VIN Report – How is a VIN check done and what does it tell you?

April 10, 2023 by Zoe Hicks – 9 mins read

Have you been looking out for an appropriate used vehicle in the market? You have possibly considered several motors and carried out checks and inspections to make certain you are getting a truthful deal. But did you get the VIN report?

Researching that number can inform you a lot which includes the car’s registration, whether or not anyone’s made an insurance claim on the car following an accident or if the vehicle has outstanding finance. There are quite a few methods to get a VIN checked that won’t cost a penny. You can even get a VIN report on your automobile if you are simply curious about its records earlier than you owned it.

Why is the VIN important?

You might also be thinking about what the use of a VIN is. VINs are pretty essential and provide precious facts about your automobile that you may additionally want to get access to from time to time. Here are a few examples of instances when a VIN report may additionally come into use.

Buying a used car: If you are thinking about investing in a used car, it is vital to do your homework to confirm whether or not it would be the correct funding or not. Through a VIN check, you can get a lot of data in the VIN report about the second-hand car, consisting of records of preceding owners, accidents, and repairs. You can additionally locate out whether or not the automobile was once ever recalled and what steps the manufacturer took to rectify the problem.

Auto shops: Vehicle repair stores frequently use VINs when servicing vehicles to acquire facts about, for instance, engine, brake, and transmission systems.

Law enforcement: Law enforcement organisations use VINs when figuring out stolen vehicles, as number plates are frequently removed by perpetrators.

A VIN does now not solely serve as a special identifier however additionally offers treasured statistics about your automobile that can come inaccessible in many situations, for instance, when you are buying a used vehicle, prefer to declare from insurance, or want to have components replaced.

What’s the distinction between a VIN, a chassis number, and an engine number?

A car’s VIN is occasionally referred to as its chassis number. They are identical – the Vehicle Identification Number is stamped to the chassis of the vehicle and so is fixed to that model in question. Car engines are, however, no longer fixed to the car in question – like different components, they can be changed. As it is the main component, all automobiles are given an engine number in addition to a chassis number. The engine number will denote what measurement and energy output that engine produces. Having a separate engine number indicates that if the engine blows up and wishes to be replaced, it can be performed so besides the automobile wanting to be scrapped. The car will be assigned a new engine number, with the present chassis number.

How to decode your VIN?

  • Manufacturer’s website: Once you have received the VIN, log on to the internet and go to the manufacturer’s website. The carmaker’s site will include a resource that will assist you to decode the VIN and apprehend what each number indicates. Find the VIN decoder or section to search on the website. Almost all manufacturers have a VIN decoder or comparable tool on their website. Search through the tabs or search bar for “VIN decoder” or “VIN search.” Click on the web page or .pdf file that offers you statistics about decoding the VIN. 
  • Identifier: The world manufacturer identifiers are the first three letters or numbers at the starting of the VIN. This will supply you with facts about the kind of automobile and the place it was produced. The first number/letter tells the area the automobile was once manufactured in. The 2d number tells the country. The 3rd number tells the kind of vehicle. Many specific motors will share their first three numbers/letters.
  • Second number sequence: The 2d sequence, numbers, and letters 4 via 8, inform you of extra facts about manufacturer options. By decoding these numbers, you will learn the features the automobile used to be manufactured with. These numbers will inform you of information about the: Engine, Model, Body style
  • Ninth digit: This is the digit used to confirm that it is no longer a fraudulent VIN. It can’t be used to discover statistics (VIN report) about the car. This digit is referred to as a “check digit.” If you suspect the car has a fake VIN, contact the manufacturer. To decode this number, you can also have to deliver your car to a dealership.
  • Tenth digit: The tenth digit will inform you of the model year of the car. This is vital for understanding the picks on the vehicle, as several model years are equipped with distinctive option packages.
  • Check the last 7 digits: Along with the 2d sequence of numbers, these remaining digits are possibly the most essential for discovering the features of the vehicle. They will supply you with all the vehicle statistics you are searching for. You will solely be capable to decode this fact on the vehicle manufacturer’s website. These numbers must provide you with records like that listed on the unique sticker of the car. The numbers will additionally inform you in what particular factory the car was once constructed and also production-specific information.
  • Common options: While producers use special codes to characterise different options, the records encoded in the closing 7 digits of your VIN will grant specifics about a variety of options. 

These numbers, which are truly your car’s serial number, will provide you information about common options like:

Trim colour

  • Power seats and windows
  • Entertainment system
  • Seat overlaying material
  • Sunroof
  • Equipment packages like off-road or towing

Why do a VIN check before buying a car?

Running a VIN check ought to be a priority when purchasing an automobile as VIN incorporates the whole element of the vehicle, even the inaccurate design, and different specifications. If no longer checked, the individual would possibly get scammed into shopping for a stolen, risky car. Undoubtedly, it would possibly no longer be your intention, however, roads will be risky with this new, used vehicle. Moreover, the supplier can commit fraud without difficulty by altering the odometer reading. Less analysing VIN reports may suggest extra money. But if a VIN check is executed and the VIN report thoroughly reviewed earlier than shopping for the vehicle, this situation can be avoided.

What are the Benefits of a VIN check?

Are you dreaming of shopping for a vehicle but nonetheless have doubts about its overall condition? Would you like to find out its actual kind and current specs in minutes? Yes, it is possible with a VIN check. You can do it on our website. All you want to do is run a VIN Check and acquire a VIN report for proceeding safely with your second-hand car purchase. There are several VIN check services and a VIN report is to provide you with the facts on the second-hand car and the data about the car you are going to buy. You are sure to get all the quintessential information on the vehicle of your desire in the form of a VIN report in a couple of minutes. As we mentioned, a VIN check provides you with the following benefits:

VIN check: A VIN report that you have received will give confidence in the buyer. All the data in the VIN report consist of data that are very relevant and up-to-date.

History Identification: VIN identification checks are a helpful resource to get comprehensive and detailed VIN reports. VIN check is a pro-checking tool for knowing a car’s history.

Impartial data: VIN check is aimed at assisting you to get a clear photograph of the car that you choose to check.

Dependable VIN report: You can get dependable automobile data sources to keep away from risky conditions in the future.

What’s on the report?

A VIN check tells you the whole thing a potential consumer wishes to be aware of about a car’s past. Keep in mind, though, that the document doesn’t inform you of the modern-day mechanical circumstance of the car. However, because it tells you how it’s been treated, you get a highly true notion of the current circumstance and the price of the car. All these statistics show — barring even going to bodily look into the automobile — whether or not you have to purchase it.

Free data about used cars

A free way to get very simple records about a used vehicle is to go to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. VIN report of the car you choose to buy, you will at least be capable to see if it has been issued a salvage title or if it was once stolen. Another way to get free automobile records reviews is through online categorised motor ads. If you are used to automobile buying in person, both at an impartial used automobile lot or a vehicle dealership, truly ask the salesperson for the VIN report. Nearly all sellers have an ongoing subscription to one of the car records services and ought to supply the record for free. It’s a red flag if the salesperson refuses to exhibit the file or provides an old report.

How can a VIN check assist me to purchase a car?

It is estimated that around 30-50% of used vehicles are bought with the mileage turned down. At least 1 in 6 automobiles sold was once involved in a car accident. Many faults or defects are hard to spot at some point of a test drive or via inspecting the vehicle. In addition, you might also have to sacrifice long hours of inspection to discover quite a several pieces of information from the past. You won’t recognize something at all except you are a professional in the field. Meanwhile, the VIN check verification can furnish a precise record, certainly right away, that will divulge what the dealer is attempting to conceal. This will no longer solely assist you to figure out whether or not to purchase this car. You will additionally obtain strong evidence for price negotiations.


A car check report gives a potential buyer a terrific probability to have a full special record of their chosen vehicle. This even decreases their probability of getting a fraudulent or misguided vehicle. If you perform a car check check the VIN report provided will be up-to-date, in-depth, and fast. Moreover, it will divulge to you all the key factors you can also favour to know:

  • History of the car
  • The kind of the car
  • Odometer readings
  • Total loss records
  • Accidents history
  • Mileage Rollback
  • Recalls and defects
  • Structural damages
  • Outstanding finance and repossession records
  • Hail, flood, fire damage
  • Theft and records of recovery
  • Personal, Police or Taxi Use
  • Inspection, service, registration History
  • Other important automobile specifications


Now it’s obvious that you can depend on a car check and VIN report. All clever vehicle buyers and sellers do it. The VIN report will deliver you an automobile record in the blink of an eye. We know you are smart enough to go for a VIN check today itself.



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