change, you will be able to learn every exchange and the date it was to be applied. Additionally, every detail will be checked precisely by the way described above. If you favor a free car history check, recognize that these solely grant you primary historic statistics and it can give greater peace of mind about the deal.

As soon as you finish our motorscan history check the report you receive will be, if any areas are flagged you will acquire clarification as to precisely what this exactly means. If there are any minor irregularities, you are advised to contact the dealer for additional details. For extra serious irregularities, you are suggested no longer to buy the car, however, to contact the associated authorities.

Thus by doing a simple seconds check will reveal many of the problems that a seller of the vehicle would possibly be hiding. This checker helps you predict the future. So you’re empowered to make the smartest selection as a purchaser except losing your time, strength, or cash on dodgy automobiles and untrustworthy vendors.



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