VIN REPORT – What is a VIN Report?

April 10, 2023 by Zoe Hicks – 10 mins read

Have you been looking out for an appropriate used vehicle in the market? You have possibly considered several motors and carried out checks and inspections to make certain you are getting a truthful deal. But did you get the VIN report?

Why is the VIN report so crucial, and what does it reveal? But first, it is important to understand what a VIN report is and how to get it. You can also have discovered an ideal deal like a reasonable price, low mileage, no accidents, etc. It ought to be the truth, however, it additionally might also have a hidden record only an insurer would know. According to the data, 1 in four automobiles has a hidden history. Always be cautious earlier than handing over your cash: check the automobile earlier than purchasing for and make certain you have got accomplished a test for any previous problems!

What is a VIN Number?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. A seventeen-digit string of numbers and letters works as an identification code for the vehicle.

1 to 3 digits: The first three digits are WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier). These digits signify the country of production, the manufacturer, and the car type. 

4 to 9 digits: Vehicle descriptor section. These numbers furnish info about the car such as model, engine, body style, etc.

 10 to 17 digits: Vehicle identifier section. It specifies the serial number and consists of records on options and power train pick relying on manufacturer preference.

What is a VIN report?

The VIN report is a record that includes fundamental important points on a used car collected from company and government sources. It affords a used car’s previous and present-day condition: automobile specifications, gear details. It additionally consists of value-added points such as market value, gas efficiency, security rating, inspection checklist, recalls and defects, and car insurance data.

Why check your car VIN?

When you intend to purchase a used car, you want to take a look at whether the printed VIN on the automobile registration record matches the number stamped into the vehicle’s chassis. And additionally fits the number on any different plates placed on the car. There is a chance that you can’t discover the VIN; perhaps you are searching in the incorrect place. Know the place where you can locate the VIN for free.

What occurs if an automobile has no VIN?

It is a red flag when a few scammers may take away the VIN. Mostly “no VIN” viable reasons are the automobiles have the modified frequently or overwritten or eliminated it. If you don’t locate the VIN, it is good to enquire about the seller. When you find inappropriate motives or suspicious activities, stroll away from the deal.

Why is it important to get a VIN report?

You can discover the VIN outside the car via searching at the dashboard on the driver’s side or a sticky label on the door jamb of the driver’s door. The VIN is additionally written on the title, the automobile registration, and insurance plan documents.

A VIN report is an essential file for consumers as well as marketers of used cars. As an automobile owner, you might also choose to have a VIN report you can present to a client if you prefer to sell your car. If you prefer to purchase a used car, you’d prefer to run a VIN test to make certain it no longer has any essential troubles in the past.

It’s very vital to comprehend the VIN report when you are purchasing an automobile on the used car market. VIN report is a must, particularly with such a massive used car market in the UK. The probability of purchasing a car after an accident, fire, flood, or crime is very high. Vehicle statistics will assist you to keep away from problems. A VIN report file with beneficial automobile data such as vehicle history, mileage, pics, and different issues, will permit you to purchase a dependable car. With the VIN report, your selection will be made on the verified facts.

If you are in the market for a used car, you need to get a VIN Report and have the automobile inspected with a certified mechanic. Do not purchase a used vehicle besides these two very necessary information. Making a selection on a used automobile buy can save you lots of cash. Don’t make a large mistake.

What data will a VIN report include?

The VIN report is composed of the following data:

Fundamental records

VIN report includes fundamental records identifications of the checked car, logotype of manufacturer, and model.

Information about the car

This part includes primary facts on the car like brand, model, kind of fuel, manufacturing year. Depending on what the manufacturer has encoded in the VIN, this part may also exhibit several pieces of information. These data are decoded for free. The control number is decided based on all the VIN’s digits so that any amendment of the number (punching of the number) causes incorrect calculation of the control number. You can then without problems affirm that the VIN is incorrect, and punched identification used to be falsified. No longer do all manufacturers make use of the control number in the VIN, so calculating the control number for a VIN for which the manufacturer did not, in the beginning, encode the control number may additionally lead to unfaithful conclusions. 

 Incidents history

This area consists of listing of the vehicle’s damages. Every report incorporates the following information:

  • date
  • country
  • damage value
  • damage status

Additionally, a VIN report may also comprise statistics on damage locations (e.g. interior, roof, and underbody), automobile mileage, and the date of the first registration in the country.

Stolen vehicles

Contains a register of vehicle assessments in the country-wide fact bases of missing vehicles. The original number and area of checking whether or not the automobile is registered as stolen are displayed in the VIN report. When a vehicle is no longer found in stolen vehicle registers, the potential client is not relieved of the need to carefully examine the vehicle in other registers, and it may also no longer represent claims concerning the legal status of the vehicle. Before you buy, find out how much information the car has and gather all of it using a VIN report, then close the deal. Before you buy, see how much information the automobile holds and collect all info using a VIN report, and then fix the deal.

Manufacturer’s Defects

This area includes a listing of warnings posted using the vehicle’s manufacturer, regarding manufacturer’s defects detected in some of the production series. If the producer posted a service call regarding a vehicle’s lot out of which the checked automobile originated, the consumer will locate data on a viable defect in the VIN report.

Vehicle’s manufacturer

This part includes statistics on the vehicle’s manufacturer, which may also consist of address information, location of vehicle’s production, facts on manufacturer’s factories, etc. These facts do no longer challenge a given automobile but the manufacturer or model of the vehicle.

Accident records and damage

If the car used to be concerned about any important accidents, or if it had flood damage, this ought to be listed in the VIN report. This data can assist you to decide if the vehicle is safe to drive.

Title records 

The car records must consist of a car’s title history, together with any salvage-title branding. A salvage title shows that the automobile used to be declared a whole loss following an accident or theft. A vehicle with a salvage title may also require huge repairs down the street or have hidden issues — and in some states, riding a salvage-title car is illegal. The title data can additionally assist you to make certain that the seller is the true owner of the vehicle.

Outstanding finance

This can suggest the seller owes cash on the car. Creditors or 3rd parties should have a right to repossess the car if the mortgage isn’t paid again by its terms. In addition, the seller might also want to get permission to sell the automobile and pay off the vehicle mortgage or roll the balance onto a new loan earlier than the automobile title can be assigned to you. 

Service records and recall notices

A vehicle’s service details are important points and can provide you with a concept of how nicely the preceding owners maintained it. The document must additionally let you understand if the car has any recalls that you may also want to pay attention to.

 Odometer readings

The VIN report needs to encompass the vehicle’s most current odometer reading. If that number doesn’t match what the odometer indicates when you appear at the car, the seller may additionally have rolled again the odometer. The VIN report includes a listing of the vehicle’s mileage readings. These readings might also include statistics of inspections, registrations, insurer’s data, web auctions, licensed services. Every deviation in a chronological increase of mileage values often increases the user’s doubts. Because of lacking legal guidelines such readings, the VIN report may additionally now not represent any claims ensuing from intentional falsifying of such mileage or erratic readings performed through any organisation or erratic presentation of metres reading in the report. 

Where to get a VIN report?

To get the VIN report, you will want to have the car identification number or VIN. This 17-digit number is frequently seen on the lower left side of your car’s windshield, as well as on the car’s registration card and insurance documents.

Benefits of VIN Report

  • It provides you info into the car’s past.
  • Lots of automobiles are offered with fraudulent odometer readings annually, costing used automobile consumers. The VIN report helps to know the exact mileage.
  • Natural failures such as SuperStorm broke over a quarter-million cars! Many of these vehicles get cleaned up, rebuilt, and put again on the market. You will be aware of the facts on your dream car through a VIN report.

A VIN report of a used vehicle also includes car data along with information from county DMV, state auctions, manufacturers, car dealers, police-reported accidents, and restore shops. A VIN report may additionally disclose more about that used vehicle than the seller is willing to inform you. The history check that you do with the VIN will include the following data:

  • Several preceding owners, when it was once sold and what states it was once offered in.
  • Total loss, flooded, rebuilt wreck and salvage titles
  • Accident facts which include airbag deployment
  • Potential odometer rollback fraud
  • Year, make, model, engine, region of manufacture, and installed equipment
  • Exclusive treasured car auction data
  • Indication if a car has been licensed used, leased, rental, fleet, or government vehicle

Beware of scams

Don’t be fooled with the aid of empty reviews that simply supply you with widespread facts on a VIN. Some websites out there ask you a bunch of questions to make it appear like they want data to supply you with an entire report. Don’t be tricked by these statistics! An actual records file doesn’t need to know what state you are in, and more of your data. Some websites out there will attempt to make you suppose they are gathering data by great process and popularity bars waste a bunch of time. These shows are simply an illusion. Any authentic document will be pulled in seconds from records in a database. No free document will provide you with the statistics that you simply need. They may supply you with a lot of data in a slick layout however it is now not the necessary statistics you require earlier than shopping for a used car. You can get the data contained in one of these “free” reviews through yourself despite a lot of difficulties. Don’t get a free car records document and purchase a vehicle due to the fact the records were once “clean” and in a few weeks when you find out that it used to be in a fake deal that you didn’t understand about.

Why do you need to get your report?

The sellers are supplied a car records report, later only to find out the car had been in an accident! How can this happen? The file should be outdated, altered, and fake. Why would you have faith in the seller to exhibit you a correct report? Spend the cash and run your present report. You are about to spend a lot of cash on a car, why take the danger for much less money. There is news about unscrupulous sellers getting arrested for growing faux reviews and giving them to their clients – unsuspecting automobile customers believe sellers and will get into their traps.


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